UGLY HEROS - The Price of Unlawful Enforcement (Manuscript Conclusion 4th Feb 2019)

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‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’


‘A world untold’

It starts at Margaret Street Mount Gambier after the pines assault - 2 rabbits, and an attempt by 4 boys to force myself to perform oral sex. They were unsuccessful, dropped in the middle of Margaret Street my boyfriend frantic this night, as with my friends looking for me. I made it home I was okay. We moved to Doughty Street that's when the 2 rabbits died.

Margaret Street was our first home away from home, a relative of my at the time boyfriend’s, the home adjoined to the relatives office - as fresh out of home teens we were only alone at night. Young and in love, we moved out of home together planning our future. Tim and I shared a love for motorsports and a passion for driving.

I didn’t realise but it changed me. What he did, his threats, all that was orchestrated to follow.

At Doughty Street Tim was quick to get me a new floppy eared bunny. A successful carpenter at trade level Tim was developing into the successful builder he is now, evident at this age. It was here where the reattempt at a second incident of rape was to occur. His disgusting naked body, podgy belly, elbow out holding his head in his hand is something I can not erase from my mind even after all this time.

In 2002 maybe earlier I had been told a man was targeting my relative as a perspective drug addict - they failed. After intervening in the relationship I was able to shed light on the fake friend. I later learned of a correlation between my attacker and this man.

A new boyfriend (Tim and I in love but young broke up) was the first person I confided in being warned and scared not to talk. It was after speaking out that I never forgot his name. I was alerted of whom he spoke to and knew this man was a very bad person. I was ready to tell someone but now what? How do you report a police officer, where do you go - to his friends!!? A teenager with no one, at a time in the year where I had been living with a friend as my parents would not let me move home - I gave up hope of justice then. Other than the police check that I had to teach, I kept as far as possible from police. Until Gordon died.

Eventually I trusted one officer in my small hometown. Not trusting enough to report my rapist - I knew he would know him. It was when Gordon was murdered that I meet a Victorian Homicide officer whom displayed humanity confiding in him regarding some of my concerns.

Before jumping to far ahead, let me outline Mount Gambier is in regional South Australia. My family resided 38 km from the city towards the beach. I went to a regional area high school outside Mount Gambier in a place called Allendale. My family are private and for majority of my upbringing they were the Restaurant Manager and Manager of Hungry Jacks. I recall my parents knowing a man on the highway before Mount Gambier if you were heading in from Melbourne. This man had a mechanic. This mechanic is the man I later hear is linked to my rapist.

During this period of reporting within the last 6 mths (today's date October 14th 2018) this man (the mechanic) approached me confirming my rapist - this police officer was corrupt and did compromise the SAPOL investigation I was told of initially after the offences Against myself. A clearly ballsy man he continued to state this police officer was a nasty man who would try and get me. At this point I am four years in from my initial report in 2014, police harassment escalating to legal proceedings and each addition to the statement concluding in ‘I am prepared to go to court’, these words are no deterrent. That said I can’t believe that when I finally get to report this that it’s a cover up campaign as opposed to conclusion. The rumours would revolt you - we will get there, hence SAPOL withholding my Freedom Of Information (FOI) request, 9 months of a breach of my Human Rights - The amount of fabricated contents is supposed to be flatteringly attentive.

I lived with my new partner at Lake Terrace West, a good area. 2 bedroom flats of 3. My brother also occupied this property, the property where I first talked about the ordeal. There’s a small room under this flat, it’s dirty and dingy with a mattress. I often wonder if a homeless person sleeps here.

I am at the conclusion I can not report the rape and attempted sexual assault that followed. I volunteer out at an Aged Care facility called The Oaks this leading to a full time position in Disabled Care for government facilities provider then IDSC.

I move twice in a 12 month period with this boyfriend, he continually smashed his driver side window with his fist. Odd behaviour, his demeanour ending our relationship regardless of the bond made when confiding in him regarding the policeman’s offence and reattempt.

I continued to work in Disability and to Swim Teach into years to follow. Swim teaching since I was 15 yrs old I have always kept in the field, awarded 10 years certification from AUSTSWIM.

In 2004 - 2005 I report incidents of neglect and assault at the high dependency house to which I assist clients. Most of these clients could not speak nor had the cognitive ability to report not being fed, medicated, rolled, washed, etc themselves. I spent a year fighting for the voiceless, eventually getting put on 6 months paid leave and promised they would be spending that time to change things with thanks and lots of promise for my work return. I spent this time studying childcare.

Coming to my second report encounter with SAPOL police occurring surrounding this leave period from my government position. I was assaulted by two girls I did not know and a ex girlfriend of my brother who’s mother is a known prostitute in Mount Gambier. They were charged. It took 3 years but I Was compensated, they Were charged with 2 lifetime intervention orders also issued.

The name Kylie was given to me as the 3 offender, the daughters of the prostitute wouldn’t name her. Yet I was informed from police sourcing that was the girls name and she had a Gypsy Joker Uncle - was this why it took 3 years? I used to go to school with the Sargent of arms son, he runs around town saying the Gypsy Jokers own the Mount Gambier Police Station. Knowing the mechanic is linked to the Gypsy Jokers and the rapist police officer is linked to him the possibility of a correlation between the two occurs to me to be the reason for the delay in charging, happy they were convicted life goes on. I buy a house.

Begin of April 2006 the house contract states, I had been renting the property through Malseed Real Estate prior to purchase.

I had a kelpie cross puppy called Kuta, once settled I got a German Shepherd also. Immediately fencing for dogs the exterior was the first facelift.

In 2009 my house made the newspaper. My neighbor was jolted in the rear by another car and was pushed through the front window, the entire front of the car in my lounge. Everyone okay, besides my endless water works. The incident resulting in a year plus of renovations and replacements. My first insurance claim, 25 years and single. New for old was great until it was an air loom, things you don’t remember but think got thrown out you were told to make up like they don’t care about your belongings at all. An emotional person, my once antique furnishings acquired at Estate clearances and antique shops were replaced with imported substitutes.

I then went on to work in the Real Estate industry new and existing home with my only real joy within the field coming for working in new home sales.

My new boyfriend ran his Dads mill out of town and trained. 3 years older than me his Dad had a good business and was heavily involved in a successful sporting club, the house he resided in, in a familiar area to the house my family visited when moving to Mount Gambier. I started to wonder of the facts of this man. He came across as rough but professional and was always respectful to my face. I was brought up to not judge others. Especially not by what they look like. 3 months into this relationship I broke up with this boy, driving to my parents crying I recall my father saying I’m looking for a prince that doesn’t exist. The relationship wasn’t discouraged, reconciliation was - I should have known better.

In the years ahead this boyfriends Dad would threaten to cut off an employees hand and not pay his own son plus other employees for their hard labour.

In 2011, I was given a bank card to keep for my mum in safe keeping. I have a doctors appointment, the nurses area - people waiting, small town regular locals doing a Super important job. As usually I check in for my appointment, this time to be congratulated by the nurse and asked when I became a police officer? My cousin at this time a police officer and my Uncle ex Starforce I brush it off as family related and carry on. Proceeding home to tell my then partner of my day, including the police revolation at my appointment.

2012 was dramatic, I believe it was at the start of the year my human services account was accessed by a third party. The Queensland call centre receiving this call. I also confronted an offender of an serious assault, three others involved I broke up with this boyfriend not feeling I had his support in the situation. My tyre slashed the night of the assault.

The boyfriend having apparently nowhere to go, the break up was drawn out. He to, like his father also started to reveal his true colours. After an aggravated car chase and ramming a friends car he strangled and threatened my life. Driving to the Penola Road service station after this and telling a uniformed cop and his mother of his behaviour. SAPOL have still failed to act on this issue, 2018 with further request for intervention order in 2016/2017.

In 2015 this boyfriend stopped me from being hurt as a result of helping the police with the Gordon Hamm Homicide. It was at this point in time I was told that SAPOL used me as bait in an investigation and that I had had my life compromised by decisions made by my family and the commissioner a number of times. Hence the encouragement of the relationship mentioned earlier. The Police commissioner had been socially present at my Uncle's farm Boxing Day after Christmas 2008 or 2009 I think it was. There was nothing odd about this social celebration between friends with no time to collude. Either way I do not understand how any of these people can conduct such operations and encourage such risk to a life without myself personally volunteering. To be a cop or an undercover cop I need to agree, to be an informant like I was told I had previously been by a convicted criminal mentioning a police officer at this time again, I need to agree. With no contract to SAPOL it’s evident there’s much more to this. At the begin of 2018 I request my FOI from 2001 - 2005 and 2010 - 2017.


‘A fairytale compromise’

I was 15 years old, I recall looking back at you as you watched me cross the road standing at your trailer behind your vehicle. I at this age knew who you were.

The accident was at the old YMCA complex also, crossing to go to work on Keegan Street. Reality is the man watching me attentively was of interest to the police, two years later, a botched investigation.

Rapist and officer whose conduct is immoral and illegal communicates for the second time after my car accident. Young and trusting I enter the vehicle.

A Blue Subaru with a bubble in the bonnet, the detective plain clothed. The officer drives up past the lake creating irrelevant conversations. I’m an inquisitive person, curious. He states that the government has data stating that Mount Gambier has higher rates of disabilities due to our water as we travel oddly around the lakes. We turn onto the road which takes you to the Blue Lake golf course. The officer asks me the speed limit, quick witted and bright enough to know better I reply 100 km - it’s an 80 zone. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

The officer was caught by a manned speed detector at the end of this road next to the cemetery. A male officer approached the vehicle acknowledging myself with a nod, I was in the front seat passenger side. The two officers have a quick discussion stating he would be let off the 20 km over the speed limit fine as soon as the man in front was processed. Sure enough once the vehicle had been fined and drove off the uniformed officer returned to the vehicle for further quick conversation and the detective continued on the way.

From here the detective driving drove out of town, shocked at the corruption I had just witnessed - 20 km over the limit, no one gets away with that. Except cops my teenage self learns today.

We drive out of town slight, I’m now uncomfortable and feeling unsafe and unsure. I can’t recall any more conversation at this stage.

We park, passenger side to the pines.

My first encounter with this Officer, left me angry, numb and confused for months after. Tim and I tinkered away with cars and our relationship.

It was one significant night here - I was out at Blueberry’s it was called then with my friends. They were all a little older than me born in the second half of the year. I started school a year earlier because my birthday was at the beginning of the year in comparison. I was taken outside and a boy tried to drag me into his car. I freed myself from him and started to yell when a car with some boys parked on the road near the roundabout down from the cinema and nightclub car park where I was also yelled at this boy. They were comforting at this time then we all proceeded to drive back to one of their places. Small town, they were my age, they seemed safe - especially Having just rescued me from the other guy trying to drag me in through the drivers side I thought. We went back to a home with a large white piano, I remember nirvana on the walls of the bedroom where bongs were had.

We then proceeded into the room with the beautiful clean white shiny piano, I was sitting on the piano chair when one of the boys tried to tell me my tongue ring was for oral sex, replying I got it because I like it he proceeded towards me pants down, his little erect penis out. I gagged at the sight/thought and threw up, the driver of the vehicle - dark hair, the old bowl type cut came to me and took me to the toilet. This boy then proceeded to drop myself mid way down Margaret Street. My friend and her boyfriend also friends with my boyfriend picked me up and took me back to Tim frantic at home. I later learn these boys have been linked to a gang in Mount Gambier, this gang linked to the mechanic also had an Uncle in the CIB, my rapist was In the CIB. You can’t even report these boys, corrupt officers.

My teen years were great playing netball, babysitting, hanging on my friends farms, dating, yearly holiday to the snow, and an A grade student. All my friends were academics too, I liked an Italian guy and a an Academic like me for most of High School years. Seen a couple of Studs from the town High Schools and a couple of guys a few years older who played football. These were the same groups I went out and partied with.

I started dating Tim in year 12, he was from a town High School and used to rock climb in my Dad’s rock climbing gym in the YMCA Complex where I worked as an Aquatics Teacher. I used to drive to his parents shak down near the beach after school. My parents bought me the TV I wanted that year, not enough to stop me from moving out. Tim was a year older and finishing his trade.

When we finally moved our relationship to Doughty Street it was strained, there was love but it was exhausted. We broke up within the 6 month of residing at Doughty Street. This is where the predator tries again. Believing it was police related I still didn’t want to go when he call, I was given no choice. We’ve all done it as a teen, the old I’ve got no fuel to get out of a catch up. Doesn’t work with everyone but it’s believable that teens don’t have fuel. The truth is we were both level headed with no issues so we always had fuel.

I had 3 cars at my disposal, at Doughty Street there was nearly always 2 to choose from. Not taking my excuse the officer sent a cab. I did not book nor pay for this cab and the officer did not exit the house where I was dropped off. I had never been there before and was Very Uncomfortable and Scared right now, the door was open, I proceeded in.

The officers voice lead me through a living area to a wide doored bedroom. Bed head to the left as I seen the officer sprawled naked, head in hand propped on his elbow laying on his side. A revolting version of Kate Winslet on The Titanic. I freeze, that moment even in memory seems SO long though it was merely seconds. I leg it for the door, not recalling the conversation in words I remember an exchange of communication as I rushed away. The man coming out clothed ended up dropping me near home. I refused to give him my address or permission to go near my premises despite knowing he’s a cop and he would know. The far car park on the drive through side. I exit the vehicle.

I spent a bit of time researching the boys in the car and the house location. My next boyfriend went to the main High School in Mount Gambier and played in a band. He knew everyone it seemed and everyone knew him. His 21st party great! Out at his parents farm in the cottage - the original dwelling on the land, they lived in a bigger newer house built in front of this. Loud music, instruments, heaps of us. We had a great night. I got my hair cut especially for the occasion and hated it. I drove to Tim, we still spoke and cried that I looked bad for my new boyfriends party - what was I thinking lol. Jason liked it.

We had SO much in common Jason and I, our music tastes, he was so chilled back then and his family were kind of snobby farmers like my parents. City people that moved to the country, to cool, too clean you know. His parents were like this too. I got on with everyone. We’d hang at his friends house near every Saturday night and then go out. 3 years older than me, I thought we’d get married - another one.

I confided in Jason what had happened, he wasn’t one for saying much.

It was then things changed, I didn’t like one of his friends much then I learned they were into drugs and those drugs were coming from the mechanic. Again, my rapist pops up, I spiral back into angry, numb, confusion. Jason’s odd behaviour and this have us break up.

During this period I was pulled over by a uniformed officer in Spotlight after he followed me from Commercial Street stating I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt, I stated I was and can not remember the result of the encounter.

From here this officer was nice, he would give me warnings and would look out for me regarding boyfriends I considered him a friend, in later years even having him involved in my business advertising discreetly. I was developing trust in the police again, then his texts changed. He also communicated questionable association in conversation and that he’d been in the Navy. The blue Subaru had navy plates.

The text changed from a polite warning and started stating I owe him a cappuccino. Innocently I was like sure lol and thankful I got a text to say wear your seatbelt and not a fine. After a while I began to question this until one day the ex navy uniform officer text that I owe him 200+ cappuccinos, I felt scared again and untrusting. I reported this to the Victorian Homicide Detective.

My first encounter with this officer around 2003 - 2004. I owed a white VN after a white VW beetle - speakers pumped in the beetle. It was SiC. This was when I resided with Jason on Lake Terrace in early 2002. Moving to a gorgeous two bedroom brown brick unit after this with Jason and my brother also accommodating this property as well. We lived there for 6 months before I settled in a property with a yard where I could have a pet dog prior to purchasing my property in 2006. This is when I got Kuta, R.I.P. baby.

I worked at a truck weigh bridge at a McCain’s manufacturing factory briefly before the volunteering within aged care sector opened the door as mentioned to a career in disabled care.

Whilst living up the road from the police station on Bay Road in the beautiful brown brick property Jason constantly smashed his driver side window on his car and damaged property, odd behaviour. I began to go out.

I meet a boy one night, black belt in karate we danced at the pub he was fit and witty. As he drove us to his house to hang he was pulled over by the police. The boy was breath tested as the police officer should have at this hour. The karate boy blew positive, we were driven back to the station, he asked me to wait. He was related to one of the cops or something, after they spoke to him were delivered back to his vehicle and we proceeded on our way.

I meet one other boy out at this time, he was taken away by me. It was adorable, long blonde hair - he was cute. He told me of the bad things his other brothers said the police do and other things. Stuff about my rapist.

As he was 2 years younger than me I would not have a relationship with this boy. I had this rule, ideally one year - no more than 3 years older. Our friendship quickly dissolved to acquainted seeing him every now and again in the regional town and saying Hi.

The old officer whom I thought was being humane pulled us over one day, this was a significant experience with the boy, myself and the old man officer from spotlight.

We had just delivered groceries to my brother shearing in Lucindale and across from the airport we’re pulled over and the car searched. The officer at the time said he was doing this as he knew me and was alerted I was to be pulled up. He stated he did this task so they weren’t mean to me. Odd, but not surprised I was grateful for the consideration, with only myself and one other in the vehicle we continued back into Mount Gambier.

I will never forget his warning that I should sell my car as I will be targeted just because this boy had been in it. This cop Really seemed to be looking out for me, after the rapist it was a positive experience. They aren’t all power trippers. Here we established small trust.

Years passed and the text were normal and generally warnings to wear my seatbelt, farm mentality. Until later years ball park 2009 - ish the text change to being followed with you owe me 1 cappuccino type commentary, which I took with a grain of salt to start with.

This cop had always been nice, I was walking to a boyfriends one day and he picked me up and dropped me off at my location, he even looked out for me checking this boys background and advised me he was a good sort. He would drop past my home and say hi checking how I was and talking normally like friends. I remember him stating how he would watch movies on the couch with his wife and do all the romantic stuff so that what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, he winked.

It was now where I immediately did Not trust him Anymore. He implied he cheated on his wife and was deceptive about it. From here there were a few questionable discussions the outstanding one him stating around 2012/2013 that done business with felon Sean Irvine.

It continued to where also he displayed associations with another known and now deported criminals. I was very concern, expressing this to VICPOL officer/detective in 2014.

I assisted the police with the Gordon Hamm Homicide, this I am proud of. It was a horrific and undignified act to which I am lost for words to describe. Having no judgement for what people look like or have I have happily interacted and made friends with all walks of life.

The handling of the investigation was completely ridiculous. The Victorian Detective was the only one that cared about the murdered man it seemed. I was threatened prior to helping the police with an axe over my fence. Probably because of my friendship with the spotlight cop. I called Tim Stringer when I found the axe and told him not to threaten me and reported this making a call to the police station after calling Tim. I ended up speaking to 2 detectives and the officer I knew. The police officer that had now broken my trust with derogatory and unethical sharing made statements to me about wanting to get in with Hells Angel member Graham Young. This was more concerning, he was like my rapist Full Blown corrupt.

The communication with 2 SAPOL detectives lead to no further questioning.

This was prior to communing with VICPOL Detective. My phone containing conversations about Gordon with Tim Stringer were submitted as evidence. The VICPOL Homicide Officer was now my only liaise, I requested and I was lead to believe.

The officer I knew did the wrong thing with evidence I provided. It was placed in the wrong hands. Myself being promised the VICPOL Officer would be the only person to sight this, the officer lied and handed it to other people.

This is when it began. I had previously defended myself in a Domestic Violence circumstance and this was being finalised in court. The boy like Jason knew everyone and they knew him. His brother shared Gordon’s scene and to start with my ex looked out for me, he was a big boy and he ended up stopping me getting hurt from the leak created by the spotlight cop. This was good to start with, I couldn’t trust him though after the Domestic Violence incident - he had no history of violence towards women and I had not seen that behaviour before, but was a trained Muay Thai Fighter. He share information he knew about people and told me of when the police falsified and signed a statement comprising a case to play criminals against each other for information. The police officer I knew started to pressure him and the felon the officer stated he did business with to engage in further nasty behaviour towards myself.

My car was defected during this period and when it was removed the police officer I knew paid for it. This was never discussed or requested. He was instructed by another officer to remove the defect.

I had been at the station for over an hour waiting for assistance. A police officer I later see putting the wreath down at the Mount Gambier Anzac Day dawn service came out of the station to help me. He asked if anyone was looking after me was polite and went back in the station to research the defect. I had new tyres on the car since the issuing of the notice. Not that the fine was legit, very questionable defect notice - some would say they were still comfortably legal. The kind officer still could not remove the defect.

An intervention order was issued during this period after assisting with the Homicide to a friend of Tim Stringers who tried to harm me, an issuing officer of this intervention order was alerted further of this defect on my car. Myself and this officer communicated since the intervention order was issued, I had his work cell number. Called it a couple of times on the wrong shift, few old cops got grumpy he had given it out.

The officer, shaved haircut confronted the spotlight officer I was told and instructed the highway patrol officer whom has the power to remove defects to remove it. The spotlight officer came to my property to visit myself. My complaints against him were discussed and I expressed I was upset with him doing the wrong thing with the evidence I provided and he went to the station to remove the defect. He expressed he was upset I complained, it went against his integrity he stated. What integrity, you cheat on your wife I thought.

The spotlight cop called from the station stating he could not remove it. I replied with a statement telling him to ring his Victorian Police friends, referring to the Portland Police Station he had told me he liaised and get it of, it had been 10 months now. The officer returned to my property before 5pm with the defect removed. He made comments to the effect of if I have a problem call him and even if we need to call each other ‘c*nts’ to sort it out together. I was happy to see the defect removed, then reported him for paying the defect as this is illegal and unethical. SAPOL classed this as a gift or loan and dismissed my concerns closing my concern of breach of the investigation also. I reopened these complaints, it’s October 2015.

Jumping forward then back in 2017 I was asked to be an informant against the felon linked to the spotlight cop. Why when I don’t know him I will never understand. More importantly where do SAPOL responsibilities sit? Considering he was asking me to inform on someone implicated in the Homicide case I gave key evidence in. A friend of the person I recorded and spoke to the police on in the Homicide case. An associate of the man in jail in regards to the Homicide. I had even quietly removed property from a car and handed it to the police linked to the felon by this stage, after the Homicide - In the back of my mind I was thinking you people treat me with no respect. Being an informant is dangerous and not for a little girl. I could not believe the officer asked. I Said plainly No, expressing my distrust.

This was the second time in 2 years SAPOL had asked for my assistance after breaching my Human Rights, comprising my life, being raped and attempted assault by an officer with 3 years passing and no conviction, harassment, negligence and negligence with a Serious intervention order. Wow, you guys are special.

Within a short period after being asked to inform on the felon, the felon came to the property I was residing. I was shocked, I literally have Nothing to do with the bloke. We conversed and he did not deny anything I asked, he was polite, well mannered and respectful towards myself. I was surprised by this, but not knowing him I did not at all Judge.

Now jumping back to 2012. It was this year where the police officer expressed care for my welfare as he had early 2000’s with a heads up a few police in town had it in for me for no reason. The first thing that springs to mind is are they linked to my rapist?!

I also confided in the boy I was seeing at the time about the rape. Did they know I thought, did he know I had spoke out more!?

The spotlight officer being kind did the old run through wear my seatbelt, etc. Soon following this officer tailed me down the Highway, blocks later he pulled me over and did a check, I had an expiration of something which I rectified promptly. I had to produce the receipt to this officer once renewed. Before I produced this the officer came to my residence, yell loudly and banging on the door. I was scared and let the then outgoing partner answer. Visiting the station later with receipt I smiled presenting it to the very angry policeman man. I heard everything he said at my home, that’s not your job you sly fox. This was what the cop I now barely trusted meant.

I must state, I’ve had an Amazing and Glamorous life thus far. I’ve met and conversed Danny Carey of the band TOOL, stood around with them and Ramstein at the Big Day Out after party - captured a kiss from Danny as well. I’ve been on the big screen at Disturbed concert Adelaide where the blonde cartoon chick with her fist in the air faded to a blonde me - Magic moment, in *Love* with music these and plenty more make up my life, among normal successes. Not theses UGLY HERO’S. The last 4 years have been trialling but worth freeing a community from bullying Police I’ve heard about for years.

The police on most part are an organisation filled with Amazing men and women. I’m a blessed soul, I write this as the efforts of defamation, false police statements and harassment have been in efforts to silence just justice.

The first time I was asked to be an informant was by a police officer I nicknamed papa smurf. He came into my home, I made it clear I have relatives in the force and I was comfortable talking to 1 officer in Victoria if need be - Like someone being murdering over other people’s debts and because they were sick of him. Low and Not cricket.

Go away papa smurf I thought to myself at first meeting, he was creepy. He grabbed my underwear after invasively pushing my bedroom door open. The lingerie on the back of the door, I felt extremely uncomfortable then. Like I literally told him I’m not going to have sex with him uncomfortable. I felt what he was doing was wrong and intrusive and he kept coming round. I reported the behaviour.

Returning home from a Freemason meeting I believe, travelling to Adelaide for my clothing label and lodge I notice a undercover police car parked up Penola Road where Hungry Jacks is area of location. I do the turn I need to too get to my property, by this stage the car is behind me. Out gets plain clothed cop James Dean, a major distaste for being harassed by police I was feeling the need to be abrupt - not to him, there was something Normal about him. I at this stage didn’t notice the driver. Like I puppy I politely let Mr Polite carried out his duties, mid way the driving officer exited the vehicle. It was the man that touched my underwear, smuggly he says hello to me. I immediately approach him asking him if he has an agenda and I communicate to James Dean I refuse to speak to creepy papa smurf.

After this papa smurf left me alone and all I could think about was this cop, James Dean. Oh my, how conflicting my emotions were. Back to the Ugly Hero’s.



Papa smurf reminded me of my rapist. A lot. His appearance, greasy demeanour, his presence. Already upset from the ordeals I had experienced. He made me extremely uncomfortable, I find out later He is behind A lot of the circumstance. My ex whom was friends with footballer and drug dealer Tim Stringer - he was the boy who introduced Tim to Graham Young I later learn, admits to lying to the VICPOL Homicide investigator, this is concerning. He’s part of the collaboration to mislead the police and avert justice.

The shaved head officer and papa smurfs name we’re on the intervention order issued to the boy I videotaped and gave to homicide. Both officers were guilty of harassment and neglect.

I had reported to the shaved hair cop numerous times regarding the breach of intervention at one stage this cop threatened to change the metres of protect order to lower it as I kept reporting him. The ego of this officer was Huge. He does Not even have authority to do this to a court issued intervention. This officer also told the offender that he would let him get away with breaching the order at my premises but other officers may not. This occurred on a day I provided evidence to which the shaved officer booked in. I advised him Papa Smurf was not a good officer and that it needed to go to someone else as he wouldn’t take it. I had read the communication in this phone. It was Very significant, the officer tried to return to me telling me it contained nothing. At this point I started to not trust this officer, thinking if he’s letting an accessory, associate and someone I provided evidence against with an intervention order against him breach intervention he must be coo coo.

During this period I took my male dog to the vet as I had reported my dog for being tampered with - he was ok - ok because it was the police that tampered with him. Imagine being that tough you touch a desexed dogs penis. He doesn’t know what action is boys among other things. These cops are acting like the comancheros. Again my rapist. The discouraging Katie Winslet poser was apparently connected to them via the little boy gang I mentioned earlier. Their COA gang with Uncle in Police CIB joined the Coms when they moved to Adelaide years and years ago.

This was the year I reported the rapist officer.

When I reported the dog the police didn’t have Any real concern at the time. Showing them my unharmed but touched dog I expressed someone had been near my dog - a younger officer attended the scene and still showed no concern. I pushed for a report to be made with veterinary record and sighting also. 5 witnesses to this incident.

The shaved mans head print was also reported as it was left on the lounge front window from the night of the issuing of intervention order. He must have been leaning against the window listen to myself and the big boy ex for most of the night to leave such a clear print.

I reported a stolen car key to this officer during this period and at the time stated to the thief it was this officers ear, the shaved officer stepped back from me when I acknowledged this identification and tried to have his head facing forward in conversation from here. Despite reporting the incident and giving valid and valuable information to stop the gang related theft the thieves stole this car. Threatening to do so for months prior. The whole town knows who stole that car, everyone except the cops apparently even though they had the most info.

They’ve been playing the same game for years, they have No other play. It’s like déjà vu. At this stage Operations and Investigations within the force are revealing Major comprises.

A Grade student, I should add my average was in the high distinctions, the situation to an educated mind was Very frustrating. These men, these corrupt men were comprising an entire town for power and I was watching it. All the harassment, all the comprises, all the bullying, confidentiality breaches they were all deliberate, conscious acts.

Despair set in, how do people whom are supposed to serve and protect turn into such shadows of men.

I continued to report numerous threats and thefts stemming from the investigation, some intimidation tactics. Knives were stolen, the police knew who and where they were and never collected them. The thief was booked with one of the stolen knives still no charge. I reported where the stolen property was and the police requested I pick it up and take it to them. That’s possession of stolen goods, I was shocked at this request. The boy stole knives and a key cutter and you guys are more worried about your wives find out a heap of you are cheats I thought. I felt as I did after I was raped, helpless.

At this stage I had witnessed debt collecting in the police impound yard, theft, ICE dealing and car theft with no charges laid and I had reported it all. The police were letting the gang Harass and debt collect after Gordon’s murder, I Knew they were linked at this stage. Then the big boys comes round and says the police are the Hells Angels. My first thoughts were, knowing better ‘What have you egotistical men done!?’

I’d seen it before, the old patch over police informant disruption. Why are the police further engaging in failed procedures I wonder. Are they like the crims and only have one game!?

Power corrupts the most humble of minds, greed and lust makes nothingness out of life seeking out more of what we need least. The investigation continues and so does the comprises. A man was hospitalised in Adelaide claiming he fell down stair, reality is the Joker's bashed him. The police know this, still no real justice for the injured man.

The making of numerous informants whom went in and out of jail getting info to beastiality producing HA Graham Young, the compromise of SO many lives without care or responsibility. Witness protect for gang members who have mislead the cops. All in an operation at the expense of innocent people. A joke of an approach to law enforcement. Especially when you have all the information within you reach and resources.

Out of touch men whom haven’t lived in the real world on a glory power trip I thought. A dick war. They reminded me of my ex cop Uncle. Always thinking he’s right, not knowing how to change his mind, thinking you can control and dictate people into submission. You make others better by being better yourself not by becoming the actions you trying to eliminate. Police be police, gangsters be gangsters.

In 2012 one of Graham’s ex’s, they share a child I believe started touching the sign writing on my car. She’s actually a few years older than me and limited nightclubs in the Mount had me know of her. I reported these incidents twice. A female police officer with tattooing near her wrist assured me my report would be handled by her team leader whom knows her.

The behaviour continued - it seemed like the police did nothing until a walk down the road stopped the behaviour, slops resided down the road. Someone was corrupt with protecting the beastiality king it became clear. Later clarified with the big boy and him telling myself in regards to the police being HA’s.

I had my tyre slashed early 2012, the night of a serious assault on a person I know. I’m known in town to speak out. Through court there was a guilty ruling but the considerations by this particular judge were light. This judge was later transferred from Mount Gambier.

I fixed the tyre first and went to confront the offender of the serious assault to tell him to hand himself into police, he hid in his house not wanting to speak to me or my then partner, big boy. The boys responsible bragged at the pub of their behaviour so it was easy for police to identify then clarify this with victims. In this process the police seemed to compromise the investigation which is blamed for the light ruling.

Mount Gambier is a great little regional place, scenery and activities are abundant. It’s a great place to visit and live.

It’s a designated location for new police officers to choose out of to be stationed in South Australia. New recruits are mentored here and the culture and responses they attend are supposed to help build them in their career. Imagine being asked as a cadet to lie from misconduct, in Mount Gambier it happens. Imagine alerting the police commissioner of this activity, in South Australia it currently happens. The covering up of activity which Needs disciplinary action at the highest level is a bar set for disaster in standards within the force Right now.

As a leader accountability is key, in praise, in outcome and in the process. The moment to which a standard lapses and at this level it is the beginning of the career, the bar has been set to more than likely create a substandard officer. With current leaks, tip offs and associations a leader of high integrity is needed to be dismissing officers whom breach conduct, endanger the public, etc. The public doesn’t expect officers to be perfect, but we do expect them to care for our welfare.

I witnessed the utter disregard for Gordon’s life, labelling him a drug addict etc, leaders using dehumanisation as justification for poor judgments.

The Victorian Officer was reasoning with me to see him as something more - like there was a need to do so! It was a tragedy and the boys responsible were big noting themselves over a soft target. It disgusted me, like a pedophile to a child the lack of humanity in this undignified act was atrocious. Some of these boys were the Victims supposed friends! And to hear they stole from him, said they got tired of him, racked him up a debt and then conspiring and murdering him for a petty price. Remembering it was the dealers debt that the murders had cleared to engage in what resulted in Gordon’s death. $20k or something. The Dealer said they would erase the debt if the felons sorted him. How are these officers justifying their attitudes!?

The Mount Gambier detectives tried to keep my phone. I requested it back. It was made to be returned by the VICPOL investigator as the Mount Gambier detectives tried to claim they lost it. Creeps.

Not long after this I was happy to not need to be questioned further by the police. I need not attend court and my assistance was complete. I went on with life I thought.

Now to rectify the ex’s vindictive lie which he told me ‘They’ made him tell the Portland police. The big boy threatened my life after our relationship was obviously through and then would not leave my premises. Hence my actions in self defence, self defence. I broke a bit of his car. The judge seen the situation for what it was with no poor outcome regarding the lie determined in court.

By ‘They’ the big boy meant people he was scared of. The spotlight cop was part of who he is scared of. Both this man and the rapist cop have been described as nasty cops. I made the Victorian cop aware of my conduct in self defence tell him this had also been reported to the police officer I knew and no longer trusted here.

Keep in mind that incident of assault was reported directly to the spotlight officer by the offender - big boy, and big boy was never formally charged despite this. Big boy and Sean - the felon the spotlight cop said he did business with are friends and grew up together.

The police had still not done anything about myself being strangled and a threat to my life, 3 years after the crimes. The police here anyway, Adelaide - I assume my relatives, put task force numbers out at my contacting 131 444 regarding the big boy.

After Gordon died was the resolution of self defence. I was speaking to the Big boy after this, he shared friends with Gordon’s friends. To start with the big boy didn’t like what went on with the incident. I thought this was good. He shared information regarding the murder which I shared with the Victorian Homicide Officer I had the number of. The big boy and I continued to hang out. I could see he was comprising the investigation. The big boy had dealings with the rapist detective, he had stepped over a stolen motor in the mechanics house. The big boy stole the car the motor belonged to and got away with it because of mishandlings within the investigation. The big boy was young 20 ish I believe, the theft over 10 years ago.

I note a conversation between the big boy and the spotlight cop which revealed obvious collusion. It was now despite stopping myself from getting hurt that I knew I could Not trust the big boy. We ceased talking.

I had reported the big boy for many offences at this stage without any arrest or collection of the stolen property that he possessed. To me it was evident he was in with the spotlight cop.

Big boy had been debt collecting for Graham, I then knew the spotlight cop got his wish to get in with the beastiality producing HA.

This is when papa smurf started coming around to my property with his informant recruiting rubbish. I tested papa smurf, you could tell his intentions were not legit. He didn’t want a piece of evidence which was of great value in intel.

Finishing with the in limbo intervention order to which I am still seeking from police before a private court application. The spotlight officer clearing not having processed a formal report and charge. I went into the police station and reported the incident. I expressed my concern that it wasn’t as clear cut as Domestic Violence as the big boy has a good history with how he treats females and expressed that history is male and mainly defence oriented.

I remember the red haired lady, she reminded me of the Michelin man getting frustrated with me that I wanted intervention but not to charge him with domestic violence. She would not do it. I ignored this she clearly didn’t understand. We proceeded forward and I also took time to shed some light on a pedophile they had picked up and had charges on. The offender was pressuring the victims to try and get of. Having a clear dislike for me the female officer ignored my information. The offender later released from custody. Years later jailed.

This female officer was in clear communication with the shaved headed officer in 2015/2016. Stating oddly to me one day that she’s ‘not judging me’ and that I’m ‘such a pretty girl’. It was weird convo, more consistent with Cou Cou and my stereo than relevant in conversation we were engaging. I knew she wasn’t a good person, now I knew she wasn’t a good cop.

Our communication from the point is abrupt and rude at times, dodgy cops clearly not sitting well with me.

The power going to their heads I don’t think they understand how taking a spiteful attitude to work affects the community. Your role is Really important in society, the most unfortunate and vulnerable in the world need to feel they can approach you.

The female officers most recent offence in the court house this year, she spoke to my lawyer and made derogatory remarks regarding my conduct. I could not believe what I was hearing.

There were two lawyers present, the one that had just acted for me and the one acting now. I engaged new representation, good representation which is now show police harassment in court. Highly recommend this bloke, he’s a just justice type. I like just justice.

My partner attend the court with me after this, he was a Victorian Police Officer 33 years, oldest partner I’ve had. Miss Michelin looked at me differently then, still with a distaste but not like a bully.


‘I see through you’

They went all out at Clipsal 500 2015, Felt the love. The blokes around, etc were blatantly obvious. Cheers gents and ladies. I was still drugged and raped, in the hotel room by a person I knew (we are no longer friends) - whom knew the bad people surrounding Gordon, Graham with one of his friend an apparent ex HA. In case you don’t know you don’t leave the HA’s if your stupid enough to do something to get blackmailed over to get in your in for life.

They were just a group of friends, whom loved weed in there teens, the 70’s and 80’s.

The HA’s establishing in South Australia somehow end up having a police relative with a Very high up Hell’s Angel member. Good operation, considered a good man - with a commissioner daughter could it be!?

I knew nothing of this conduct, all I had seen and was seeing is inhumane. The big boy introduced me to a personal trainer when we first started seeing each other. After a while I learned he was connected to Graham, asking me to contact him regarding Modelling on his bike for a shoot. 2013/2014, I declined.

It was disappointing as the personal trainer had been developing a friendship, his wife and children. He knew this was not my scene, so he sneakily tried to get me to contact the HA without giving me his name. I sort his name and refused to ring Graham between the designated time. Your not the boss of me beastiality. I wrote him via messenger and rejected his request politely. He was polite back and that was that. I no longer train with that PT.

I’m not judgemental, I do not care who you are, nor who your friends are. Not a cop I believe people can change and on most part people want to be better. I don’t believe if you revel in group intimidation that you want to do better though.

The Hell’s Angels are an outlaw biker gang. They are supposed to be the most respected and most respectable of the biker groups established worldwide. I have nothing to do with this world. It’s been a Long 4 years and this is because of corrupt police threatening criminals they have leverage over to be stupid. I’ve heard of criminals refusing to harass me for them and even have had guns shoved in the body to force and intimidate them. This type of conduct by our law enforcement officers creates hate and a lot of negative emotions which in turn is taken out on the public. Making not only the policing job harder but also creating less cohesion within communities which also lowers crime levels. Simple, peaceful existence.

Some of the people I have been made aware of have been harassed by the police offended a long time ago and had consequence for their poor choices. After speaking out against the corruption I have seen, I can see where they continue to be felons. Society judges them, the police bully them and they are pushed into the same dismay that made them offend in the first place.

A child is not born with the emotion hate, but they do hold the emotion of love. We teach hate and if as adults we don’t teach hate society, segregation, oppression and materialism does. It takes very little to be kinder to one another. Police guns up boys butts does Not encourage a peaceful society. This is the point where I know I can stand up against this behaviour even if these boys can’t. That is SO Wrong it’s not funny, I don’t care who you are or what you have done No officer has the right to abuse and violate someone, threatening them to commit a crime.

I watched the situation escalate, the spotlight officer was somehow allowed around me. He came past making a scene one day with another officer. Seeing I was distressed by the situation the officer continues to pressure his boys. Staying in with the jailed boys some say.

I reported the attempt at car theft by taking the key from my bag. A blonde hair man with an accent attend. He had clearly been told to let the shaved police officer to speak to me. They seemed to be on the same team. Shaved head attended, they spoke to the thief out the front. Myself and the theft inside.

I made many reports over this period with nothing being done. Mainly to the shaved headed bloke. He had boldly been putting himself out there, announcing he was 39 years of age Very confidently when I reported the key theft. He has no legal reason or obligation to share this, I thought he was cute but stupid. He wasn’t listening to me. I assure you I wouldn’t waste my breath with you guys if I didn’t have to I thought! Not a comfortable situation for me, I do like that he let me speak though. If he wasn’t stupid he would have listened instead of thinking he knew all. Clearly not the greatest judge of character, he was believing the accessory of murder and humouring me like I was just a little girl. Typical sexism.

A person had died, the police were painting the dealer up as someone who spoke against people, wasn’t scared of the crims (because he is one Einstein’s) and a football player. I couldn’t believe this was happening, the station had already shown complete disrespect after the death. The culture continued with the police feeling they are judge and jury. Judging people and valuing their life worth. It was clear Tim’s life was being portrayed falsely in the media. How is this type of policing going to stop this activity from occurring again?! 2 years later another death linked to the group linked to the police.

It’s been 2 years and the police have conceded and lowered a charge to manslaughter for a guilty plea with the latest death. It is nearly 100% guaranteed if Gordon’s and the assault in 2012 were handled properly this death could have been deterred by this stage.

The police commissioner has changed in the last couple of years as has the police minister of South Australia. I have spoke to both regarding concerns from this behaviour in Mount Gambier. Last year I spoke to the Police Ministers office and I was Extremely concerning how they disregarded concern for our Regional city.

The new head of station, Superintendent Power Tripper has a rank not a position. Literally Nothing has changed. Nothing. Same minions, same dealers, same bull even after 2 reported deaths, numerous serious assaults and a essay of misconduct and police criminal behaviour. Fresh faces, my bet they are or were part of the police association whom didn’t like their conduct reviewed. 3 Major changes at the top and the issues are still there. Who would have thought you’d have to lead and discipline in these positions!? Not these new guys. It’s Modelling, stand and twirl here.

The police are scared of a lawyer in SA, this lawyer is linked to the bikers and represented the big boy in his earlier years for the car theft. This lawyer also representing the murders of Gordon Hamm, I remember when Tim Stringer flew up to Adelaide to see him after Gordon died. I was disgusted witnessing the frantic wanna be gangster crap himself. No pity here, I was barely at times able to convince myself that all I was seeing was really real life. It was more like a twisted movie with no plot, a collection of punch lines and a dog.

Not my scene, all this I begin to loose my cool with these shenanigans and called the shaved officer, I yell at him asking why the spotlight cop still has his job and was able to still harass me and others. He states my concerns were above his pay packet. I express my distrust in the police and explain the botched investigation in 2012. The shaved head officer reveals he was stationed in Mount Gambier around that time in 2012. Not long after this, the shaved haired officer weakly transfers out without finalising what he had started. Dismay, they are all the same. This will never change. I text the Victorian Officer the situation and again try to carry on with life.

During 2012 there was significant interest in my label from Victoria. I had done A lot of travel establishing my label and had sponsorships with heavy metal there. Prints produced locally there also and Vistaprint now in Victoria instead of overseas.

I spoke to the Victorian Officer from Portland after the self defence incident. This officer harassed the big boy prior to him returning to the Mount. They took registration plates off the car in the night on private property. They should have just took his licence as it wasn’t valid but a culture of power tripping had them break the law instead.

I recall calling the station prior to court and stating I would not tolerate harassment of any kind directed towards big boy on the day. Big boy was threatened by the station that day to stand by his false statement. The big boy refused, he had paid no costs for the damage to be fixed and it Was self defence. Justice prevailed in 2014.

My car was defect after my complaints were filed and the police held it on the car for 10 month. Luckily my property was central this was no disruption to my daily needs - Yet my business suffered extremely. Establishing with store interest and interstate business I could no longer travel to advertise and generate the sales exposure for sales as I was. The spotlight officer making it clear he would screw with my life for the complaint against him and he was.

My family being involved in policing and illegally using my life was prevalent now. My Uncle and cousin had joked at Christmas lunch 2014 about a dealer taking a car for debt and how police can’t help, like it was an achievement not an issue. They were knocking the big boy, as they had when we dated calling him fat and stuff. I was disgusted, avoiding conflict I expressed I was upset to my Mum and she suggested I go for a walk away from them in the fresh air. We were near the beach, I took a drink and walked away from the dehumanisation I was witnessing.

I fell in love with the energy of James Dean, we’ll call him Darren from here. The officer coming to my property as my music was loud one night asking me to turn it down. Subtlety I replied with ‘I’ll turn it down for you!’ How obvious. He replies with the line I don’t want to have to come back. Thinking to myself you are welcome anytime, I reply with you won’t have too and turn down the stereo. I find later he is friends with my cousin. Did he agree with the methods I was seeing? I liked him and hoped not.

I continue to reopen my complaint at any lame reason given to pass it off. The spotlight officer compromised my position, I’m not letting this go. In 2017 I engaged legal representation.

By this stage I’ve been out the back of the station. 30 year highlight. During this experience an officer propositions me. I’m in processing, your kidding me! Known among many girls to be a sleaze and a cheat the sleaze remarks went without acknowledgement from me. Only to bare the fruits of a scorned boy in rejection and pride later on. I reported sleaze, he began a defamation campaign, he’s even rumoured that I have said I had sex with him. Big leap from the truth. You wish creep!

He now joins the shave haired officer, his former team leader and friend with the spotlight officer in covering up the fact that I knew they were unethical.

I worked at a construction office for about a 6 mth period after this experience with Sleaze. He was friends with someone I worked with. Dropping remarks it was put forward that he was responsible for tampering with my dog at the direction of his boss. The work colleague there was bitter. The type of person who gets joy out of others suffering, I don’t like persons who get joy out of others suffering. She spoke of Darren as an officer also. This upset me, the construction office was failing to comply with Australian Standards, I stood up against this and the position dissolved.

Sleaze stalked me one day in the gym, I seen an on duty officer with a haircut similar to his and showed interest in the moment. Sleaze was clearly off duty and proceeded to attend the gym we shared and walk around intimidatingly. I left the gym.

A breach of intervention order report in 2017 was compromised with luckily no effect on the outcome. This involving sleaze comprising the community and allowing a drunk, violent felon with a history of crashing drunk and fleeing the scene to drive when a patrol car was out for the offender. Instead of discipline for these incidents this creepy officer has been transferred to a station with less managerial control and more opportunity to sexually offend on duty and aid felons.

2016 had me stalked by a sly fox officer whilst on a date. Blatant intimidation, he lended at the bar of the RSL not consuming anything staring at me. When we finished the meal myself and my date walked past him, he glared at me walking from our seating and as I passed by.

Once the shaved head officer transferred out, the sly fox came to my residence and harassed me. My training pants were damaged.

The spotlight officer in 2016 stalked me up near the Blue Lake, Crouch Street. Parking uniformed in a marked car on the side of the road and staring me down. He stayed until I walked out of view, this is a long and main type city road of Mount Gambier. This incident was reported to the Ombudsman/Integrity commission. I was scared and text my Mum also at the time about this incident.

This year I have had numerous visits from the police to my residence, mainly to tell me to turn music down - during the day, with the residence surrounded by 3 empty houses and others playing music themselves.

I have a background in Swim Teaching which began as a career at 15 years old whilst still in school, the old YMCA which my Father ran a Rock Climbing business. Teaching Education Department for the Government, an AUSTSWIM, Nationally Police Cleared employee I can teach All swim levels. Signed talent with Australian Real People Agency, International pageantry, I currently model with Promotional Models Australia.

I’ve watched two boys, two imperfect boys trapped and manipulated by corrupt police during the last 4 years. The police know them, they hold all they know over theses boys even threaten and making efforts to set them up.

These dodgy officers exploit the desperation and misery in their life to manipulate these individuals into carrying out illegal activities. Keeping them criminals, lowering their self worth, then outing the crime as the criminals idea to superiors to save or elevate policing positions. The alliance never giving the criminal the ability to be something more, the community never gets opportunity to be freed from these crimes and the outright opportunity to exploit the law. A criminal is going to commit a crime no matter what if that’s what they want to do. They don’t need police encouragement or assistance. Not only had the spotlight officer compromised the case but he was running the gang getting them to do his dirty work with petty threats. Texts were falsified from my phone with the 2 boys allowed to break the law having phone access to my phone.

The big boy told me he was told to break into a person's house when they weren’t home and plant stuff in it - phone, paperwork, etc. He was colluding with the spotlight cop at this stage. The big boy had stolen a key cutter reported to the spotlight cop. The spotlight officer rang me back on a 3 way call myself, the spotlight officer and another officer apparently. I thought this was odd. I was later told they cutter was booked into the station with a cut plug. The plug was not cut when the cutter was reported. Only Jason or the spotlight officer had opportunity to cut this cord prior to booking in evidence.

Jason’s car was stolen by the big boys brother and a Gypsy Jokers nom. The brother threatened he would take that car if they had to smash the garage and trailer it. The police aware of this continued until the car was stolen, attending my property at the time the crime was committed I was later informed. The big boy had taken $50 before he left for fuel for his brother, I assume now that fuel went in the stolen car. Intervention order boy scoffed at big boys eager jump on getting to the vehicle, stating after the theft Michael hadn’t even stolen it yet - it was obvious he knew about the theft. Sean and the spotlight cop. He also said the spotlight cop had made false claims to his superiors about our engagements which is how he was getting around my complaints. I felt sick inside and was at odds to see how that justified paying for a defect, comprising a case, doing business with a felon, etc also.

Obviously since the rape I have not found police attractive. Darren was plain clothed when we rubbed shoulders, he asked to check my property. Of course You can, politely obliging and walking behind him. Oh my.

It was hard after the rape and the creep trying again. Proud I stood up for myself, Everything was still just hard. Jason and I breaking up and reconciling a lot, he was the only person I had told. My brother younger than me could Never know this. Too hard basket. During 2003 - 2005 I lived in a property less than a minute from the Main Street. I came back to this property one time and heard noise as I entered, a friend was waiting in the car. I rush in for the CD we wanted an notice the bedroom door move as I leave. I didn’t check behind it and nothing was missing in the house, but you could tell someone had hid behind the door. The door was in a different position to which it was when I left I was sure. No drafts and very much the interior of this dwelling. I changed the lock on the property after this.

When Jason and I broke up I would go out with my friends like a normal 19 - 20 year old.

It was after someone entered the home, Jason and I had taken a break. I woke in the morning with NO recollection of Anything and an older long haired man next to me. It was my property, I had been drugged and this man had done what the policeman did clearly. Words can not describe the dirty feeling felt in a moment like that. Anger and sadness, guilt and blame. I knew I had to know as much as possible about this man if I was going to report him.

He was sort of scary, looked like he’d have the wrong friends. He said he’d been a roadie for the band Magic Dirt, I’ve seen him on a Harley in town. He had an old collector vehicle under a cover at the end of a brown group of flats on Jubilee Hwy between Wehl Street and Penola Road. Not wanting anything to do with the police still, the officers rape still fresh and the assault having around 6 police attend the scene with little consideration from any of them and then them currently trying to blame me for being assaulted - Clearly to do with the offenders Mum being a prostitute. This prostitute had been reported for trespassing numerous times on a property behind the Commodore Motel. Nothing ever really resolved this behaviour for the property owners. I confided in Jason about the long haired creep and we decided it was best to not stress with it.

I owned a VW Bettle and a white ex cop car VN commodore at this property. The commodore which was crashed leading to the rape and the VW ending up out at my parents little farming property.


‘Never Surrender’

I remember you offering to do it, I said it’s ok. I felt you and looked up at the chalk ‘never surrender’ on the wall. You became my world that day, as I looked back over my shoulder to see you looking back at me. I felt you, like no other and nothing else. Crouched out the front and as I turned around, Thank you. xo

I’ve been treated extremely poorly as a witness by this stage whilst witnesses that have lied float into witness protect. I’d seen this before, many years ago. I man stabbed someone then something ‘Bigger’ apparently happened and instead of being prosecuted he was put into witness protect, he was breaking into the system. He was head of the Gypsy Jokers in town for years, go figure.

I’d been gaslighted, surrounded by criminals, nearly stabbed and relayed false information by this stage because of the compromise. I was like no way this is happening, my family was like let the police handle it. Handle It!? They can’t handle themselves, I started to blatantly tell them the facts. Like in their lap stuff. It was like talking to a wall, are these blokes thick or what I thought. No they are part of it.

I proceeded to the doctors this year, end of 2014 with an allergy. Whilst I was gone I had set up a camera in the premises at the front door. Gone for 1 hour the tape revealed the sound of the door opening (it was behind the door) a black figure and stops. Someone entered my property and reporting to the police they showed No concerned. The big boy tells me it’s the cops, why would they enter my premises like that?

They had been hanging around the property. Like some type of psychological game. That’s trying to scare me, they had moved property slightly like it was picked up and put back wrong, but nothing seemed to be missing

Gordon was associated with the Coms. The Coms were sick of Gordon. The HA’s and Coms in town are doing business and own a few cops.

A boy who flopped his dick out in my lounge and tried to tell me to look at it in this period. Creep. It was disgusting, no one I knew had ever been this disrespectful towards myself. I’d never seen this behaviour I was put off and asked the boy he was friends with to have him leave. Intervention order boy got indecent exposure to leave, after indecent exposure slapped him in the face. WTF I thought, intervention order would Never let anyone do that. Why was he being bullied by indecent exposure?!

Months passed with thefts and dealing all reported to police with no charges laid.

George Taylor which big boy confessed to me, I reported and handed in property for, no charge. Jason’s house broken into by big boy, no charge. Cook house broken into by big boy reported to police, no charge. Jason’s car was reported, no charge.

The circumstances surrounding Jason’s car being stolen are odd, like a set up. The key originally taking from my bag by big boy. He was Genuinely scared to tell me who was making him. Graham Young for intervention order boys debt. I told him to get the key back and we reported it to police. Big boy did the Right thing.

When purchasing this car Jason without my knowledge put my name on his new Ford Turbo car insurance - We Were best friends odd but okay. He then gave me a key to drive it while he was at work in the mines. He paid for it prior to pick up but acted like it was an on the day purchase. It was weird.

Loving cars though, I was stoked and drove the vehicle.

I was Extremely upset no one was jailed for trying to stab me - this person jailed many times following this for offending towards myself. To me the result showed from the go of the Gordon Hamm Homicide investigation there was a compromise and it was bigger than just the Spotlight officer. The creepy papa smurf was on intervention order boys paperwork, him and spotlight if they were colluding were in for the same thing.

An officer whom horse rides in town came and shut off my power one morning around 5 am. I rang the station reporting the conduct. Sexy Darren answered asking ‘why I had my music cranked at 5 anyway’. Not your business Sexy, I reply with ‘I’m not a TV person’. - Seriously was I going to say Anything normal to this man! Frustrated and expressing they are picking on me, I ask to speak to his superior. His superior calls around 7 am.

Darren came to Macca’s one morning whilst I was having breakfast. Again I managed to make a moment of it. ‘Good Morning’ I sprout, giving no choice to Darren but to reply. I sit next to him, he’s standing reading the paper, I’m bouncing happily with him Right there. I continue to watch his interaction ordering. He’s polite, like he was out the front of my property. Like way polite, no way - ignoring the policeman whom had taken his place reading the paper I stare at Darren in the window reflection.

Around this time a woodwork boy I have never met starts hanging around. He’s friends with spotlights minions and asks me if I want to go out with a HA. I laugh, Are You Serious!? No Dude, No I Don’t. How was this happening.

Rumours were somehow my ex partner had borrowed against my property. No communication of this from the bank had been received by me so I ignored this. I was aware big boy at the end of 2014 start of 2015 had walked into the local Commonwealth bank and taken $300 from Jason’s bank. I reported this, no charges laid even though there would have been video footage.

Things escalated and my parents said I was being accused of engaging in illegal behaviour, prostitution. I laugh, it’s hilarious to think the police were going this low to cover up their involvement with ICE dealing - The Gypsy Jokers tried this rumour years ago though?

In 2017 I was told I had been in a relationship with the rapist. My lawyer relayed this after speaking to SAPOL officer Katie Dalton whom was taking my statement against the rapist. I no longer trusted her and we had not yet finished the statement. Your kidding right, a married middle aged creep. Sickened, I lose All respect for Katie too. No trust, no respect.

I’m currently facing a fine for sharing this information. Despite waiting 3 years and making efforts through All the right avenues for resolution. The spotlight officer is being taken to retirement by his corrupt friends. My Nan and Uncle had mocked this in conversation.

They want to charge me with another minor sharing related offence I believe.

Instead of dismissing a few corrupt officers and charging a rapist officer. Blows my mind.

I don’t let up - I just don’t want this type of compromise to Every occur again. It’s also affecting a community having leverage over the local station. Police be police, gangsters be gangsters. I won’t be dismissed, all this which is affecting our community.

I recall being interviewed regarding the documents shared - happened fast than the rape statement interview as a victim. How’s that!? The officer nice shoes state's your influencing people. Like knowing the Truth is a bad thing!

Seriously dude - you think I walked around my local hoping people can’t read. Your compromising these people’s community and hindering its growth. Money that should be going to local business going into drugs and lining corrupt officers pockets. They have the Right to know. This man was sent by the commissioner. Trying to silence me!? The beginning of 2018 I was warned not to continue to post against the corrupt officers again. I continued to do so.

They came to my work with charges which the DPP Monday (15/10/18) could NOT determine. 3 months they held a fabricated charge against myself, undetermined for 3 months, rumoured for 3 months. The desperate attempts at discrediting, endless - and now as I promised. Never surrender.

For the couple of years I was seeing big boy he towards the end of our relationship was accused of being things I assure you he wasn’t by my parents, gossip from there friends.

I ask someone if I have a question, I don’t contribute to the rumour. They had every opportunity to ask and didn’t. As they did with me.

I have nothing to hide, hence writing all this. You can’t use and write my life commissioner. It’s evident that the date had been changed to suit Kurt Slaven - the rapist’s transfer out. I didn’t even have the crashed car in that year. I had a different boyfriend, rental agreement and car. I used to drive Pratty and Jason around in my white VW beetle early 2002 Slipknot - Corey Taylor the legend Cranked.

His statement currently states he doesn’t know me and wasn’t present in town. I clearly reported 2001 to the Ombudsman, SAPOL computer according to Katie Dalton reading 2002. Completely fabricated. Evident, proven lie, still no plea.

I’ve lived a glorious 34 years thus far. This year going overseas to Jamaica. Was difficult during all this but a Great experience I really appreciated. Buying a house at 21 years a level headed person. That music passion, I’ve attended many The Big Day Outs at its best early 2000’s and Soundwave Fests, Metallica twice, Disturbed, Cypress Hill. Silverchair and The Rolling Stones as a child. Many Clipsal500 events and Promo Modelled there too. Loving fashion - my own clothing label. Managed talent and model. This year part of one of the most prestigious pageants in the world and an Amazing fresh Australian Pageant. Studying my MBA and teaching.

I have Not once cried over the incident (rape) since it happened - Until the last 4 years.

To start with I couldn’t talk about, crying and crying and choking and just feeling so uncomfortable I could not communicate.

At home numerous times I broke down. I’ve yelled and screamed and felt so twisted up inside just at the thought of talking about Slaven. 4 years later, I am numb. Exhausted and emotionless on subject I could Not even talk about at all.

Detective Sporton - papa smurf is an absolute creep. During this period a boy going out with a prostitute, dealing ICE whom had lived up the road from my property told me Sporton was supposed to protect me. Huh!? I have No idea what he was implying, I’ve reported Sporton for misconduct.

Intervention order boy told me I was an ex informant who was too hard for David Kyriacou - the shaved head officer. I communicated with Kyriacou, I didn’t trust him. Certainly never discussed compromising my little life by helping a station I know is corrupt. Why did these boys - All associated believe I was an informant? More importantly, I don’t know these boys and it’s evident these things are clearly coming from an officer?!

Paul Griffiths, highway patrol officer - the spotlight cop has featured in my advertising with my business, our friendship was not a secret. Over the period of time we had been friends, over 10 years at this stage I had never been accused of this.

I’m me, if your a bully I won’t stand by idly. I have reported 7+ people for assault in my life - all with successful conviction. I am comfortable with 1 SAPOL police officer, Darren and 1 officer in Victoria to whom I have contacted yearly since Gordon’s death. Related to a STARforce Officer and ex officer whom I don’t rate to highly with their judgement and a few indirect Cousins whom I grew up with and think of fondly. There’s never going to be a time in my life where I need to be an informant. I’ll literally just dob on you now if you do something bad enough, like set up a bloke and kill him!? No brainer.

Figuring these boys maybe to fried to figure this out I take the commentary on board and as we’re not friends in town don’t see them again unless in passing.

It’s candid and confronting isn’t it. Laid out here like washing on the line to dry this whirlwind of chaotic compromises.

November 2017, Officer Andrew Lock used a gooseneck arm grapple my arm after targeting me on Commercial Street. Earlier in 2017 Station boss Grant Moyle has personally called myself asking me if I was going to continue to pursue Paul Griffiths dismissal. I said yes, he said he’d see me in court. Fair enough I thought, at least if the court hears his conduct they’ll dismiss him.

Grant Moyle was moved to Mount Gambier and shared a beer with an accessory to murder. This is the boys that made statements about myself and Kyriacou.

Grant Moyle has also had his staff moved around the state by criminals they have booked against, he has No consideration for his staffs welfare nor the public’s keeping employed Paul Griffiths whom is evidently linked to a gang and has numerous misconduct discrepancies.

The circumstances of Mr Locks targeted offence were, I was stationary behind two cars travelling in the opposite direction and my vehicle was stationary. Andrew Lock sighted myself, performed a U-turn in front of operating traffic lights and pursued myself. I was arrested in a manner that resulted in two cut wrists and a near broken arm. Andrew Lock has also been known to target members of the public he dislikes in this manner, for example he has also engaged in a dangerous u turn in residential areas and speeding in excess of speed limits with no charges or arrests acquired on the targeted victim. Whilst being processed regarding this incident, I was bleeding and requested a band-aid. Instead of a band-aid Officers provided myself with a cup and a tissue - no band-aid was provided. No first aid record for these bully officers. 5 witnessed to how I was treated, all too Weak to step up against the bully and hand over a bandaid. What a culture, what a mentality, no wonder these people have the attitudes they have.

Andrew Lock is 6ft and 90 odd kg by his own admission. I’m 153 cm and 53 kg. He shoved me into the vehicle after dragging me to it. I was screaming, his grip causing involuntary movement and nearly breaking my arm.

The Mount Gambier station lost this footage prior to the court hearing of this incident. Still contested in court a cadet has been encouraged to lie about the incident and has now appears in court and lied under oath. The commissioner is aware of this incident. I have photographic evidence of my injuries and at the time police took photos of my wrists injuries. Police Prosecution in court seeming unaware of their own evidence they hold with no photos of my injuries from police to date.


‘Tick Tock’

It had been 3 years and I had now been further targeted by bully police. The commissioner aware by this stage of Grant Moyle threatening me regarding Paul Griffiths position.

I had watched Numerous people, even so called friends and work colleagues engaging in police fueled propaganda. Statements which are backed with evidence dismissed as unsubstantiated or saying I was crazy, on drugs - Any petty attempts to palm off accountability, endless. I felt sorry for the small minds quick to indulge the ego in what they know would have been a lie so they could either cover it up or say they knew something more about something they didn’t understand. As with the minion boys throwing around informant gossip, I dismiss the ignorance knowing I was telling the truth and do life.

We have to live with the consequence of our actions. I’m living with standing out against corrupt cops currently.

It’s Heaps sad hearing people say aren’t you scared cos it’s the cops?! It’s a group of dodgy police protecting rapist and what extends to pedo material at least at the expense of the community and are rapists themselves. Is that a serious consideration?

Whilst finalising the statement POLICE Vs Kurt Slaven, I had been residing in my brothers residence. As my cousin is an officer whom illegally exploited my life which nearly resulted in injury it seems my brother terminated a lease agreement which was supposed to be my residence until Slaven was charged. It seems my family are happier to assist the police and my cousin with minor defamation and bullying to protect the high ranking rapist - of their daughter, sister cos it’s easier. They engaged in this behaviour in 2015.

I moved August this year to Victoria to live with my partner VICPOL Officer of many years. Upon our separation moving back to Mount Gambier again. I did Not want to move prior to October, Damian - the partner, insisted not caring I personally was more comfortable with my friends doing this than stressing with a new life in a new place. I went to Jamaica for pageant Finals and refused to kiss Damian getting off the plane as he was constructing conversation to create arguments and tension. All this whilst I was away and dealing with a rape case, dude please get a grip - your selfish. Him being a cop as well was to much, I couldn't trust him. By his own admission he had followed the Gordon Hamm case. I contacted the officer I knew in VICPOL prior to leaving for Jamaica.

Both my Brother and Mother clearly knew of my cousins decision to exploit my life while I was with big boy at least. This is a Really Wrong thing.

A message to my phone in the year of 2014 from my brother telling me the situation was ‘bigger than me dear’. I had nearly been stabbed. Like did you just Seriously say that!? My parents stating let the police handle it and that bank card my Mum left for safe keeping, an ANZ card which had my Mothers name on it that ended up offering my business, Barbwire Noose®️ an overdraft!? Not odd or anything!!

My parents and I are Not close. After I was raped as a teen, my Father - no longer manager at Hungry Jacks dismissed my position at Hungry Jacks as I refused to work on the day I had my lease expire. When Tim and I broke up I was Not allowed to move home and ended up residing with a pregnant friend and then at my new boyfriends parents until I got bond for the property on Lake Terrace. During this period, 17 - 18 years of age. My VW beetle broke down. I called my Mum who said she’d call my Dad. I was left out of town with my broken down car on the side of the road in the rain and cold until Jason’s Dad picked me up. Later my parents call my brother to move carpet at the rock climbing gym, I was in the front passenger side of Jason’s Gray Ford. We were parked at the BMX track. They did not care whether I had been picked up or the car was fixed. This is why I’m not surprised at their choices now.

Also keep in mind I did Not trust my family to tell them I videotaped the accessory to murder in the Homicide case. Even at Christmas in a private setting I did not trust the judgement of my family to tell them I gave the police the murderers name. Do what is Right NOT what is easy. It would have been easiest to walk away, I didn’t. They are used to walking away I think, too used to it.

Freddy and I walked past each other numerous times before he was jailed for killing Gordon, R.I.P. Knowing his younger brother briefly as a teen we used to politely acknowledge each other.

He had just been in jail when I met him and used to steal his younger brothers stuff. I’d speak up saying that’s not okay - he would take the commentary well back in the day. We only conversed like twice or something at his Mum’s house. I respected Fred’s Mum, still do.

Judgemental thinking has Never solved a problem or crime. I’m not sure why these officers feel such a need to misconstrue others.

I think to myself did these bad police get bullied at school? Do they train these behaviours with dehumanisation disconnect and subconscious grooming? Is the misguided projection of power an individual insecurity thing or a culture within SAPOL? It’s clearly a culture.

Many of these men would hate on an individual like Fred or Graham Young to the public in conversation but have engaged with these men’s female relations for illegal interactions. How do these men have egos So Big then behave so small indulging in the remnants of a person they sell to others as a low life? Power.

In approximately 2016 the police were investigating a false claim of trafficking provided by an accessory to murder who had been trafficking with indecent exposure across the Victorian and SA border in 2012 - 2013. I’m not sure why it was done but apparently SAPOL had utilised the boy that was too small to ‘sort’ Gordon Hamm (alarm bell 1 police) as an informant. A person with a history of trafficking, history of assault and misleading police and motive to hinder the course of justice!? Who’s brain fart was this?

Duty of care - non existent, SAPOL care factor zero.

This high speed pursuit was under our now retired commissioner. The accused was tailed travelling at speeds between 170 - 212 km per hour for the length of Coorong spanning from Tailem Bend to Robe.

No consideration for other road users by the tailing vehicle which flashed and held a small red light to indicate they were traveling behind the accused. The car was stationary overnight in Robe, unsearched with intervention order boy insisting he go home in the accused vehicle, leaving work to continue his facade. The accused was Not trafficking Anything. These permissions only go to task force teams, like my cousins position in STARforce.

In 2014 after Gordon died betadine was put in my face wash to mimic blood. At the time I had no idea what it was, I told my parents and brother. No one was concerned at this. I ended up throwing it in the trash. The big boy sited it so did my brother and intervention order boy told me it was betadine. I’m at a loss at this time to comprehend what is going on, but I know with no response from my family on my dog or the betadine that the big boy was right. The police were without my knowledge using my life. How could this be legal?!

In 2012 my Mum told me Uncle Greg said I should go to the media regarding a serious assault, he should not have know this but I already had. The commentary surprised me, I live in the moment and proceed to tell her I have already done that. The offenders were found guilty, pleas were taken but no jail time for an assault with a weapon resulting in 11 broken bones and dental. The same result from the Mount Gambier Station on an attempt at life, guilty with no jail time.

Trying to blame a persons association is the police here’s out, the association laws are corrupt and allow corruption at the highest level. Innocent until proven guilty. No victim blaming, this is supposed to be our justice system.

Officer Andy Stott is an officer that targeted me in 2013, he was supportive of my business to start with. President of the BMX Club my label sponsored the Major Country Championship event 2011. When the event commenced my label was still establishing, I did my best and hoped Andy would too. The logo sign was not put up above the finish line of the track for the event, this was very disappointing. It was a big commitment for me, the exposure establishing and to then now not get the advertising promised - and from a police officer, was Very disheartened.

It was the final day of Clipsal500 and I was travelling home with my brother and Jason. After dropping Jason off the officer drove behind me, lights outs. Pulling me over he used a breathalyser to his own admission had been reading High all night. I had not consumed alcohol as I was the designated driver, I blew over the limit. This being impossible I contested it. A new breathalyser was brought to the highway super deli location. I was sitting in my car, Andy Stott failed to swap the equipment and I stepped out the car nodding my head at the breathalyser as I knew it wasn’t swapped. The men exchanged the breathalyser, I blew zero. This incident was reviewed and withdrawn. Sandra Stokes - Miss Michelin withdrew this incident making me sign I would not pursue the police regarding the matter

Paul had warned me about Andy, Andy had made rumour and accusations about myself in 2012/2013 in the Station. Paul said he corrected Andy.

These types of actions made me respect Paul as an officer, he was considerate, seemed to stand up against the wrong thing and again looked out for me. As a little girl I really appreciated that. His statement that he does business with a felon and then being told of this illegal business being in footage form was disappointing though. Like the cappuccino texts, it broke trust.

I was genuinely concerned after I reported Paul, Julie the receptionist at the Police Ombudsman was great when I rang her upset numerous times. The big boy getting away with theft and trafficking with a truckie in town with no arrest in this state.

The big boy and Officer Paul Griffiths while in uniform in my home discussed investments in technology the officer makes one day. Big boy and I were on the couch, Griffiths standing in front of the heater. Paul and big boy exchanging polite smiles while talking of Griffiths retirement investing.

The truckie big boy was associating without arrest later sent conversation which was supposed to intimidate myself regarding intervention order boys attack.

It’s here I’d like to express the hard work put into tolerance of this situation. It gives me no pleasure to paint these officers up as bluntly as they have behaved being mindful not to exaggerate their behaviour nor my own. I make no apology for exposing these activities. I’m a passionate person with the ability to make change here with many good men and women making the right decisions for the community to not be bullied by these individuals or behaviours. Great thanks to independent thinkers. The impacts on a women’s safety from offenders in domestic violence, sexual assault and within chauvinistic environment is real.

The impact on the community from weak criminal alliance is also real.

I was told of a DVD being produced off a phone by intervention order boy. His friend had told him this and he rang me. The phone was in the hands of a person I didn’t know but was supposed to be my ex’s phone. I rang Paul whom went to collect the phone. Paul collected it, telling the person he wanted the property that did not belong to him. The officer by his own admission keep the phone over night and gave it to me lunch time the next day he said. I looked through the phone without to much concern in the beginning, Paul seemed very interested in the content, like he had already looked at it but he denied this.

The phone prior to this was in the possession of the big boys Mum where his brother resided. In a plastic box I believe was collected by big boy a few weeks after him moving to Portland. He wrote suck me on my fence as I broke his car a few weeks earlier, and clearly his ego. His mother kindly apologised for his behaviour.


‘The Plot’

“The use of law to impose excessive mandatory sentences to achieve the political objectives of the parliament to be ‘tough on crime’ is incompatible with the operation of the rule of law in Australia,” the Rule of Law Institute of Australia (Rolia) said on the Bikie Association Laws. Let me be clear, I do NOT support gang behaviour, yet with understanding you will see these laws are being used not implemented.

In the 90’s we became residents of Mount Gambier, opening the Hungry Jacks here. We moved abruptly for Port Augusta and resided in the Southgate until Hungry Jacks had arranged our home on Penola Road. Our belongings delivered by Grace Removal.

Tojo is a man in police witness protection, the Gypsy Joker who stabbed someone in Shadows Mount Gambier. When this was reported 2 men I know gave statements against the offender. Back at this time SAPOL also had investigation compromise. One of the persons whom provided statement, a fireman had the station he operated at shot at. The other man was discredited as having drug issues - it’s funny how the drug addicts working ability is credited as ok for them to pay tax, raise children and contribute to society though. Just not speak up for society against a gang and associated police. Convenient. Slaven was present in Mount Gambier at this time and involved in this investigation I have been told.

Freedom of information and expression and democracy General Comment No. 25 deals with freedom of expression in the context of participation in public affairs and the right to vote. The Human Rights Committee has stated that: Citizens also take part in the conduct of public affairs by exerting influence through public debate and dialogue with their representatives or through their capacity to organize themselves. This participation is supported by ensuring freedom of expression, assembly and association. In order to ensure the full enjoyment of rights protected by article 25*, the free communication of information and ideas about public and political issues between citizens, candidates and elected representatives is essential. This implies a free press and other media able to comment on public issues without censorship or restraint and to inform public opinion. It requires the full enjoyment and respect for the rights guaranteed in articles 19, 21 and 22 of the Covenant, including freedom to engage in political activity individually or through political parties and other organizations, freedom to debate public affairs, to hold peaceful demonstrations and meetings, to criticize and oppose, to publish political material, to campaign for election and to advertise political ideas. -

*ICCPR Article 25 states: Every citizen shall have the right and the opportunity, without any of the distinctions mentioned in article 2* and without unreasonable restrictions: To take part in the conduct of public affairs, directly or through freely chosen representatives; To vote and to be elected at genuine periodic elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret ballot, guaranteeing the free expression of the will of the electors; To have access, on general terms of equality, to public service in his country.

*Article 2 Each State Party to the present Covenant undertakes to respect and to ensure to all individuals within its territory and subject to its jurisdiction the rights recognized in the present Covenant, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Article 26 All persons are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to the equal protection of the law. In this respect, the law shall prohibit any discrimination and guarantee to all persons equal and effective protection against discrimination on any ground such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

Our rights clearly state ‘This participation is supported by ensuring freedom of expression, assembly and association.’ As well as many more.

Freedom of expression is relevant to me and police are tax funded public servants, this is a public affair.

Numerous copies of the defect Paul Griffiths paid and the statement against Kurt Slaven have circulated Mount Gambier as it’s a public affair. This type of compromise, exploitation and corruption should Not be the standard of the public service the police force of South Australia provides. The public has a Right to Know, it’s their Right. Just as it is my legal right that SAPOL after 8 months, two written requests and verbal discussion to receive my Freedom Of Information. I have requested 2001 - 2005 and 2010 - 2017, my first request denied, my second request receiving no response. Which is also illegal.

ICCPR Article 2.3 states: Each State Party to the present Covenant undertakes: (a) To ensure that any person whose rights or freedoms as herein recognized are violated shall have an effective remedy, notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity; (b) To ensure that any person claiming such a remedy shall have his right thereto determined by competent judicial, administrative or legislative authorities, or by any other competent authority provided for by the legal system of the State, and to develop the possibilities of judicial remedy; (c) To ensure that the competent authorities shall enforce such remedies when granted. Other instruments similiarly require that effective remedies be available. (CAT Article 14; CEDAW article 2; CERD Article 6; and implicitly required in CRPD Article 4) As well as noting the importance of judicial and administrative remedies, the Human Rights Committee has noted the importance of investigative measures to ensure that breaches of human rights and those responsible for breaches are identified the important roles which may be played by national human rights institutions that remedies should include compensation and other remedial measures, and should also include preventive measures which may include changes in laws, policies and practices. that in some cases an appropriate remedy may include making an apology. The National Apology which followed from the Commission's Stolen Generations inquiry provide a clear example in this respect. Apologies are also requently a part of agreed resolution of complaints to the Commission. -

I reported Paul Griffiths to the police Ombudsman on the 30/10/2014. I had been directed to a man in police internal investigations by the Victorian Police Officer prior to this and had spoken to this man.

The police attended my property often in 2014/2015 after the threat to my life for the breach of intervention order with no arrest. I thought it was weird the offender could go to the property basically across the highway from my property and rang Kyriacou about this numerous times, he threatened to have the 100m distance of restriction lowered - something he doesn’t have the power to do I was later informed.

I also reported numerous incidents to Kyriacou of basic breaches text and drive by harassment. One time David Kyriacou seen myself walking towards the Main Street on Wehl St, he performed a U Turn and started conversation. I told him about intervention order boys parents harassing me, he told me he would handle it.

I have reported these people twice this year for harassment with the second incident witnessed by a friend.

Kyriacou and I communicated normally and bluntly. He interviewed me regarding intervention order boys accusation I had been with Jennings which Jennings has implied I stated. I had never been with Any Officers and do Not consider the Slaven rape consented. I was and admittedly still am scared of officers and interaction with officers alone. Even females I’m not comfortable with and don’t trust. I had only trusted Griffiths whom before deteriorating that earned trust. Not once did Griffiths physically come near myself, never did Paul Griffiths other than speaking of cheating with his wife which is not physical make me feel uncomfortable like that. Sporten - Papa Smurf detective made me Very uncomfortable, Griffiths never did this and had entered my home numerous times over the years.

Kyriacou said Hi to me at the new railway development on the Wehl Street side, I said Hello back. I thought he was cute, Confused but cute. He came round and discussed the illegal defect the day it was removed. I liked that and started to like him, which I verbalised. He seemed like a good yet confused officer at this stage. I began to trust him.

I rang Kyriacou one night - when we discussed Griffiths position and why he still had it, I was blunt expressing of a less than satisfactory result on a serious assault years prior, 2012. He knew of this and the offenders.

I outline now the extensive harassment and misconduct SAPOL Police Ombudsman Michael Grant classes as I quote “fanciful and without foundation” regarding Paul Griffiths. I am contesting dismissive Mr Grants commentary to which he cares only just enough about this case to write back without proof reading and in draft form to Paul.

In 2014 I assisted VICPOL with an investigation relating to a murder that was committed in Victoria. Prior having briefly discussed this matter with 2 detectives from the Mount Gambier Police Station which was arranged by Paul Griffiths and he was present.

On or around July 2014 I handed a USB which contained video recorded evidence to Paul Griffiths. I was unaware but apparently Paul has been made a leading investigator of the Gordon Hamm case. I found this odd as Aaron Roche, the Victorian Detective and I had discussed Griffiths and felt he was undermined the investigation. Aaron and myself excluded Paul from our communication.

The exchange of the USB took place at a Coles Carpark in Mt Gambier, on the ‘She’s apples’ side. The USB was exchanged by throwing it out my car window into Griffiths marked vehicle. Around one week after this date, a reputed Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club member, Graham Young, contacted myself via Facebook and accused me of revealing information to the police, claiming that I was ‘snitching’. Young implied hurt in return for the conduct that was alleged. I have never met Graham Young. Detective Aaron Roche sighted this threat. My contribution to the Gordon Hamm investigation was the first time I have given evidence to the Victorian or SA Police relating to a matter to which I was not the victim at the time. The proximity of the beastiality producing HA’s threats to the date on which I gave evidence to Paul Griffiths to me made it evident he had used the USB to get in with the imprisoned bikie member as he said he wanted too to myself.

I met with the 2 SAPOL officers and Griffiths at the South Football oval, Detectives Carpenter and Davis according to Paul. Paul and I entered the unmarked vehicle and drove around the Yahl area. I entered into the back left hand side of their vehicle to discuss my knowledge of the murder of Gordon Hamm. Prior to the meeting in vehicle, when picked up by Paul to meet with these detectives I vividly recall the conversation with Paul where he stated he wanted to do business with Graham Young and wanted to get in with him. Griffiths states that he approached Graham Young and propositioned him previously, Young rejected Paul’s proposal he said due to Graham Young already having established relationship with a senior rank in the South Australia Police Force. The SAPOL Detectives found my information of no value and did not continue to speak to me. I had been trying to supply a phone with text conversation with Tim Stringer as he was my then boyfriends friend and Tim had been confiding in this boy.

Paul Griffiths previous expressing to have connections with several other members of it Gambier’s underworld, Sean and Big Ben through his own admission. Sean Irvine with whom Paul alleged to have a close business association with to myself in my lounge room, unknown to me, was later implicated in the murder investigation.

On the 14 February 2013 I commenced a friendship with local football player, ex motocross rider and gun plumber David Bradley, who was a old friend of Shaun Irvine. Bradley and I entered a relationship to which I had suspicions of Bradley’s intentions as he asked a lot regarding myself and Paul Griffiths relationship oddly when we first started hanging out. As there is no relationship between Paul and I the concern was not on of detriment, just a trust issue.

It was after being threatened by an axe over my fence placed outside of my security surveillance camera footage (the axe had been given to Tim Stringer by David) that I recorded conversation, the USB on behalf of Victorian Police in pursuit of the implication of guilt parties, Tim Stringer and Fred Moreland. Through myself Bradley was implicated as assisting in the murder of Gordon Hamm, I provided statement to this effect. Bradley reacted with an attempted assault in 2015 with also an attempt to my life with a knife. Bradley also attempted to stabbed the big boy earlier that day to which SAPOL showed No concern for the big boys welfare. The big boy stopped Bradley from trying to stab myself. Luke - the Big Boy saying to me he couldn’t let them hurt me. Luke was being forced by Graham to debit collect for David Bradley. Luke revealing this to me which I shared with David Kyriacou at the time he stole a car key from my hand bag. Later also telling Detective Sporton whom by his own admission to myself and Officer Darren recorded our conversations.

Bradley has not yet to this date been charged formally for this attempt on my life nor for his attempt to stab Luke. He had only faced consequences regarding domestic violence incidents.

Between or about February 2015 until approximately November 2015, subsequent to my involvement in the Gordon Hamm investigation, persons tried to drug myself. I almost needed medical assistance. I was involved with assisting homicide detective Aaron Roche at the time, and had quietly been offered witness protection, as my cousin is in the police force I believed he would be aware of my assistance with Aaron Roche. StarForce SA, Sean Hobbs. I had not revealed to anyone I had collaboration with the Police during the murder investigation, due to the sensitive nature of the investigation as well as the potential escalation. The only individuals that were aware of the evidence I provided I believed were Paul Griffiths and Aaron Roche.

This month, October 2018 I have been informed by SAPOL that the USB was provided to SAPOL detectives prior to reaching Aaron Roche, I did Not give Paul Griffiths or SAPOL Authority to view this evidence, just Aaron Roche VICPOL.

On 30/10/14 I reported Everything to the Police Ombudsman, filing a complaint against Paul Griffiths regarding the events that followed my involvement with the Gordon Hamm investigation. It was at this time I encouraged with no real choice to report my experience with Kurt Slaven. February 2015 was around when I had my vehicle rendered defected by an officer I believe was in communication with Paul Griffiths. From this time until around October 2015, this defect was not removed by Mt Gambier Police or the South Australia Registration Office, despite numerous attempts.

Officer David Kyriacou can be credited with the eventual removal of the defect as his efforts with another Mount Gambier Police Officer looking into the defect left Paul Griffiths accountable. On the 26th of October 2015 Paul visited myself and discussed the defect and how the complaint I made against him had reduced his integrity with the Police Force. Paul left and called a short time later stating he was having difficulty removing the defect. This is when I tell Paul to ring his friend across the border and get it removed. At no time was it discussed to pay for the defect on my vehicle to be removed. As soon as I seen this had occurred I further reported Paul Griffiths for what I believed to be inappropriate behaviour. After the removal of the defect and reporting to the Ombudsman, Griffiths on several occasions stalking myself and attempting to intimidate me. This conduct was also reported the Police Ombudsman. On the 10th June 2016 the Ombudsman states due to Paul inappropriate conduct to pay the defect that he was to be subject to ‘managerial guidance’. Seriously SAPOL what is your standard!? The blokes been in the defence force and an officer for 20+ years and you think he’s just naive and being kind!? And what’s that got to do with my life being threatened after providing evidence!

Reality is without myself assisting police No One would have been jailed and it would have happened again sooner than the street bashing that followed. It Is SAPOL’s lack of action and lack of duty of care that allows this.

Years ago a teenage boy was shot with an illegal gun SAPOL was aware of, a good kid from a good family. The gun should Never have reached the hands of the offender. This situation disgusts and disappoints me beyond expression and to think policy and procedures have not change enough to legislate protects and effective accountability for these shortfalls year in year out has devastating effects on the community.

Mount Gambier is a growing community and population to which each year has a smaller family show event as the community is suffering from the police associated ICE trade. This should not be the legacy of a regional city with such potential.

The bucks stops with cops.

Ex Army member and head of comancheros was arrested in Victoria, a bloke called leechy in Victoria, the 3 offenders, Graham Young and the Gypsy Jokers club house was shut down after Gordon’s death, R.I.P.

I’m a private person, always have been. Never thought I’d be writing a biography exposay as opposed to a biography of my rather colourful and Exciting life. But here we are privacy invaded, human rights breached and facing a fine for a law made from a situation involving covering up and protecting a rapist after the offence!?

By private I mean keep to myself - I’ll attend your event and celebration but have had my own trademark registered since 21 years of age and volunteered since a teen. I’ve been focused on my label and business from this point. ALOT of weekend travel, creating every document, my site, generating advertising, build brand ideals, core mission and vision, Study, manufacturing - it’s endless.

I chill at home, love the outdoors. Keep Away from trouble, it literally has to come to me and since Gordon died it has.

The background behind Ugly Hero’s is the Ugly alliance they have with the prostitution industry, which involved heightening drugs such as ICE. This is the plot. Slaven was involved with prostitution through Mount Gambier underworld. Paul Griffiths through Sean Irvine. Though Gordon died over a drug debt these men being part of investigations where the offenders are felons compromised my life and others, the theft of a car years ago and furthermore hinder the community of Mount Gambier’s growth.


‘The Rebellion’

The fine I am Currently facing is New Legislation introduced after distribution of The truth regarding Slaven, witnessed by a Sheriff and numerous others. At this time I had been told I shouldn’t have helped the police. I find it interesting that the Minister and the commissioner decided to introduce a law to silence me after already breaching my Human Right to Resolution. The Commissioner, The police ombudsman and numerous police officers have utilised myself during this 7 years period. Which beings prior to Gordon’s death.

The police have over 150 pages talking about myself exercising my Human Rights in this case. I have 2+ members of the public whom are as I am willing to speak up for the community. 3 officers that have been compromised by Griffiths, 1 whom has worked and knows of Slavens misconduct, date discrepancies, footage of illegal engagements has also been said to exist and numerous witnesses to incidents that have occurred over the last 4 years. Most recently Paul waited for my friend and myself to walk past his as we exited the grocery store. He could have walked out the opposite double door, he seen me and waited for myself to enter, at the doors when I noticed him I turned refusing to make eye contact. Intimidation, it’s funny that’s exactly what bikers do. My friend was shocked and uncomfortable.

My last partner was not supportive of myself Publicly standing up for myself, and the community of Mount Gambier through media avenues. He did Not and does Not at all support the behaviour he has heard and seen officers engage in, in Mount Gambier and is known as a good boss with a good standard for the officers in his station VICPOL.

Being honest about these incidents and these people seems mean and vindictive - IF you want to Victim Blame. I am a victim of these officers and this behaviour. I reported this 4 years ago and since then there has been dates changed for an accident I had which lead to Slaven being near my persons just so he could deny an encounter with myself. I have a statement in my possession in response to the sexual assault and attempted assault report which states he wasn’t present in Mount Gambier and doesn’t know myself. This is a satisfactory response currently to a serious crime. Because Slaven is a police officer. Hence my speaking out, currently SAPOL is in violation of my Human Rights to my Freedom of Information especially the period I have requested between 2001 - 2005. They have also violated my Human Right to resolution for their own agenda. Committing serious crimes against myself, some of which occurred after I assisted the Victorian Police with the Gordon Hamm investigation which had federal approval for across the border investigation.

Members of family and friends are part of the police force. I’m in love with a police officer and my last serious relationship was with a cop, there’s no agenda or vendetta. This is the truth and these behaviours and procedures should Never happen again.

There is substantial emails from myself reporting all the mentioned harassment and more to be outlined, all sent to both the new Integrity commission and the outgoing Ombudsman. No satisfactory resolution has been met and such a period of time passed on genuine concerns that many, Many members of the public, including police officers have expressed stories of concern regarding these men too. Some I have encouraged to report as the incidents are quite serious. Women being threatened to perform sexual acts or have there cars defected among the worst story I have been told regarding one of these questionable officers.

Most recently I was told of a victim of an incident 12 years ago, the boy was 14 years old at the time. He was arrested and locked up in the Mount Gambier Police Station for 2 days before his family was alerted. This type of behaviour and mistreatment to our most vulnerable or disadvantaged persons only creates further offending.

Yesterday the 29th of October Mount Gambier police took 45 mins to respond to a felon in a premises with children. The felon come from a monitored correction linked facility across the road. He was having a psychotic episode and was scared with welfare concerns. I spoke to the man, obtaining his name and calmed his demeanour. Dialing the station direct the call was directed to Adelaide 131444 from the station. The loitering man had been hospitalised the day prior for similar behaviour. The ambulance arrived before the police. The police much closer than the hospital and the same distance really from St John's.

This man could have been a pedophile having a psychotic episode. It’s far from satisfactory that during the day, 5 minutes from the station, that the incident was answered by emergency services and the man was removed from the halfway house premises after being detained only last night for similar behavior without police. It was 15 minutes after the man was removed from the area that a single female police officer attending the scene - 45 mins to late. I was not spoken to regarding the matter despite the felons main interaction being with myself. The officer had that little concern she didn’t even ask to speak to myself. How many lives does Grant Moyle and his lack of leadership have to compromise. These are children. A dance and Swim Teaching facility - I have a National Police Clearance and a Child Screening Clearance working with these children. Yet the station was not concern about a psychotic offender!? Really Grant Moyle. Two years in this station as its leadership and Grant Moyle has drank with a felon, moved his staff from the Mount Gambier Station with felon removalists, allowed an offending drink driver to drive to the station, promoted an officer whom instructed an offender to drink drive to the station and did not breathalyser him, serious assaults have been reported without charge, trespass has been reported with no statement obtain, arson with no statement obtain, an associate of Graham Young whom delt ICE and debt collect - this is the felon Grant Moyle enjoyed an alcoholic beverage with when he moved to the station, rang myself and threatened court over speaking out against a corrupt officer, had a cadet lie for a Senior Officer in court, instructed officers to target myself, kept employed an officer which nearly broke my arm stemming from an incident where I was stationary in my vehicle, a serious assault that lead to a death downgraded in charging which is linked to the gang members that are moving police officers from Grant Moyles station. This man is endangering the community and police officers - all ranks.

Over the weekend a threat was relayed from a member whom is related to STARForce SAPOL. I’m not sure why this occurred as this is well within the scope of STARForce to handle. Especially threats against life from alleged gang members. The fact that SAPOL is aware of this type of conduct and sits in the information, baiting people out to Big note themselves catching a felon is half the problem. This shouldn’t even be procedure, criminal activity should be addressed before it escalates. If SAPOL had followed up the threat to Gordon Hamms life prior to the offence being committed, which they had opportunity to, he would Never have died. Approaching Tim Stringer at the wind of the mention that he wanted Gordon sorted would have prevented this death. Not allowing a threat against a life to escalate to the point where the act is engaged and you have no control over the situation. The worst things is, currently this is a common occurrence. As with domestic violence, a dismissive approach to the job with comments like ‘I deal with this every day’ common, eye rolling at the mention of a person's name. Domestic violence related deaths is a serious concern in South Australia and it is this disregarding of human life which is in turn reflected in the statistics. The comment ‘I deal with this everyday’ comes from a female officer at Christie’s Beach whom had put more time into her makeup than she was willing to put into my Aunty who’s ex partner was harassing her. To make it worse, my Aunty resides in a women’s housing home from the original domestic violence situation. This culture is appalling and influenced by the top.

The cadet asked recently to lie in court, coached to say she did not recall things that could be conflicting or cause damage to Andrew Lock will now spend her entire career with this subconscious compromise, a blackmailing compromise through the hierarchy as they know she has lied and a low standard of service as this is the guidance she is being facilitated with.

I went back 3 times this day to report the Domestic Violence incidents regarding my Aunty. I demanded a Senior Officer and got a male whom treated my Aunty like a human, which was nice. My Aunty had stood up for herself that day as her ex partner is much bigger than her. A difficult situation with a glimmer of good cop among the Ugly Hero’s.

Being asked 3 times in 4 years to be an informant for SAPOL by the Mount Gambier CIB and Christies Beach. I refused have both, a corrupt system and persons I don’t associate with - No Thanks!

I don’t know How they get away with such random recruiting, I don’t wonder why they are corrupt and can’t make conversions in arrests with this practise though.

The duty of care on an informant is High I have been educated by an officer and by an informant I have been told they are paid and can be fined for lying - Unless they lie for the police.

Criminal informants are being used by corrupt cops to orchestrate intelligence allowing officers to set up members of the public whom speak to police or out against police. A practice of making up false information and calling crime stoppers with 2 separate individuals has also been engaged in to set person's up a HA associate told myself when he discussed Officer Sporton. This type of manipulation also exists within the association laws. Higher ranks in SAPOL to engage in prostitution label anyone whom speaks out against the police engaging in this illegal industry as associated.

Discrediting a Serious practice currently engaged to protect corrupt officers. Tax payers, community contributors, parents and children are quietly labeled as associated to maintain a smoke screen that they have it in for the police as soon as certain members of the public know of police misconduct.

When I was a teen a man was accused of holding up the Mount Gambier Police Station in the middle of a gun amnesty. The gun unloaded without firing mechanism. As the officer overreacted in the situation and pulled his gun this man was charged and put through court.

A business owner whom had been a football coach and Major community contributor. This man with the assistance of a Head of Station with an agenda and corrupt detectives was made out to be a bad man. He did Nothing wrong and was complying by new laws introduced. The court found the man innocent, he represented himself - too little too late after his name had been slurred and discredited all over town by the police of Mount Gambier.

They say a lie travels faster than the truth. Gossip is gossip so what is it that makes us more interested in the bad than the good.

Hitler says tell a big enough lie over and over again and it will believed. The War proved this to be true.

I have always made up my Own mind. My parents are both leaders and Managers whom have shaped and influenced many within the Mount Gambier community. Everyone who has worked with my Mum and Dad at Hungry Jacks have complimented them on the job they gave them and as wonderful in their role.

They were Always at work my parents, alternating shifts to look after myself and my brother. Mum went back to work when I was 8 years old. After my Poppa died, Joseph Stanley Hobbs - he was a gun footballer back in his day and is remembered fondly by my Father. He used to stand up for women when he was play pool at the pub, some men were rough and mean. Stan was tough. We all, My Mother, Father, Brother and I have our names at the oval on the run out with his.

I would read to the old man next door before I went home at High School. He found the Princess Margaret Rose Caves here. Had an endless amount of National Geographic. I’d read some of those, clean up a bit for him and head home to do my school work. I talk A lot and did very little work in class. I’d get sent to the library for talking from Mr Anderson’s class for like the near entirety of year 9. Mr Fox the English teacher was smarter, he gave me papers (which I hated) and I’d still have to partake in class. I wouldn’t pick up many, my friends and I would eat and put all our wrappers together, I’d pick up like one or two as I was walking toward the teacher to show them I was done and we wait for next class to do the same.

Allendale was a small area school outside Mount Gambier. My friends were farming or academics mainly, couple of hippies - comfort zone. I knew one girl when I went there from Kongorong Primary School, she was my Best Friend, Courtney.

I’d kick the footy with the boys and we’d play cricket. Sitting on the oval, my first car was a Starwagon van with a sunroof. I don’t believe I encountered Mount Gambier Police in this.

My first encounter with Mount Gambier Police came in my Friend Josh’s car. 10 second burn out said the exaggerating officer. Meanwhile the officer approached us from behind with No headlights on tailing a P plater - in my head I’m like ‘Really Mr Plod’. I was fined for a slight over excursion of the accelerator as I turned the corner after stopping. Call it a burnout. It was dodgy but minor.

I’ve had to withdraw from business commitments due to the statement I have against Kurt Slaven. This has been an occurrence for the past 3 years. Many opportunities lost as Kurt Slaven the rapist has not spoke regarding this statement denying he was present in Mount Gambier as the date in the computer has been changed to reflect this he thinks he’s going to get away with the crime. If I didn’t write this book, he would have.

It’s not easy, I haven’t talked about this nor have I needed to. I’m a strong person and seen as one. I don’t regret not reporting it earlier, it’s evident with the efforts to cover this up that Slaven would have tried further to harm me - Suicide is the desired outcome from my understanding, with efforts if possible to create drug addiction though dealer associations to discredit a person or give probable cause for overdose. The defamation efforts and stalking under investigation circumstances in an era where your Highly likely to be jailed for murder have been bad enough. I do hold guilt because Slaven would have raped and taken advantage of others. This is evident in that he tried to sexual assault myself twice. The police say that it’s not my fault and these are normal feelings. There’s NOTHING normal about this. Comforting words though - I can hear the effort, Thanks.

Not one thing Anyone can say unfortunately to make Any of this okay now. Even Slaven charged is a consolation prize now. Three years too late, the outcome needed to happen within a year of the report - the harassment from police excessive and detrimental. The only win here is for the community to be free of destructive corruption and power.


‘Matters of’

“One testing experience too many, a life of endless lives and a yellow curtain blind” - Marcia (Me), on my life. I live it like “Death is Inevitable, the Rest Is Choice.” - MAHobbs.

Officer Stephanie Cooper, falsely spread defaming accusations that a civilian was a seriously wanted person in social conversation between her and a long term horse riding associate. Officer Cooper seemed to dislike this member of the public, rightly or wrongly so it’s not good judgement of Officer Cooper to indulge her person feelings in decisions of the law nor construct confidential information as fact.

It was in or about late 2016 Stephanie Cooper attended my property in response to the apparent disturbance. The family to which was falsely told the civilian was wanted was also informed of my early morning rising at this time. I love my Music as opposed to the TV as I expressed to Darren. This had never been a problem with one direct neighbor on a loud busy highway.

Cooper is the one that shut off my power switch in the power box outside around 5 am. I put a lock on this box after this harassment. Prior to shutting off the power Cooper approached my door and aggressively banged and shouted, banging on the window also. Cooper did not announce she was a police officer. I was scared and checked my camera to see a police officer, when she stopped banging - clearly to shut off the power. She began banging again and when she stopped I opened the door and asked for her name. Cooper is much bigger than me and a solid build. She stared at me intimidatingly and walk through the gate to the vehicle she was in, a marked caged car. Cooper refused to give her name when I asked for it, as I followed her to her car I seen it on her persons. Obvious misconduct - the legitimacy of the disturbance report, legality of this protocol, and the breach of confidentiality leading to defamation from this officer I contact the police station via their direct number to reporting this to 2 superior officers, Darren and one other.

It seems SAPOL think this form of conduct - Bullying, and gang like intimidation is also okay conduct, like rape as I was not advised of any disciplinary action from reporting this to the station and was given no apology for the aggression. Some special cop laws me nor the rest of the public are allow to read. Maybe it’s some new religious literature Thou can stalk, thou can harass, trespass and rape if thou wants to be a undignified Officer. Just make sure you lie in court about like Andrew Lock, get a cadet in on the action and spread rumours like 12 yr olds - like are you serious, no wonder this stuff feels SO Unreal. What is it going take for the policing standard to lift to a level where you comprehend that you are an integral function of society, my mind is blow - the most interaction I have Ever had with police and I’m appalled, they don’t seem human - Gordon’s life disregarded as a drug addict, the illegal targeting of persons, harassing myself as I had a police complaint, the defamation, defect, etc and this is two years ago!

I read yesterday a statement on intimidating and intimidation whist the point it was making was of interest the person do not seem to grasp the English concept of the ‘adjective’. Like the concept of perceived reality. Perception is Not Reality. It’s a misjudgment of a situation based on our knowledge and experience in life reflected in our interpretation of what we see.

Detective Sporten (papa smurf) made visit to my home and confiscated a person's property trying to state it was mine in 2016. It was odd as David (Intervention order boy) who owned the property was breaching an intervention order for attacking myself and Detective Sporten a signatory on this intervention order yet David was not arrest for this breach, Sporten just tried to fine me. The conviction was dismissed in court as David Bradley did i the right thing and took ownership for his property.

When Darren pulled me over, with Sporten driver out the front of my property that night he oddly searched my home and car finding Nothing of interest - this for a traffic infringement, extremely odd and not procedure. David this night had drove to Tailem Bend and drove with myself home in the dark, he should not have been there legally. He dropped back behind my vehicle instead of travelling in front as we were travelling from Naracoorte. I pulled over for a rest in Naracoorte as I was tried, at the big car wash there.

As we entered Mount Gambier instead of proceeding to my property David went to his parents house where he resided, this was also odd at the time. The undercover car waiting as I proceeded around the roundabout home.

I do not agree with the prohibition laws. The prohibition of alcohol was the making of the mafia. History will tell you the rising of industry such as plastics, timber and pharmaceuticals are contributors to the outlawing of a marijuana, a natural consumable that has not killed anyone - cures diseases including cancer (the biggest money making charitable research in the world), depression and is patented by the USA for its medical benefits.

One of my friends is a History nut, we watch everything from docos on Earth and cars to the making of the mob, history of the war to famous serial killers and gangs. If we can take Anything from history it is that segregation and isolation creates hate and divide.

The patent the USA holds is 26 pages educating you that marijuana Has medical benefits.

During hearings on marijuana law in the 1930's, claims were made about marijuana's ability to cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women. This imagery became the backdrop for the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 which effectively banned its use and sales.

Marijuana was the property which was David’s and Sporten confiscated. David was recovering from an ICE addiction at the time and I had seen the benefits to his recovery with marijuana use prior to the property confiscation. After being an addict for 7 years to the pharmaceutical and chemical compound derived drug ICE, David spent 6 months clean, happy and overcoming depression from his marijuana use.

I was always suspicious of why David ever tried to have a relationship with me. His mother whilst I was dating big boy expressed how she thought David and I would be a good couple. Our families both upper middle class I could see some social and living similarities and standards but I disagreed, expressing that her son was mean and rude to girls. As I was working my clothing label at David’s Dad’s sign shop I did not say much more than facts well known around town as I did not want to offend anyone. I liked Craig whom I was working with at the sign shop, he had always been nicer and more respectful than David.

David and I started to hang out after big boy was gone, Valentines Day 2013. Freshly moving the then ex out I was single and going to have drinks with a friend but David was really depressed so I caught up with him. Hadn’t hung with him for like 10 years. David was mates with this guy I Really liked to hang with as a teen Jonathan Martin - such a fun guy Johno! - That’s how I knew David was mean, I used to hear him talking about girls and stuffing hanging around the flat on Acacia Street.

David tried to smoke ICE from a glass pipe this day in 2013. I stopped him, we drove to the Bay (Port Mac) and parked. David told me he had just been kicked out of the bridal party for his best mates wedding and was shattered. I asked why he was asked Not to be a groomsman in the wedding. He said his behaviour on drugs.

David was popular as in his teens and early twenties. When I say he’s a Gun Roofer, I mean it - he’s Awesome, he folds and makes perfection out of steel for the gutters. The stuff machines do, he was Awesome on a dirt motorbike and a great local football athlete also. Fit and confident, he was still fit yet in 2013 his confidence seemed to come from drugs. It was sad to see, even though I didn’t like him much he had become a shadow of a man.

We became friends down the Bay, not just people that knew each other and hung with the same circles at times and stuff. David opened up and I was there to help him through it. 3 months prior to us catching up David was going to kill himself.

By August 2013 David had spent 6 months clean. We had house sat his parents property when they went to the Northern Territory and started a relationship in this 6 months also.

David had struggled with his recovery and was verbally mean a bit drunk using his recovery as an excuse for his behaviour. I accepted this to start with, then he swore at me calling me a C*nt. I don’t like that word and rarely use it myself, if ever. I went to leave his parents property this night and walk home. My property was a 7 minute walk from his house, not far. David tried to stop me from leaving at the front door. He pushed me aside from the door and stood in front of it, adrenaline running I moved David aside from the door and walked out. David followed, throwing his beer bottle in my direction it smashed with a piece of glass hitting my leg. I proceeded home. David apologised the next day expressing he needs to cut back on drinking also.

It was an incident in Adelaide that lead me to call the police. A male police officer answered the phone, I was Extremely upset and you could hear the concern and fear in my voice as David was threatening to drive the car into the tree. Drugs and alcohol were involved, police arrived at the property we were staying. Two female officers, they hospitalised David this night. I was supposed to be at a childhood friends 30th Birthday that night. Fortunately I was able to wish Ben Happy Birthday the following day but David refused to drop me off at the bus stop to travel home. I was now scared to be around him, his Mum when we first got together said him and his ex partner had had physical altercations but made it sound like they were both aggressive to each other.

David spoke to his Dad whom influenced his decision to not drop me at the bus stop. David had no money and needed me to travel with him to pay for fuel. As David’s Dad made this happen I requested David’s Dad pay back this fuel money, which he did.

A report was Never taken by the Adelaide SAPOL police officers that attended this Domestic Violence incident. Nor did the male officer to which first received my call sending the patrol out follow up this incident. This inappropriate response and insufficient action from police enables offenders to continue to offend and also educates them in methods to avoid consequences. David threatened suicide, it was easier to take him to the hospital than to do a report and charge him. This disengaged complacency could have cost me my life as it has many others.

David Kyriacou is a senior police officer and team leader with the South Australia Police, (Cou Cou) the one who inappropriately told me his age when engaging with me as a victim.

I first met Kyriacou on the occasion that David Bradley committed an offence against myself resulting in a family violence intervention, the incident that almost resulted in serious injury or possibly death. When reporting the subsequent breaches of the Intervention Order (IVO) by David on numerous occasions following the first breach, Kyriacou failed to investigate and followed with the threat to make an application to the court to reduce the distance imposed against David in the IVO. Numerous times in 2015 and 2016, I contacted and showed Kyriacou my telephone which revealed that the offender had attempted to contact her, clear evidence of a breach of the IVO. Kyriacou always failed to conduct an investigation.

In or about 2015 was when I reported the key being stolen from my handbag to the Mt Gambier Police, with Officer Braithwaite and a shaved head older man the first attending Officers. When making the report, I was able to advised of the key retrieval and the detail of the person that had stolen it, the offender was present with me. This is when I was advised by Officer Braithwaite that Kyriacou would have attend to the matter. Upon discussing the matter with Kyriacou, I advised him that the motivation behind the theft related to a debt known to the Police that was being collected on behalf of a Graham Young (in custody at the time). I also told Kyriacou how Graham Young was recently held under control by a Gypsy Joker in a brawl. Kyriacou was now aware the locked up HA was a bitch to the Gypsy Jokers in town. The theft report was not investigated and no statement was taken by the Police. This behaviour was consistent with Kyriacou’s team. A team which I can confirmed upon viewing at the police station on the wall in the office area behind the front service desk and know these men as Kyriacou’s team. Including Matthew Jennings (sleaze), whom is friendly with David through football and also failed to action any breach of intervention orders by his friend felon to investigations. Policing actions and engagements which jeopardised my safety and the safety of the community.

The thief proceeded to debt collect on behalf of the incarcerated felon breaking into the Cooks home which was also reported to police yet no charges were laid.

Detective Sporten - the papa smurf nickname stemming from the ridiculous undercover red beanie he had on when he pulled up with James Dean. Seriously, he looked like a cop with a red beanie on, it was wrong. I tried not to blurt out stuff like does anyone fall for that - really dude too much 21 Jump Street for you. I was successful. Just the ‘agenda’ call on record this time.

He’s Was a detective working in the Mt Gambier, transferred out for the following misconduct but still employed apparently!? Go Figure.

Over the period he was trying to pursue myself and pressure myself into becoming an informant for Police it was in relation to several investigations he has conducted.

Sporten placed myself in a position of great discomfort and unease on several occasions, which was exacerbated by my negative experience with police in the past. Sporten would visit myself alone and unannounced. During our initial conversation on record, he requested to enter my bedroom touching my lingerie behind my bedroom door. He was being suggestive on this occasion, and this is when I stipulate and insist that I would not engage in intercourse with him. I was SO Freaked out - He made me feel that uncomfortable I had to say that!

Sporten would inquired whether I was able to ascertain information that would assist in certain matters in South Australia and Victoria. This occurred after the time I had given evidence in the Gordon Hamm investigation. I found these visits threatening. Around the same time that I was experiencing issues with David Bradley, Detective Sporten was one of the Police Members who had failed to take action upon numerous breaches of the IVO issued by him initially.

I recall Darryl Wright (everyday x) who was also a detective at the time, being present on certain occasions when Sporten had neglected to act in response to the breaches of the IVO. I recall in particular the 11th of November 2015 Sporten in follow up to the traffic matter he harassed me for earlier in the week discovered David Bradley leaving the area of my premises. Sporten did not take any action at the time, despite being aware that an IVO had been placed against him. 3 Officers including Sporten sighting this breach with no arrest or action taken, the 2 police without Sporten just entered my home and harassed myself.

Sporten also refuse to take evidence I later submitted to police via Kyriacou regarding matters of interest.

Sporten has unduly pressured, harassed and placed myself in a state of discomfort, in breach of his obligation as a police officer and in violation of my rights.

The matters of touched on Matthew Jennings are legally outlined starting with David Bradley known to Jennings breaching his intervention order on numerous occasions, specifically between the years 2014 and 2016 reported to Mt Gambier Police. Matthew Jennings was a police officer for the Mt Gambier Uniform and was tasked with investigating some of the breaches that were reported. My plea’s for assistance from the Police were dismissed on most occasions, numerous times calls were received and dismissed by Jennings. On one such occasion, I called the police and Jennings while David was in my home, in clear breach of the IVO and Jennings did not respond to this call. My contact with the Mt Gambier Police was when David was actually present in my home a lot of the time and in clear breach of the IVO, I have alleged that Jennings did not perform his duty and did not investigate when he was obligated to. This may have led to the serious injury or death to myself.

Jennings also in breach of his obligation by trying to mix work and pleasure with his propositioning while fingerprinting.

I recalled one instance where David had driven intoxicated to the local police station at the request of Matthew Jennings. After I called the station for assistance and reported David drunk and breaching intervention. I was reporting the breach directly to Jennings on the phone initially and told him David was drunk. I had asked David to leave Numerous times and he did not. I Really needed the police’s attendance.

Jennings did not follow the appropriate alcohol testing procedures with attending officer Darryl Wright also failing on this night to breathalyse David Bradley despite the presence of a broken alcohol bottle at the scene, David’s overall drunken demeanour. Jennings to having invited the drunk offender to drive his vehicle to the station. At this time, Darryl Wright told David Bradley that he was not going to breathalyse him despite his history of fleeing the scene of accidents whilst intoxicated. In or about February 2017 David was imprisoned for persistent breaches of the IVO against myself yet the public was not protected from this repeat collision causing drink driving offender.

Officer Lee a female officer whose children attended the after school swim program I teach at also attended this intervention breach. She noticed myself and Darryl had previous interaction from our dialogue. Darryl lied when Lee asked if we knew each other, I assume trying to protect myself not knowing I had not agreed to being an informant. I went along with this as Darryl Wright had earned my trust as a Police Officer. He broke my trust this night, lucky the decision to not for fill his duties had no effect on the intervention order breach outcome.

I rang my friend in Victoria, and told him about the knuckle dusters, David breaching intervention and Darryl Wright not breathalysing David, The Man - the Human VICPOL Officer was again the only police officer I trusted.

I reported Officer Lee for misconduct this year, my first encounter with her at the intervention order breach in 2017 which lead to the offender jailed. Lee then failed to respond with due care regarding David Bradley continuing to breach this order in 2018. Even after knowing he had served time for this. I reported to Lee at this time a serious trespass and arson incident and informed her of the victim. The victim a family friend, Officer Lee failed to take a report against the Offender, David Bradley whom told me he set fire to the trailer and trespassed on the property for a point of ICE. I contacted the victim after reporting this to Officer Lee telling them the incident had been verbally reported and that they may be contacted or may want to contact the station.

The intervention order breach this year, David jailed well after initially reported, Lee asked me to add to a statement she had prepared for court regarding the David Bradley’s IVO breach 2018. Still nothing regarding the arson, Lee and a young male officer wrote up some irrelevant dribble in the marked car parked out the front of the opposing neighbors property. As it was to assist the police with an offender against myself I signed it for her. I’m not sure how both Lee and Griffiths whom I had reported to the Integrity commission were able to interact with myself and found it extremely odd when she said with the younger male officer present that they weren’t trying to trick me in context of the statement I was signing. Her demeanour patronising I close the door abruptly to them leaving.

4 years of this Domestic Violence excuse to harass a witness with a statement against an accessory to murder. I shouldn’t have to outline this to have the intervention order taken seriously. The culture of what by this stage I had labeled as the s*it shop among close friends absolutely horrifyingly atrocious. Seriously it doesn’t get lower than this does it - Yes little girl it does.

Jumping back to 2016 when Kyriacou transferred out of Mount Gambier, it didn’t take long for his friend Fox to arrive at my doorstep. He said he didn’t think Kyriacou was going to spend long down here when I asked after him driving’s to the Station. Said he was offered a higher position - I’m still above your pay pack Cou Cou. Knowing Fox as a local officer - I was pretty sure he was the officer they used to check the house to find Luke Scheidl the day big boys brother stole the car. Luke was not present in my house at the time yet I let the male officer in to look, Fox is average build and height, solid, fit.

In 2012 I was targeted by an officer which resulted in a fine after committing no offence on the road and having had no trouble with the police prior. There had been the violent attack this year where I had responded by approaching the perpetrator and providing information on identification. I was encouraged by my Uncle Greg to address this incident with the media and continued to do so.

During mid 2016, Fox entered false information which needed to be corrected by another officer in the Mount Gambier Police system. I’m not sure what this was but after attending Court this old man officer I recognised from interaction since assisting with the Homicide walked me across the road. We again met with staff out back, the shift had changed from day shift to afternoon shift. The man whom made corrections to the entered data was around 30’s I would guess, bigger, fit, solid build. Kitted out with a black vest. He stood behind the glass out back and modified what I had signed and I signed again.

The process this day was extremely traumatic and would Never have occurred if I didn’t assist with the Homicide. I showed Fox the paid defect, recorded on his chest camera prior to him taking me to the station. I spent over two hours of my day in an environment that read $1,000,000.00 for assisting SAPOL with Information that solves murder - That’s an interesting fact, I’ve done that and nearly been stabbed, not compensated.

I was distraught this evening, crying and hyperventilating. Yelling for hours after the ordeal, I could not believe I had been treated like this. The feelings beyond normal comprehension, I can’t explain and express the reality of reporting rape and having that tossed aside for a gang war agenda you care nothing about. I seriously could Not deal with the monstrosity of illegal conduct creating victims all over town including myself. This is the day I knew they were all covering up for Slaven. This was not just Griffiths compromise of the investigation. I was right Slaven is still very much linked in, in Mount Gambier. Slaven states he was always visiting yearly for the Races and Football until I reported the rape.

I find it odd that Slaven admits he has not been back to Mount Gambier for 4 years now, yet he should Not have been alerted in 2014 that I had reported the rape. He states in his statement my report is the reason for him stopping visiting Mount Gambier. Clear evidence in SAPOL’s own case, from their own statements that confidentiality had been compromised.

Slaven has known I spoke against him from my initial report.

My brother after Gordon Hamm died and after the David Bradley incident sent me a weird text ‘it’s bigger than you dear’. What The - Cheyne doesn’t call me dear Uncle Greg does. Myself and Luke Scheidl reading this, I had Cheyne resend this message not too long after the original text. Both Luke and I were flipping out a bit over the goings on we were both witnessing after Gordon’s death. Myself an innocent bystander, Luke more familiar with the scene from his youth and brother. Luke had spent many years not residing in Mount Gambier, I was starting to understand why - his Father’s old reputation never left him. His Mum had told me this, she had even suggested the boys change their last name to avoid being dragged into and labelled in the scene. The boys made their own choices there. They are close with their Mum, she would do anything for them, as they do for her. Single Mum bringing them up, they are a tight unit.

Finally with Officer Fox was the pursuing myself while I was on a date with a local football player at the local RSL. While Fox was standing at the RSL bar, he menacingly stared at myself and Brooksy while we were consuming our meal, this continued for the entirety of the date. This made me feel uncomfortable and intimidated. Upon exiting the RSL, I walked past Fox and was able to positively identify him. Fox had already interacted with myself questionably when he remanded me in confinement for several hours without access to basic amenities. This processing stemmed from outstanding traffic infringements at the time in relation to interaction between Sporten and Kyriacou.


‘Fighting Fire With Fire.’

All this from one due dismissal as my life was compromised.

Four years later a sexual assault and attempted assault charge, which I Always knew was going to be a Hectic Report - if ever I got to report it. Today the 5th of November 2018.

Few years after I melted at you, the catch a Real criminal call - how I wanted to put my groceries straight in your trolley. Honey, that was the Right breakfast.

Raising my eyebrows at Kyriacou in processing as he told me my eyes were hazel - you were nowhere near me to see that Bridge Boy. What about your flutter as I grabbed your pen to sign and brushed your hand. Not protecting Griffiths, I know you weren’t babe but what about me. What were you doing?!

A hacked Instagram and the comment ‘we didn’t do this to you’, this was when the police told me I was apparently a prostitute - news to me! Good going rate or!? How ridiculous. I had just talked about Kyriacou when I got the response ‘we didn’t do this to you’. I was SO offended and at the same time delirious in the stupidity.

I sat in my kitchen and cried when Kyriacou transferred out, leaving me in a mess he created without resolution. What kind of a man does that.

The relationship between Luke and myself was not successful and should not have been encouraged by my family. I had shared the deterioration of the relationship with Luke’s brother when he lived in Portland. Luke’s brother featured as one of my models in the Red Cross Charity Runway with Carlin and Gazzard the Mercedes Benz car dealer in Mount Gambier 2011. He did a Wonderful job, confident - I knew he’d be Great. It was a last minute model change, Michael is a good looking guy and had been featured in my advertising prior to this. He is a bold motocross enthusiast, myself and him shot with his motorbike. We got along and though we were different I was always there for Michael.

Michael was threatened by a felon when Luke and I started dating. This felon moved to Adelaide after the threat. Probably tipped off by the police they own here that he should go. This felon also harassed myself after Gordon died on social media. The son of the Gypsy Joker Sargent of arms, Bubba. He tried in 2006 to get me in the back of a car with 4 of his friends. Knowing him from school I speak freely to him. Not a hope.

Michael agreed that Luke’s behavior and attitude wasn’t okay. I could not share much with many people in town as Luke knew A lot of the Mount and is a big boy, despite not having a tendency to violence his size makes him intimidating.

Our relationship was Over mid 2012. At the end of 2012 Luke ended up forging his licence to obtain a loan to purchase a car and get a credit card. We were broken up by this stage yet he had nowhere to reside immediately. From the outside it may have looked okay.

I spent a lot of evenings and weekends talking to a boy not from town. I was able to express myself to him. Nice but not a future partner, just an ear. He was Really enthusiastic about my label and got a tattoo of the Barb logo like a few people in the Mount. I’ve featured my mates, a man who I met at 15 years old at the swimming pool Tatts in advertising. It’s cool to see the art - my label on others admittedly.

After obtaining a car Luke was able to move to Portland, he had strangled and threatened my life as well as rammed my friends car by now. The police aware of this behaviour Luke went uncharged.

The car he rammed was my Best Friends, he didn’t like our friendship. I don’t blame him, but Jason had Always been good to me I thought. We caught up often and had tea, Jason had recently purchased these green coffee fat burn capsules off the internet, we were both taking them together. Jason a little overweight, myself a female and into body image and self care.

The capsules made me vomit, Luke also witnessing this. We had No idea what it was to start with, but this was the only change I had in my diet and lifestyle.

When Luke created a fake licence I told him he should not do these things, scared of him as he is much bigger than me I didn’t argue too much but said this was illegal and very bad illegal at that. Your not a teen trying to get into a nightclub, you're an adult applying for a loan. Technically your stealing an automobile. Luke obtained the loan and purchased a car from Sydney anyway.

He was now able to move out with a job in Portland with housing but he would not.

I drove to Portland to ask him not to come back telling him he doesn’t have a licence so he shouldn’t be driving and don’t come back. Luke smirked at me like he did when he left in the morning when I asked him to go then. At my front door he told me he would see me tonight when I told him not to come back, with that smirk. Bully. This upset me which is why I drove over to Portland. Our relationship was over. He had threatened my life and abused me, the police were doing Nothing. I felt threatened and as I exited my car in Victoria to tell him again not to return to my property he moved forward with a smug smirk asking me what I was doing. I froze and then responded. I broke Luke’s vehicle and defending myself from further threats and possible loss of life as the Mount Gambier Police, Paul Griffiths who was directly told by Luke of his threat to me were not acting with due care or concern. I rang Paul and told him what I did and stated that Luke doesn’t have his licence, Paul is Highway patrol and had the ability to look out for me in this position. I believed at the time he would do the right thing despite questions regard his conduct. It was after this - when he didn’t take the fraud paperwork that I knew I could not trust him regarding Luke.

I went to court for breaking Luke’s car. Luke reporting the damage and lied about my conduct, I received no conviction or record in self defence. Officer Jarrod Anderson on the day of court threatened Luke that if he changed his exaggerated statement to the truth he would get a big fine. Luke told the truth despite Jarred’s threat. Jarrad and I had discussed Luke at an appearance prior to this. Jarrod present in court in plain clothes at this time. We spoke out the front of the courthouse down from the entrance, Jarrod plain clothed. I was honest with the Victorian Officer and to start with felt he was honest with me. Then Luke told me that this station came onto the premises he was residing in Portland and removed the number plates from their vehicle. This is not okay police conduct, I rang Jarred and stipulated I wanted No drama for Luke as we came across the border to resolve this incident.

Luke was menaced by a Black Ute whilst at the courthouse. He looked scared, I reassured him it was okay. He spoke of a guy called leechy stating some officers were his friend, Leechy was an ICE Dealer jailed in Victoria during or around 2015.

Luke despite the menacing black Ute, which I also witnessed changed his statement to reflect the truth.

The fraudulent card and loan has been reported via crime stoppers and directly within the police force. I have not been asked to give formal statement regarding these crimes. Top stuff police, I showed Paul Griffiths a copy of the illegal applications as soon as Luke left my premises!? No interest their either, umm yeah - that makes sense.

Same with Jason getting no justice for Luke breaking into his house, stealing and leaving property in the premises, stealing directly from his bank and ramming his car.

Don’t forget Luke also got away with stealing a car when Slaven investigated the car theft when he was in his early twenties. Luke took the key from the glove box that day out of opportunity and stole it that night. His mates providing poor cover for his crime, by his own admission

Jarrod seemed to dislike me after I stood up for Luke’s rights. Jarred Anderson and Paul Griffiths were in communication Paul told myself during the period leading to court - I asked to communicate with Luke via Paul numerous times. He said I shouldn’t contact him as I wanted intervention. This seemed wise. I Couldn't understand why Luke was exaggerating this report, he didn’t seem this vindictive. Though he had vandalised my fence with the white posca texta from the plastic box of belongings I gave his mother after the break up. The box that contained the purple phone Paul Griffiths later obtained from now deported Ben Naranui. Upon Lukes move back to Mount Gambier early 2015 he told me ‘they’ made him exaggerate the statement - the police and his Dad who seen myself travelling over to tell Luke not to come back to my property. They apparently wanted to go for the farfetch of trespass to, Luke refused to do this he said.

It still blows my mind - all of this. Why, and like how much money does these goings on cost our community? How many gangster wouldn’t we have if the police weren’t making informants of Huey, Duey and Loui all the time?

The fact that I have not received my FYI, a police officer rapist cover up amounting to the official recorded date changed, 4 years of what has got to be SAPOL’s Biggest Stuff Up in History, the endless throw mud and see what sticks drama (also known as defamation), etc has me writing about corrupt cops to be fairly heard instead of a biography of life’s juice. That Cypress Hill drum stick I never thought I’d leave Thebarton Theatre with in the early 2000’s or that pick from the lead singer of Sevendusts mouth, Soundwave.

I currently hold fabricated statements about documentation distribution, one from officer Will Tull and the other from Senior Sergeant Christopher John King.

Griffiths has fabricated detail stating he gave me relationship advice - you background checked Nick when I first started seeing him, that’s not relationship advice. Paul has also conveniently left out that he held Luke’s phone in his possession over night after picking it up from Big Ben and instead oddly stressed that he brought the phone directly to me. When Griffiths handed the phone to myself he told me he had picked it up lunch time the day before.

Paul has been in my home Numerous times. Most of the time sitting on my black leather couch saying something he shouldn’t. I’d sit on the ground in front of my heater. As I trusted physically, I’d always let him enter my property no questions. I was happy to travel in a vehicle with Paul too. Never once did he make me uncomfortable or do anything physically inappropriate. He was always a gentleman too, complimentary of my label and its progress.

Jennings states he first became aware of me when he was a creep at processing. This is a lie, Jennings attending my property prior to processing after the Homicide related incident leading to an intervention order against David Bradley. Jennings states he’s accessed my Facebook after an enquiry regarding myself. This is unnecessary for a fruitless claim of intercourse which never happened, vindictive/bitter behaviour. Like Jennings getting upset with a colleague for not backing him up in the claim despite that colleague having Every reason to take the rumour on board. Jennings propositioned a person at work, during processing - Extremely unethical. Matthew Jennings also claims to have not accessed my social media further to this incident regarding myself - yet facts are Jennings has numerous times liked posts on my Instagram. This starting during the beginning period of 2017 and the behaviour span the year. This is when I worked at studform with his friend Lauren. Lauren and Jennings would Snapchat and Lauren would relay implicative dialogue to myself from these snapchats.

I discussed my dog being shaved by the police one day, talking about Jennings to which Lauren replied that about a boss being involved in this incident. I now knew positively it was the police whom shaved in front my dogs penis to which I had to attend the vet. I cried very upset to Benjamin Black, my dogs vet since I got Kuta. My dog was not hurt but it was wrong.

I enjoyed the job at Studform despite Jennings friend and left due to the illegal manufacturing of Fire doors which I have reported to the Health Ministers Office.

It was just before Eco Fashion Week Australia. A spurt of random breath tests and then this.

I was stopped stationary behind 2 cars at a lights intersection on Commercial Street driving to Woolworths. The police vehicle travelling in the opposite direction with a male officer driver, 18 years in the force he later states accompanied by a female cadet. I did not see the female at this stage just noticing the marked car and a male, mindful not to turn and stare. I notice the police car slow and as the lights changed and I check my revision mirror to move forward through the now green light. I see the marked sedan vear to the side as if to turn around. I pay no more attention, take the first entrance into the Woolworths park and park mid one down. I assemble my wallet, phone and keys from my hand bag and exit my vehicle. Turning to check it was locked I turn back to see the police car in front of me. I had a feeling the vehicle was going to harass me, I had said it to myself in my car. It was becoming an occurrence every time I drove past a few officers in town by now. I brought my camera app up as they stopped. My lawyer had said I do this. The police vehicle stopped in the middle of the driveway and Andrew Lock quickly exited the vehicle with an breathalyser. I blew no reading - it’s around 9am in the morning, HIGHLY Unlikely. He then proceeded with further traffic infringement pursuit leading to Andrew Lock arrest myself. I was screaming and yelling about the harassment and pain. Involuntarily wriggling from the force of an 6 ft 90 kg man placing all his weight on my arm twisted behind my back. I 153 kg, 53 kg could not understand the escalation of a refusal to be further harassed.

I had walked off to go shopping as Andrew was being a bully and harassing myself. During this period of having a police complaint and report in I have walked off numerous times from the police when harassing me. Darryl Wright included. Even through the harassment I have been compliant and have never been restrained. Never.

I was hurt, I nearly had my arm broken, was absolutely distraught and now felt again violated by a police officer being shoved with force into the back of the vehicle. It was SO traumatic, like Slaven the rapist thinking he can do Anything to me and get away with it.

This is Early November 2017, Officer Lock using a reverse gooseneck arm grapple on myself during this targeting.

Targeting is a practice which is highly unethical but common by Senior Officer’s and poor station leaders states my ex police partner.

My most recent partner was a well accomplished police officer of 33 years in the Victorian Police Force, myself and Damian commencing a relationship at the end of 2017. Damian stood by me during this harassment and was very supportive regarding finding resolution to the constant targeting. This behaviour he states, Damian a Station Commander in his position should not be accepted.

Lock has been known to target members of the public he dislikes in this manner, such as deliberately engaging in a dangerous u turn in residential areas and speeding in excess of limits with no charges or arrests acquired. Lock called another vehicle a female officer I recognised at Marita Spaulding and Skinny we’ll call the male officer. Lock has denied the attendance of these officers and their vehicle in court. Skinny opened the vehicle and fulfilled his duties as did Marita this day despite Lock trying to provoke Marita into unnecessary engagement with myself.

Whilst being processed regarding the above incident, I was bleeding from Locks force and requested a band-aid. Instead of a band-aid an Officer provided a cup and a tissue. I again requested a band-aid from the male officer at the computer, he also did not provide a band-aid. The actions of Andrew Lock were unnecessary. Samuel Pearson and Fox have during this investigation period had no issues with myself when requesting I accompanying them. This was a deliberate scene created by Lock as part of the stations defamation campaign as I had at this stage 7 complaints of police misconduct by officers working under the direction and guidance of Grant Moyle.

I asked Andrew straight out during this ordeal why he was doing this. He was getting SO much joy out of the moment I accused him of being Jennings friend and harassing me for him. Once at the station I refused to listen to Lock as he was not doing his job and just harassing me. The male officer at the computer behind the screen having to repeat everything Lock said. At this stage I think to myself is this how the police treat people? Never having anything to do with the police like this prior to providing assistance with the Gordon Hamm investigation - I was SO Shocked.

I said to Darryl when he asked me when we first met why I didn’t like Sporten, that I didn’t not like Sporten. I told Darryl I didn’t know Sporten, Sporten came to my house. He came to my house after I helped the police. I told Darryl what I did wrong was help the corrupt police.

Photographic evidence of the Lock matter has been provided to SAPOL, the Commissioner Grant Stevens, the independent integrity commission and the magistrates court is currently in trial with this incident. Conveniently the police have apparently lost the footage of myself being mistreated and provided a water cup and tissue instead of a band aid. Prosecution seem to also have no photos of my injuries to my wrist despite a female officer taking these. The two officers Andrew Lock denied on record in court attended the scene are currently not part of the trial either.

From this chapter we can solidly say that Luke’s behaviour turned criminal as he was as a teen - the friends he hung with family related and associated with the police in Mount Gambier CIB at this age. Maybe to do with his fathers association too, his Dad was a professional business man for most part I seen. I don’t approve of threatening a staff member, even if they watch illegal porn - put them in jail don’t house and threaten them like their a pet. This man is a human being. Luke who lived with the man his Dad threatened. He did indulge in freaky things I seen it playing on the television on time when Luke picked up shoes from there. No need to threaten this man at all - he’s an easy lock up. Luke resided with this man for a while, he was a nice man - until you knew that about him.

We can conclude without detail that dating a police officer - moving in with him and ending that relationship within a month of living together has made the shortest long term relationship I’ve had. I knew it would be hard for me to deal with, Slaven was plain clothed so I don’t associate the rape with the uniform. You could possibly say maybe the boy who doesn’t know how to behave had better manner than the man that should have known better from this also. It’s funny how we judge acceptable and not acceptable behaviour based on money and status at times. Corrupt authorities thrive on the illusion of their stature.

The Commissioner is aware of this conduct and if he was not part of covering up for Slaven which he has clearly served with Slaven we would have resolution by now.

Lock should be dismissed.

Jennings should be dismissed.

Griffiths should be dismissed.

Sporten should be dismissed.

Fox discipline in writing.

Cooper disciplined in writing.

Stott disciplined in writing.

Kyriacou disciplined in writing.

Hunter disciplined in writing.

All officers involved in the Lock altercation outside of skinny and Marita whom left the processing area should be disciplined in writing.

An upgrade on Grant Moyle - Pretty sure this is the commissioners job description.

Wright you should be in arms reach. x

Slavens Sexual Assault and Attempted Sexual Assault charge formalised.

Maybe, Just Maybe A Real Shake Up will drive a Much Needed Cultural Shift within a institution that should Never be implementing leadership initiatives that lead to dehumanisation justification - That’s at you Greg Hobbs, Uncle.


‘The Labyrinth’

As touched on part of the defamation campaign and discrediting had been to accuse me of some of the most absurd things. Some of this from my Uncle’s poor judgement for whatever reasons some my cousin a now serving STARForce member.

My Uncle is a dignified man, ex Army, part of the first STARForce team in South Australia, ex Fireman, millionaire and pain in my butt.

We clash - he’s bright and I’m bright, He thinks independently and I think independently, He stands for justice as do I - the difference is Greg believes in dehumanisation when a person is bad or otherwise. I believe in rehabilitation and that each individual should be considered individually when a person is bad or otherwise. Our justice system provides a perfect blanket, there is no need for options where dehumanisation is used as a justification to do unjust things.

I am currently Study my MBA at the Australian Institute Of Business, my first assignment submission for leadership was written based on the leadership failures of the Gordon Hamm investigation.

The problem I have witnessed with dehumanisation within policing is that it deteriorates the standard of our officers. A small bad deed playing on a good persons mind day in day out justified by the words that person deserves it cos they are bad or a drug addict disconnecting the human engagements of the job. This turning what we’re good men and women on most part who want to be hero’s when they go into policing into persons subconsciously harbouring more bad engagements than good. Which in a role where your the response to crime your bad engagements on the job outweigh the good before you start. With a culture that encourages dehumanisation over time you see behaviour and accepted behaviours as common standard more reflecting the illegal criminal behaviour than the better standard to which a police member should uphold. A police officer should not punish a member of the public personally or otherwise for a crime, the justice system should. The officer takes them in, the legal system decides their outcome. If then our laws say they are a bad person then they are given consequences and/or go to jail. When an officer engages their ego in power and feel that they have more worth than the people they serve, which includes persons considered bad whom may need their assistance our justice system and in turn society suffers.

It was years ago now, after I was raped by Slaven, the rabbits were killed, I was nearly homeless and then fortune had myself buy my house - my Uncle invited the Commissioner to Christmas. He turned up Boxing Day Of 2008 I believe - Uncle Greg paid for accommodation for us (my family - Mum, Dad, Brother and Partners) in both the year of 2008, 2009 I believe. Greg is my Dad’s older brother and I love him but I don’t agree that a man that’s never lived in the Real world should be judging people, certainly not me.

A prostitute or stripper apparently unsure - Detective Wright had been questioning my friends regarding these accusations. I had NO idea this was going on. Not really sure how there could be this confusion either since the ANZ card appeared in my house April 2011, acquiring my company details to this card without my knowledge around 2015 and I was a policeman in my medical records by this stage too. Magic!?

It’s evident STARForce had engaged in an operation prior to the 2012 incident and this investigation resulted in injuries and possibly lives lost, not just Gordon’s.

My poor friend, being asked about me in such circumstances. I personally could not work out where this investigation had stemmed from - Did I visit the adult shop one too many times!? I’ve never done Anything illegal like that. The revenge porn charge belongs to Luke Scheidl, certainly didn’t do that to myself. I was at a loss to figure out this saga but this police investigation was affecting my life. I knew a few things for sure, a fair few people in town knew of this including Luke Scheidl, David Bradley, Sean Hobbs and Darryl Wright and my family.

The police this year, 2018 have ran a new defamation investigation trying to say I stalked 3 of the reported offending officers. The charges they could not determine in court a month ago. Nevertheless they have rumoured and investigated the made up undetermined charge for months now. Good use of Tax dollars.

This is their second defamation campaign in 4 years to silence me. Despite too the complaints being of a serious nature and a criminal report against a rapist police officer.

This constant witch hunt has affected my work life, relationships and friendships - Having done so for many years.

Believe it or not Adam Brown, a SAPOL Officer tried to express concern for Slavens feelings - I’m his victim dude, he’s raped me, changed details in the computer to cover it up, there have been blue Subaru vehicles parked up from my premises and left there, I have been harrassed and now you want to be care about his feelings, after being accused of anything and everything And you want me to be quiet about this. You guys made me report him, if you didn’t want to charge him you shouldn’t have dredged me through the experience again.

After writing to the commissioner Grant Stevens sent Adam Brown from Ethics and Standards to investigate, he was more intent on putting a charge on me than investigating men who have stalked and harassed myself. I spoke open and candidly to the officers, Adam, accompanied by an ignorant and dismissive female officer with a height complex that she must have felt I would share. I don’t, I’m quite happy with my size Lady.

Michelle Alexander, the female officer encouraged me to report one of the male officers in question for his engagements with drunk minors to Mandatory reporting, I stressed I don’t believe this is the appropriate legal avenue and that this was not my formalised complaint and also that it was a 3rd parties concern. Encouraged further I engaged in the behaviour encouraged by the officer and reported the officer to ‘CARL’, the mandatory reporting authority.

This visit was recorded by Michelle, who stood next to my Clothing Label machines facing me. Michelle visited myself again with a female officer after this, they did not state whether this was a recorded interview, Michelle is an unethical officer whom victim blames so I believe this would be recorded also. She’s standard and ethics division, it was beyond comprehension and to try to explain how I felt when she tried to tell me Slaven was not my rapist - impossible. Angry, sad, helpless, alone, I felt like dying. Michelle proceeded to blurt out in the lounge room that it was concluded by the another officer Katie Dalton - a lady who told my lawyer I apparently had a relationship with Slaven. I was shocked hearing this and got new representation within that firm. I could not deal with being told I had a relationship with my rapist. I broke down, I’ve vomited from stress numerous times over this last 4 years. Also while writing this book. Michelle tried to say me sharing my story was power, and they tried to say I wasn’t allowed to share it. I understand them not wanting me telling the public what they are accountable for but the Power thing - I didn’t understand that and still don’t. Power, I’ve ripped my soul out and you disgraceful police have danced on it before I wrote a book you couldn’t ignore.

There have been emails, media contacted, numerous emails, posters, letters and letter box drops.

The truth has power yes Lady, not me. The Truth.

I know Slaven is my rapist, yet listened to Michelle compliment Katie as her friend and colleague on her work and outcome. Katie who has made many mistakes in this rape investigation - Mega mistakes, you will be happy to know has now been promoted to investigate all rapes categories within SAPOL. If your a victim and see her name on your statement request someone else.

My ex partner Damian when I told him of all this occurring was extremely concerned about the police conduct and the investigation leading to falsely accusing someone else. He also expressing concern for consequences regarding a person not wanting to be blamed for a rape they didn’t commit. I was also very concerned about this when he mentioned it. I then had been overwhelmed with Emotion that they were trying to cover up for Slaven not even thinking of further consequences to this corruption.

Late 2014 (possibly early 2015) I was followed by a man into a shop in Mount Gambier. He followed me around, this being after Gordon died I was Extremely concerned. He kept smiling at me and bend over to products close to myself. Close to my pelvis, I walked off numerous times and then was looking at some garden products. The man rides around Mount Gambier on a push bike, I’ve seen him since this incident most recently this year. He bent down again, took a loud sniff and asked to eat my pussy. This clearly stemming from the bigger picture i was unaware of. I was terrified, he offered money for this - shocked I left the shop directly and called Luke Scheidl, he wasn’t surprised at this comment and stated to me why do you think he would be doing that. Clearly having no idea, I thought Luke’s commentary was odd but was still not aware of the stripper, etc accusations.

I was aware that David Bradley an ex partner had stolen my dirty lingerie. Apparently this was sold in the Gypsy Jokers club house which was shutdown after Gordon Hamm died. Gross. I don’t believe STARForce weren’t aware of this. It was not for me until the commentary from the hacked social media site and then from my parents that I was sure of what the police were trying to say about me, this being the end of 2016.

Study of leadership breaks down the approach of transitional, transformational, charismatic, servant leaders with the attribute dehumanisation a part of a leaders persuasion to keep team cohesion. A justification given say when motivation is needed for a task and the member is no longer driven to engagements as it conflicts with their personal morals and values.

Dehumanisation is used a lot within the military to disconnect the soldier and his or her enemy.

Darryl Wright has served in the Army for 12 years he stated. When I formalised my report against David Bradley in 2017 Darryl took my statement. Jennings came to the door asking for keys, Darryl threw them to him, basically at his feet. I wore a pink dress that was basically painted on and watched him type.

A officer present after Gordon died on my hacked device told me they were gaslighting me. I had No Idea what was going on or what this was. I knew person were entering my premises and moving things slightly, that green and red laser pointers were present around my property, Luke was doing dumb army signals at the premises across the road. The moment I knew he was no longer looking out for the better good for sure. The Comancheros retaliate with psychology and warfare, most gangland docs especially Australian ones will tell you that. Coming inside your house when your home and not home. The idea is to make you uncomfortable before or during attack. But why would the Coms attack me. Gordon was associated with the Comancheros, I had helped him get justice. After research, this conclusion of gaslighting was correct. I later discovered the HA’s in Mount Gambier and the Coms deal together.

I had not seen Darryl yet, but this was Real. Darryl I believe saved my life.

The police were trying to say I was a drug addict, hard drugs too. It’s not my thing, never has been. I don’t judge people for how they deal with life as long as its effects are not harming others. That’s my opinion, freedom and each to their own. The reasons for these claims is they were trying to say I was crazy as they had shaved my dog and I had visited the VET about this, it was on record. They had also entered my premises illegally numerous times, which I had on video them stopping the video recorder. This was after Gordon died.

I assume the illegal STARForce investigation was outed when I helped Victoria. I didn’t know that STARForce were using me and I didn’t respect my Uncle by this stage - He tried to teach me manners at 30, not knowing himself the appropriate application of Ta and Thank you. The theft of Jason’s car was also under STARForce. I didn’t tell my Uncle or Sean Hobbs personally that I taped David and provided much evidence in the Homicide.

Christmas of 2014 Greg and Sean sat at the dining table in my Nan’s place being patronising. The stolen car over a drug debt comment that they couldn’t help with. My cousin tried to say I had to spend money to make money with my business - odd as commentary. No sh*t.

They started trying to scare me Sean and my Nan saying people were going to break into my premises. This is SAPOL STARForce making me feel unsafe, my own family.

I had seen Darryl in a picture on my cousins facebook, I knew they were friends.

His eyes were so deep I couldn’t even tell you what colour they were even after starting at him on my front porch.

Eddy, my cousins friend in the force came round and told me his name. I was Stoked, I had been wondering. Eddy said as he dropped me home he was married, I could not believe that. If this bloke is married he’s not a good husband. I relay that I don’t home wreak and move on. Kyriacou at this stage still trying to be a Hero.

I called it as I saw it - your a policeman I said. The reply confirming this. The profile was an American Guy. Darryl is not Australian, but has been in the police force since the early 2000’s - I didn’t know this then. Aussie girl he replied with love.

From my experience it's evident the police have too many informants within these groups running an agenda’s on investigations. More so that the police are not concerned about this as they want to continue to engage in illegal industries. There are many problems that you have with this situation. Engaging too many informants with too many gangs running objectives not just being territory for money but also political leverage. Rivalling informants are sold out between corrupt cops to gangs and in turn the informant is targeted. - Pretty straight forward and logical. The social effects damaging and costly to communities.

Informants are usually as their role in situations where they obtain information. When you have corrupt police and harbour confidentiality issues these informants are compromised and roped then into or have their ability to make choice at times taken from them. Informants are bullied or encouraged to engage in the actual criminal acts of serious nature themselves. This gives gangs the ability to bully and leverage the informant with threats and what in some cases are legal actions. You must keep in mind an informant usually chooses this life style but some persons just provide information to police. They are also the State’s responsibility whilst providing information.

A reliable police source told me it's common practise that criminals get their stories straight and run there agenda around the police investigation. Often too while authorities fight for investigation credit. Keep in mind immediately after criminal behaviour, a lot of the time in serious crime the involved have a collaborated the story prior to committing the crime. So why, if this is a common occurrence over a 20 year period or something across Australian policing hasn’t procedures or disciplinary action e.g. instant dismissal been implemented to stop this. Millionaire dollar question!?

It comes down to power. Power corrupts the most humble of minds.


‘Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt.’ - Mahatma Gandhi

I was picked up from work, luckily it was private lessons with some Real and Really Amazing parents. Teaching at our local pool this day Adam Brown was waiting at the building. I walked around the corner and three officers confronted me with a camera. Within the first half an hour of this conversation was when Adam stated regarding Slavens feelings.

I knew they were there, they had attended my premises and spoke to a friend whom does lawns, he rang me promptly with the heads up. My boss had also called me concerned with 3 officers currently with her.

It was Very confronting, I felt ambushed as they approached, this all recorded and in my possession. You should hear the ridiculousness of the record, Genuinely entertaining. What wasn’t entertaining was the two children whom adore me that I teach loose their teacher to attend a fabricated charge which was not even determined in court by police DPP (Department of Police Prosecution) and Did Not proceed.

The minor offence, a civil charge of document sharing could have been dealt with after I finished my shift. I wasn’t running away, residing and committing to my work in Mount Gambier.

They took me to the station, Adam apologised for my perception of him - for what it’s worth he said, displaying he was objective in the matter. I believe he was sincere in this.

Michelle was present, Adam commented that she was my favourite - little did he know. I don’t have favourites - I don’t trust police, all I want is for you to do your job and considering the Commissioner sent you I’m cooperating.

The video interview recorded on a hand held camera that long that the battery started to go flat. I asked if they had a charge cord stating it will still record plugged in - I didn’t want them to miss one piece of this Gold.

Adam asked me if I posted each and every individual post I clearly have on my social media. I couldn’t help it, I laughed and smiled thinking this is ridiculous. Your trying to cover up a rapist cop and harassing me about Facebook. Oh My, you don’t know me at all do you. Freedom of Speech believer to the grave my friend.

The wisest man in the room, speaking very little retrieved the charging cord from their vehicle and Brown continued to question me.

I’ll give Brown 3 things, he was polite, I don’t feel uncomfortable around him - he’s not creepy and when he also tried to tell me Slaven was cleared by the accident date in the computer he thought this was true. He was Completely unaware I had proved the police had changed the date in the computer to reflect a period where Slaven wasn’t present in Mount Gambier.

Adam I sincerely believe was Not protecting Slaven intently. Unlike Michelle whom was smug trying to cover for Slaven remaking about power as if I was holding this charge over the police and her praising Katie’s misjudgements was so dismissive of the ordeal.

Supporting my statement I have described the interior of Slavens property, there was a police officer witness who seen me in the vehicle on the day of the incident, the vehicle description, his body and small penis described, phone records from work where a call was made regarding the accident, Rental agreements and registration records proving the date was changed, Positive Identification and members of the public who know of illegal engagements and misconduct from Slaven. These people to attend court with myself. Aware also Slaven has discussed me with police personal, these officers summoned to witness in court and of course Myself questioned and cross examined in Court.

Unfortunately, Hiding from the Truth isn’t an option for Slaven as it clearly has been in the past.

To be called a nasty man by members of the public you have served as police officer should not be a compliment and I don’t believe it was being given as one. I have heard numerous stories of questionable perceived behaviour by Slaven toward younger women at race events.

You’d think the hardest part of reporting rape would be the report - the relief of sharing the ordeal is short lived. It’s not here. It is the fact that I was happy Never reliving the moment again, yet for 4 years I’ve now lived as a victim. Everyday. A rape victim of a Police Officer. If I was a criminal or somebody else - Not a Hobbs it’s evident no one would have cared if I was raped by Slaven at all, valuing his police role over my life. Which has Kinda happened. Dehumanisation.

Interactions are not normal anymore. Pity and judgement are a cloud to which a victim carries through society. The disgusting statement breaking down the rape in black and white.

I have been drugged and rape 3 times since Slaven in circumstances gang related and where the police are aware. I was shown one of these incidents in footage over the last 4 years. An incident I wasn’t aware occurred. Imagine being told by a person of police interest that your family baited you out - Luke’s words expressing the irresistibly of the plan to the offenders.

2001 was Detective Kurt Slaven, following this the 3 times after threats against my life that I have been made aware in 2004, 2006 and 2015.

I personally have no recollection of these incidents, though you don’t need it when your shown videos and see photos of offences and conduct. I remember situation and circumstance, not the acts. When drugged you remember not remembering anything.

Having the video evidence of myself asleep on my couch at my house on Penola Road - myself being filmed in an break and enter. The footage making my possession after the incident during a police investigation, why I’m not sure. I assume to scare me which is consistent with other behaviours at this time. Holding the photos that made my possession in 2014 or 2015 of two penis’s on a body which I have been told is mine.

I have been told it’s the senior police authorities who speak to our prisoners for information. This is a conclusive fact from police authority. Explains the circulation of information after Gordon’s murder.

I’m not sure if Slaven did visits to the jail investigating as a detective, might explain the targeting after the rape outside of youth gangs linked to the CIB serving in the station early 2000’s that I know of.

I certainly do see the truth in this information and how a corrupt power tripping officer or station leaders accessing blackmailing criminal in territory or political movement could be detrimental. Like counsellors whom provide information to police. This is a breach of these people’s Human Rights and makes it hard for them to reintegrate into society. These visits should be task forces only for serious criminals after the offender is jailed, outsourcing for counselling facilities should not be part of the jail rehabilitation process with in-house counselling only. I have seen first hand the effects of offenders running agendas on investigations via their counselling interactions from jails as well as communications and confidentiality issues with incarcerated and rehabilitating offenders.

I touched on if I was somebody else this would have been an easy cover up. It’s also true if I wasn’t a Hobbs and Uncle Greg didn’t always speak out this wouldn’t have happened. But here I am doing as he’s done and speaking out too. Greg seen misconduct in the army and police force and spoke up my Dad used to say.

We haven’t spoken since Christmas 2016. My family has not only tried to scare me with break ins to properties in Mount Gambier comments but tried to guilt trip my submission to their false claim by insinuating I need to change my behaviour one of them saying they were very ill as motivation to not engage in implied prostitution, this also occurring in 2016. I Spoke to the family member in the living room of my parents property, my parents present. I was upset and expressed this talking of the commentary I just heard from the relative to my parents. I suppose if I was engaging in poor behaviour I would have felt guilty from this psychological approach. I just felt I could not trust them - Any of my Fathers side of the family at this stage, I still continued to try though. When their behaviour to cover up manipulating my life for personal gain continued from here. I cut ties, removing the family from on Facebook until they apologise and I’m home.

It says more about the person with poor judgement than the person being judged to see things in them that don’t exist.

The fact that I didn’t call my cousin or Uncle when Gordon was murdered should prove not only I was unaware of what they were doing but that we aren’t close. SO how does all this happen? Well you get threats against family members or persons, STARForce are a task force and protection team - Apparently.

Did they employ Luke Scheidl briefly - where were they when I was nearly stabbed by the person I taped whom has now been jailed near half a dozen times since the incident?! I think not on the Luke recruiting, SO what rights do STARForce whom didn’t protect me after the Homicide have over my life - NIL.

Special Task and Rescue Force. My cousin and Uncle fit athletic and well grounded people, well suited to the position - just not suited to me. It should be conflict of interest anyway but if it was my family I’d want in regardless so it’s a hard one. They describe the job as: As part of our STAR Group, your specialist duties include the apprehension of armed offenders, search and rescue operations, VIP and witness protection, public order and general policing duties. Due to the physical demands of the role and the risks involved, our STAR Group officers need to exhibit above-average performance in all major skills. (Source: Over 1 million dollars per person - my cousin and team have earned protecting a rapist, to have me write this book exposing this corruption and manipulation that has crippled a town for years and riddles a state. Your Tax Dollars.

After 4 years motivation to be heard is Real. The Many, Many, Many reasons for writing this book also Real. Justice for Gordon was Real and Reality is there would be very little of that justice without my help. Something we should all feel safe to do, help the police especially directly. When procedures lead to injustices and cover ups, wasted tax dollars - from what Dutton expressed in this year (2018) was an expensive part of our budget on National Press Club, something needs to change. The fact that these goings on aren’t common knowledge is why they happen.

All these things Have happened to me and I don’t want them happening to you, Anyone. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do thus far in life - Except to keep from calling you. x


‘Don’t Threaten Me.’

They had been planning to attack Gordon Hamm for ages. Tim Stringer to David Bradley. I had words with Tim Stringer as he was feeding someone I loved ICE after they had cleaned themselves up. I spoke to Tim both via text and personally. I later provided these texts as evidence to the police.

ICE is an addictive drug, this not an excuse for David to revisit his use but giving a drug addict the drug they love for free or labour work they enjoy is hard to resist.

Wanting Tim and I to be friends I visited Tim one evening at David’s request. This was after I had made it clear I was not happy with Tim’s drug dealing or what he was doing to people. Tim worked for a plumber that lived across the road from a STARForce member in Mount Gambier at the time. I have no doubt this police officer was aware of the going on’s. A tradesperson located up the road from this officer and the employer of Tim was severely hurt after Gordon’s murder.

I sat in the lounge area, large open plan living room. Tim’s partner was away, this was the condition of us catching up. It had to be this day.

Tim made a sandwich, the kitchen light was on. The light coloured couch looking back to the kitchen bench Tim stood behind. He spoke whilst making his sandwich, I laughed in my head as he tried to make a sophisticated underbelly scene with dramatic and controlling conversation and light.

We proceeded to the garage where we discussed my issues with Tim feeding David ICE and I also brought up Gordon as I knew by this stage they were targeting him. Gordon had a debt to Tim. A Big debt, over 120k at this stage. Logan and Beno (son of deported Kiwi drug dealer) had been breaking into Gordon’s properties and stealing the ICE Gordon was supposed to deal for Tim to pay for this debt. Many people were aware this was going on. Not myself personally until after Gordon was murdered but it seems David and Tim were among those who knew the debt wasn’t entirely Gordon’s and didn’t care. Gordon dealing for Tim was bringing Tim an average of 8 - 16k profit regularly. I have a photograph which was provided to police of a sum of money concerning Gordon taken at Tim’s property on his shed table after discussions of Gordon with Tim.

Tim was sourcing ICE from Many different suppliers - dealing with the kiwis, clearly Fred Moreland whom he had sort Gordon for Fred’s outstanding debt to Tim. I believe this debt was 20k. He tried to say he wanted Gordon sorted as he was getting pressure from a Graham Young over the outstanding debt. I told Tim to go to the police if he was getting threatened by his supplier. David introduced Tim to Graham, they both in conversation had said this in front of me. I knew another supplier was Sean or via him and also a Black Holden Commodore from Portland Luke Scheidl later pointed out as a person he knew also in Victoria that sourced ICE.

What you hear and read in the news on this drug is true. This drug is a devastating drug to most users. Admittedly I have witnessed addicts and recreation with no judgement, some of its like glorified and disgraced footballer Ben Cousins and his movie. Tim is a well accomplished footballer and tradesman. I personally find it Easy to Say No to peers and peer pressure. 34 years old writing this I have No desire to indulge excessively or in every drug like most curious persons do, not even as a teen though admittedly inquisitive.

Tim was certain he was not going to go to the police, this was concerning but there are plenty of good people in Mount Gambier that he might have felt comfortable talking to if he felt he was going to get I trouble when approaching the cops himself. We spoke further and Tim stated he liked my style as I left - straight forward saves time. I put the snib on the door and locked it not feeling comfortable with Tim’s comment as I left and the fact that we had to met me without his partner. The action stops Tim where he stood and avoided him walking further to the door behind me.

After Gordon’s murder David visited Tim regularly, David took me to a new property Tim and his partner were residing - he was really worried he was going to get implicated in the murder.

Tim flew with cash to a well reputed criminal lawyer in Adelaide after Gordon passed during this period, prior to Gordon’s body being found.

After this Tim and David staged a moment at their Christmas work show and pretended to not be friends. It is said this is common practice, severing of friendships over investigation periods without really severing the alliance. Like the old deny, deny, deny practise among crims.

I provided information as stipulated to Mount Gambier detectives then later assisting the Victorian Detective and providing video evidence regarding the murder.

This is the video evidence that was then followed by a threat from Graham Young. Graham via Facebook sent a friend request to me for no reason other than the threat. We had communicated without being friends when I refused to model on his Harley Davidson motorbike. Graham had changing his cover photo to a threat 15 mins or less prior to this request, the cover photo read ‘Snitches Get Stitches’ - Don't Threaten Me Graham I thought. I took this straight to Aaron Roche, Victorian Detective without Paul Griffiths knowledge of the threat. I was offered witness protection, knowing my cousin was STARForce I assumed they would handle this appropriately. With my business also global in it's conduct by this stage and my further establishing public life and modelling career witness protect was no solution to this threat anyway. They needed to jail Graham and to SAPOL's credit - they did.

I want to make it clear now that my family care very much about me and all these things that have occurred, despite interpretations. This is a very small piece of my life and has been just as hard for them as it has me.

A well accomplished entrepreneur with a trademarked clothing label at 21 years of age. The entirety of my family, including Uncle Greg’s discussed family very successful also. My Mother’s family migrated here from Indian, Mum was born in Australia with a couple of older sisters and a brother born in India before the move.

I believe there are officers also involved who have tried hard to remain neutral at least also and some sincerely sorry. This said you are left with the fact that our best decisions are NOT made on assumptions, gossip or when looking at one side of a story. Keeping in mind No one asked me if I had done Anything - they just need me to have done something to try to get around an officer receiving 2 Sexual Assault charges. SO Wrong.

It was prior to the threat that the axe was placed over my fence and I called Tim Stringer out on this. Tim Stringer blaming his friend for the act. Which friend, he implied Freddy which he called his Big Mate. I suppose the police can ask him that - I personally don’t care nor believe him, I reported the incident to the Mount Gambier police. I walked past Fred numerous times before he was jailed after Gordon died in the supermarket, if he threatened me with the axe from Tim Stringers property that David Bradley acquired for Tim well he certainly wasn’t acting like it.

I got a letter from Graham Young (November 2018), laughable. STARForce must love it. Don’t like the truth in your behaviour - Don’t engage in it then. Simple. Like the Department of Prosecution threatening defamation charges. Good Luck. The truth, honest opinions, privilege, public concerns, etc.

The DPP finalising with one charge against myself - The Victim, Document Sharing. Which is a Civil Charge, a fine. The pursuit for a criminal charge as discreditation in this endless.

As we conclude Ugly Heros as a small significant moment in life. A biography of My a life in the shadow of police misconduct and rape by an offending officer.

Some fun facts are:

The Border Watch newspaper of Mount Gambier in 2016 printed of gang threats to Apparently give families and children the disease aids. This is a disturbing threat, what is more disturbing is the Mount Gambier police printing this information to the media before the incident happened instead of protecting the victims against the threat. This decision increases the chance of future victims and from reading this biography you can conclude this could have happened to me. I personally have Never been threatened with this. Just Stitches from beastiality Graham and Rape in 2004 by the Gypsy Jokers relative, but it seems some people have been. I have also reported both incidents and until the death of Gordon have Never been offered witness protection.

I am sincere when I say that Gordon deserved justice and I am happy I helped the police with this.

I had the privilege of meeting Gordon on one evening. He was a polite and well mannered New Zealander to me, whom was Not intimidating in speech or body language that I experienced. Overweight and under 6 feet I would describe him as approachable in appearance. He was a drug addict, Tim Stringer his supplier was also a drug addict. So why is it that Gordon’s life was disregarded by Mount Gambier Police, but the drug dealing footballer who played football with Matthew Jennings wasn’t and wasn’t jailed for his murder?!

When I spoke to the Victorian police after already speaking to Mount Gambier detectives about Tim Stringer, the lead they had was an ex boyfriend of mine who played in a band locally. The police were SO lost it’s not funny and happy to be - and that’s the reality. They were happy to disregard Gordon’s life as they had ran an operation that went pear shaped and as the good detective pled to me, Gordon was a drug addict in the Mount Gambier CIB eyes, dehumanised and disregarded.

After I was nearly stabbed as the witness by the offender I recorded you would think my family would have shown concern - we live in the same town, they didn’t come and see me. They did very little that I could see. It was nearly two weeks until I seen my Dad and the advice I got from my parents was to ‘let the police handle it.’ SAPOL handle it. I was getting harrassed and Luke Scheidl at that time was the only persons not wanting to hurt me. A bloke that had previously tried to hurt me and in the end attempted again.

I don’t think anyone Really cared about myself at this stage, just about themselves. Not long after the attempt on my life came the ‘This is bigger than you dear’ from my brother. This is when I started to believe what Luke said about my family using me as bait. Luke was speaking to a police officer and had hinted he was Jarrod Andersons informant, beginning of 2015 when he was staying at the Lakes Resort, accomodation near the Famous Blue Lake.

Luke was the only one caring about what happened to me at this stage and he was Really only worried about getting in trouble himself if I got hurt. My family worried that what they had already enacted would be outed as well as clearly the commissioner, whom is no longer. Myself, I had NOTHING to do with Anything SO I at this point had NO idea what was going on and this was evident.

The feeling you get when your completely disregarding is undescribable. I had been confused by this investigation as soon as I had David Bradley speak to Victoria. He had been saying to me prior to this that he didn’t need to speak to Victoria as an SAPOL informant already. News to me, I gave him the phone and had him speak to Victoria anyway. I was Really confused by all I was seeing.

More Confused as time progressed and Tim was being treated well, Gordon wouldn’t have died without him. David was able to breach his intervention order despite myself providing evidence against him. I made personal correlation with the disregard of Gordon’s life and this activity.

It breaks down the idea of dehumanisation in leadership especially when used so frivolously to an Excuse for a person to engage in a lower standard of living and justify it. The drug addict does Not deserve to die because they are a drug addict. Nor should they be valued as less of a human being. Dehumanisation is mainly self serving as dehumanisation can not be implemented as an act until something of what a person perceives as a substandard act has been committed. Basically, it’s the police doing the old Do as I say not as I Do or Two wrongs don’t make a Right - until we do it.

It’s something that’s never happened to me personally really. Constant bullying, I’m Very vocal and if someone has an issue I approach them and communicate this which usually solves the problem. I wanted my parents to talk to David’s parents. As of the intervention order it was not appropriate for me to do this. David lived with his parents and I had worked in David’s Dads space at his workshop. They had seemed to be reasonable people.

Prior to trying to attack myself, David that same day at midday, was when he also tried to attack Luke with a Bear Grylls knife. David’s Mum picked him up from this incident. We were broken up and David wouldn’t leave. We had been broken up for a while. Luke was concerned for my welfare around David. Luke and his brother had spoken to David politely one day about his manner toward me and the Adelaide incident. The boys all knew each other around town and were friendly, they were able to have civil conversation. David’s behaviour continued and he didn’t move back home.

Luke entered my bedroom at my request as David still wouldn’t go. David was on the ground crying not wanting to go. Luke sympathised with David expressing he also found it had to leave when we broke up. David leaped off the ground and went towards Luke with a Bear Grylls Hunting Knife I had bought David as a present. The knife I later confiscated from David possession. He yelled at Luke to leave him alone, Luke immediately stepping back and out the bedroom door. That’s when I approached David, he held the knife at me also vocally warning me. I stepped back to where Luke stood, we called the police and David’s Mum who collected him. It was odd David before leaving with his Mum after attempting to stab Luke and holding a knife at me this being the first incident, bellows at me in front of his Mum - you will marry me. I assure you NO Dude I won’t I thought.

David’s Mum was the person who brought David back to my property the night when I was nearly stabbed. I don’t believe that David’s Mum wasn’t aware I had recorded David for the police. Not long after this she accused me of dobbing on her son.

He had her kitchen knife which she admits to seeing in his back pocket as he exited the vehicle to go to my front door. She told me this after the incident, that she seen the knife prior to him pulling it from his pocket. A knife that had previously that day been in their property. Not David’s possession.

I shut the door on David as he ran at me with a knife. Luke jumped from sitting at my back door on the floor up to hold the door shut. This is what stopped me from getting hurt. The police have the knife and there was blood all over my porch a David’s hand slid on the knife and cut him as it hit the solid door. David stabbed into the door at my head height. Kyriacou!?

David was also asking Luke to come outside and fight him yet mainly being derogatory towards myself. When he ran at the door David and his Mum were yelling nasty names at myself, both of them.

With the door closed but not latched until David stopped pushing on it, Luke stood at the door holding it shut until police arrived.

David’s Mum stayed outside my property bounds at her car, yelling derogatory things and encouraging her sons behaviour.

David had threatened to take his own life and been down to Port Mac after his first offence towards Luke and myself with the knife. Luke and I had both shown concern for David’s welfare during this period.

Behaviours surrounding David’s Mum have been odd, voicing my concerns about David’s mothers behaviour to both officers Kyriacou and Hancock.

It needs to be said that if the wrong decision wasn’t made with the threat of rape against myself reported in 2004 the events to follow are unlikely to have occurred. I was clearly targeted by the Gypsy Jokers after this and as with after Gordon died the due concern wasn’t enough to prevent substantial impact on my life.

Knowledge is Power, Until the Wrong minds are the only minds that hold it.

It is now when Knowledge should be Empowerment, the net can educate each and Everyone of us.

When We Know Better, Do Better.

Again a Biography of personal accounts regarding police corruption stemming from murder, bikies and what is concluded as Sexual Assault isn’t what I expected my first publication would be.

Dedicated to the Truth I finish with this short poem and an epilogue I will dedicate to the Good Police in this and a bit of you and me - Mushroom boy, My Real Hero, among the Ugly Heros.

My Ungodly Hour (Comte de St Germain)

If this blessing is a curse,

I wish to never have it leave.

Stay with me at 3am forever,

For in my heart I grieve.

Not for loss or comfort,

Not for love or in yearning.

But for my soul's freedom dear,

And all that I am learning.

Free and clear the light is here,

Bliss with no appearance.

At 3am I always feel you near,

My frequency interference.

29/03/16 - Marcia Anita Hobbs,

Le Driot Human, Adelaide Lodge 406.


‘Dancing with the Devil - Never let me Go’

Concluded the end must be defined indefinitely. The living biography endless in petty details. Yet we all want to know what come of Slaven and did your hero save you from the Ugly Heros.

Easily summed up, Many a Hero among the Ugly Hero’s saved me from the mistreatment of their peers but I only saved my life.

Being placed in a cell for speaking out - Remembering my help was what lead to 5 criminals in jail from 2014 and the resolution of a homicide is mind blowing.

On the 24th of November 2018 for the second time since reporting a rapist cop and assisting in a homicide I was.

Grant Moyle visited to stare me down whilst I sat reading James Comey's Biography - A Higher Loyalty. Darryl Wright and a love heart I wrote on the cover.

It was when I looked up to see Moyle that I knew that this was going to require more than myself and a lawyer to resolve this harassment. Moyle keeping beastiality like a pet in a cabin with 8 others out at the jail. I look Moyle straight in the eyes when I looked up - can you feel me Grant I thought. Anger poring uncontrollably from my eyes. I call Kent whom had got me a tea and pasty. Fox gave me a microwave meal at the last abuse of power which lead to no more Twilley occurred. I demanded Kent confirm it was Moyle who had just been standing at the door staring at me, hesitating Kent did not lie and confirmed my request. Grant Moyle you are no good for this town or station targeting a witness that’s spoke up against gangs and an offender who Grant Moyle shook hands and had a beer with David Bradley. It was evident here these bastards were trying to stop me from being able to pay a lawyer, get to one and now even to access one. I messaged my parents - Nothing.

It took 4 hours and at the end I was more worried about my welfare than the falsified charges. I needed to know I was safe, whatever it takes.

I was released with the help of a friend, ex lover and that day Hero. Surrounded by cops and my ex’s every time saving me from harm from the police. Another mind blowing moment in life on Mars.

I make a doctors appointment, I need to spend the weekend either isolated and pampering myself or chilling with mates, after one mission. I must make sure I’m not the only one with these false statements. That can never happen again. Much too close for comfort.

After court proceedings for the fine that is with the Integrity Commission under investigation which nearly resulted in my arm broken. I provide my lawyer with 5 phone numbers and indicate where he will get the support statement he will need against Slaven if this goes sour. I wait.

Officer Kent scratched me as he snatched my phone from my hands. Your texting he accused - correct. The officer behind me, a female defending the bullish behaviour with the comment to me that I’ll be okay. Moments later I’m sure she regretted that attitude with myself providing her with the same respect.

I had sent 3 text by this stage and made certain that if they were going to abuse processes and their power that people knew. The people that knew Slaven is an Offender.

I got it now, Slaven is a nasty man. Moyle is a low quality one like Griffiths. That said if I was to end up where I don’t belong I’m making damn sure Slaven is still charged.

Accumulating Many stories about Slaven by this stage one of the many of interest revolves around the football club to which he was president and extremely large gambling sums that passed through the club under his presidency. The TAB at the bar was passing that much money under Slavens presidency it was looked at within the gambling industry apparently leading to a patron being looked into at the club by authorities. Slaven conveniently leaving his presidency role when this was outed and Slaven apparently not associated with the gambling concerns despite Slaven allowing all this to occur as club president - and detective.

Like ICE trafficking reported to Griffiths also going on deaf ears with the local truck driver one day reporting directly to Griffiths I’m informed via truck wheel arches with no conviction from the information.

This doesn’t just occur at SAPOL, I had reported ICE dealers in 2018 directly to a Victorian police officer. They requested no statement, never tried to obtain one either despite this being a significant dealer.

The proceedings on the date of the 24th November 2018 are as follows. A male, Officer Leigh tried to refuse me my freedom, that wasn’t the best career choice he could have made. I made it clear to the officer if I was not released the consequences of false imprisonment would be Astronomical. I Will be making a Big Deal of this moment. I don’t think Officer Leigh understood the enormity of the harassment I had endured since my report against Slaven. Leigh did most of the processing without fault.

Lock stuck his head in the processing area. I had seen him earlier when passing a bike accident at the roundabout. I asked to stop to check that the motorcycle rider - a patched Gypsy Joker, was okay. He was standing as we passed and a bigger bloke, seeming fine I was the passenger and the driver didn’t want to stop to proceeded to the station as directed by the judge. I am first aid qualified and would have assisted the accident if need be. The judge had told Police Prosecution to notify my lawyer immediately when I arrived at the station. This did not happen.

Lock the officer responsible for the harassment I endured prior to Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017 had no reason to make himself present when I was at the station. As with Moyle whom the police have on recorded being called a Maggot for his conduct of keeping a ICE associated employee whom compromised my life and threatening myself personally. Moyles special visit to myself harassment, bullying and intimidation - Standardless and Unethical conduct, my mind boggles with thoughts that I can’t describe without profanity and much cursing regarding these poor excuses for human beings. It’s not tough, it’s disgusting and frankly beyond comprehension to see humans evolve into such shadows of deceit and that special trait of dehumanisation. Get a new job freaks, I’ll strip to take it from you - Seriously.

Human Right to resolution taken from myself as outlined with our constitutional rights in previous chapters. Having even spoken to the Police Minister in SA Government whom said it wasn’t in my best interest to stand up for our community.

4 years without resolution. I have false statements from police in my possession. I decided to sue SAPOL.

What seems to be a more normal of the longer term officers serving in Mount Gambier returns my zucchini muffin, no refined sugar from the organic cafe. Refreshing after the afternoons experience to have a normal respectful interaction yet too little to late now.

I trust zero police officers now, I trust basically no one at this stage too. Greed and power has clouded most judgements from what I can see and most who want to get close to me have an agenda. Even the Hero’s.

It’s evident Everyone wants to be a Hero until they REALLY have to be a Hero - I wish I was like that.

Damian claimed to be a Hero. A Victorian Officer of 33 years his policing resume was sexy as it read that he was a Good Officer.

I first met Damian working at the races as a Promotional Model for Classic Bet Australia, i had applied for the Promotional role at Classic Bet online through a website called StarNow. Damian came to our stand, I paid no attention being introduced to what I considered to be an old cop and walked off to work.

I had worked a few shifts for Classic Bet by this shift and always drove over as I felt uncomfortable with someone I didn’t know well though my boss was friendly and came across as really nice - good personal traits but I’m kind of freaked out by that. Travel had been spoken of previously with Classic Bet as a lot of the tracks we were promoting at were regional. I went with a friend to the tracks for half of these shifts feeling much better about trips to do Promotional Modelling not alone.

My friend drove me to the Ararat track, at the end of my shift we were insisted, myself and the other promotional model to meet Damian. Promotional models were mainly from Melbourne, this girl talked along the same line of origin. I copied the girl releasing my hair after she did acknowledging the shifts end and talking friendly with Damian also - my friend also an ex partner sitting next to me I was not being too friendly or untoward. The other girl trying harder to engage conversation. I was paid for my shift and myself plus friend left.

A girl had complained about Damian one night apparently as she felt uncomfortable and felt they were getting her drunk to take advantage of her. Apparently she vocalised this to the men, including Damian. This story Damian’s own admission.

Following this race meet at Ararat the Classic Bet boss asked me if he could give Damian my number. I said no saying he is too old and he’s a cop, I don’t feel comfortable with that. I was assured he was a good one. I still refuse.

I was to work for Classic Bet at a following promotion and for this promotion had no transportation. I could not get a ride over to Regional Victoria myself. Damian’s name was Volunteered by my boss at Classic Bet to provide transportation - again it being stressed that he was a good cop. At this stage I did not know about the other girl who he made uncomfortable - Damian telling me this story later on, his version saying he wasn’t trying to do that but that’s what he did to me so I don’t believe him.

Damian had also remarked, when I have called him out on his first sexual engagement with myself to which I felt I was to drunk and taken advantage of in a situation. I could not leave at the time with no transportation in the middle of somewhere I didn’t know on an isolated farm. Damian stated that I can not prove it - that I was too intoxicated for comprehensive consent. Not no I didn’t or sorry. He’s replied I can not prove it.

Prior to our initial engagement the promotion to which Damian was providing transportation was cancelled and Damian insisted I date him, hearing he is a well recognised police officer and the insistence he’s great I go on a date with Damian to the race meet to which I was supposed to be a Promotional Model.

I put in great efforts to not have previous experiences with the police tarnish the potential of a happy relationship. I’m an upbeat, energetic and positive person, nonjudgmental - if Damian was what his resume portrayed the police factor shouldn’t matter. Slaven being plain clothed the association between the uniform and the rape is not visual but subconscious and triggered by invasion of my personal space.

It is on our trips across 3 hours that the most discussion is had. Damian quickly reveals he followed the Gordon Hamm Homicide and that he knew SAPOL used me inappropriately, Damian showing concern for how I was treated and targeted. I was concerned he knew so much about the Homicide but comforted he was on my side.

We went to the races and back to his home later that night. My bags already in the spare room where it was discussed I would be staying. Not in Damian’s room.

Damian continued with the wine, pouring for both of us. I had drank moderately at the races, a little more after this and then finishing at home with some beverages I was quite drunk. Too drunk. Damian got up to get us another glass of wine, when he returned I was slumped almost asleep on the couch, Damian proceeding with his advance. I did like Damian and was enjoying his company, the maturity was refreshing as was the ability to speak to someone whom knew of my experiences as he had witnessed and stood against misconduct himself. I found his upstanding police reputation attractive.

The next day Damian claiming he loved me. I would not usually go out with a man after this type of hook up. He seemed oddly genuine and sincere claiming it had been a while and to excuse the enthusiasm as care. I was stuck there with him, I went along with this. He continued to introducing me to more of his friends. A lot of pressure, I was being introduced as his partner.

The relationship was very quick to develop from here even though we were only seeing each other on weekends.

Damian was quick to support myself against the Lock harassment and though he did try to encourage myself to plea - as was the lawyer he respected my choice not to as I committed no offence. Damian even paid for my legal representation and conversed with my solicitors.

He was showing small signs of being controlling from the start. Boss of a police station I could handle and didn’t mind him being assertive. He to begin with wasn’t being rude mannered.

Refused service from a local restaurant as he was too drunk and also asked if he wanted a taxi arranged, Damian replied saying he would call one. This night Damian revealed a few reasons why he was a successful police officer but single. He pushed me in the kitchen while yelling. He wanted his keys which were in a draw in my bedroom, I had hidden them from him as he was too drunk to drive and needed to rest. Up and down yelling for hours he finally slept on the couch. Apologising for his behaviour in the morning and appreciating my care to not let him drive. We broke up a couple of times, I believe once around this time myself saying I can’t have a relationship with a police officer. I was mentally struggling with this too despite my efforts to not paint all with the same brush. Being serious I’d have to agree to and use the stupid police certification SAPOL issued and partner my partner to be with a cop. My only interest would be busting gangs too - Taskforce policing.

Damian drove over at one of these break ups to tell me he had prostate cancer and asked me if I would get back together with him knowing he’s dying. This is emotional abuse and I said no.

We did end up resolving this break up, my lease cut short at my residence in Regional South Australia I moved to Victoria with Damian. Damian had been putting in lots of effort to make me feel he had my best interests at heart.

I flew to Jamaica for my Pageant Finals and had a great experience cooking for the National Jamaican Children’s Home and painting there. We also climbed Dunn River Falls and I roomed with the most Amazing women achievers. Priceless experience thanks to Damian, except for the bickering.

It started fine then conversation escalated and was provocative negatively from both of us. Upon my return to Australia Damian grabbed my arm unacceptably and demanded I kiss him despite the disrespect shown by both of us to each other while I was gone, I asked to go back to Mount Gambier, he did not let me move straight away - I got a quote from GRACE removals. Our relationship now completely dissolved.

Concerned by things said and done I reported the Domestic Violence to crime stoppers and formalised in a statement to VICPOL. I have no doubt Damian is aware I have report his conduct, with VICPOL recently allowing him to represent Domestic Violence at a White Ribbon appearance. I’ve seen this type of perception cover up with the White Ribbon representation in SAPOL, the boss of Mount Gambier Police Station prior to Grant Moyle, Twilley being a White Ribbon representative whilst allowing hundreds and hundreds of Domestic Violence Intervention Breaches to pass his table without action. I immediately confront Alyx whom I reported Damian to after seeing him standing with the White Ribbon banner. I sent her the picture and told her I no longer trust her. She assured me she would properly investigate, I assured her SAPOL whom were already monitoring me can charge him if they don’t and provided Alyx with one officers name. I expect Darryl Wright Not to lie - not for Griffiths, for Lock, for Slaven, Jennings or Anyone I know he knows has engaged in misconduct against me.

Experiencing this before it was no surprise to me to hear police trying to censor the truth with my victim statement to protect the offender.

I politely reminded the officer that their investigation would be resolved if SAPOL and VICPOL worked together with their resources in relation to what is clearly a hard task - dismissing or charging an offending officer. I advise Alyx, Adam Brown had been investigating what were dismissed and undetermined in court allegations and she has all the resources she needs without further questioning me. Damian told me my phone was off as they refer, I know they don’t need my phone. It’s SO suss at this point. Alyx wanted me to remove these posts informing the public of an offending officer after a pubic picture was shared of him representing VICPOL regarding domestic violence. She tried to explain to me it’s for my protection I only communicate with family and my significant other - I know this type of censorship regarding offending officers endangers me more than speaking out in my position. This is not for my protection when there is enough to charge Damian and I know he knows I reported him because the man that introduced us originally knows. This is Public interest, the truth and a concern especially when VICPOL has him in uniform standing as a White Ribbon representative, this is definitely something the public has the rights to know. Legally I’m entitled to a copy of my statement, we all are as victims. Oddly after asking 3 times I have not been provided this - keep it Alyx, SAPOL can pull it and enforce intervention at least.

I love the to letting my family know is okay - hard to communicate right now and spouse, I’m single and free to date who I choose - my last partner was the cop I had just reported, amazing Alyx was the active detective and knew this. SO were we including potential spouse here!? Knowing how it goes this legislation was being applied to silence me like SAPOL tried.

To write this book I broke an barely enforceable condition currently held against me which I could never serve imprisonment for, any penalties endured must not exceed the maximum of the offence. Day 5 passed in this period after expressing this injustice to Mount Gambier police and I was impressed at the time by the Mount Gambier station not harassing me. Reality is unless they want to press ahead and break federal law and abuse state law there’s not much that can be done except dismissal of misconduct and charges against offending officers. Though they’ve changed dates and throw mud for years, it’s an interesting chess game. To be king and pawn and a board of knights and queens. Riddle for you. x

It surprises me that the police hierarchy are compromising so many lives with their illegal dealings let alone compromising good officers to target me to cover up a sex offender and compromised long term officer as it started. Theses men, women and their children deserve more respect than this. As stipulated in earlier chapters I truly believe they go in wanting to be Heros - most of them. Where this is lost is the culture, it’s in the job and it shouldn’t be like that. They should all be able to be Heros big and small, there should be a moment for every cop where they felt like a real hero and that should not be compromised to the point where they are nothing but Ugly Hero’s.

I was found Not Guilty of heavy handed officer Locks false resist arrest, 7/01/19. Severely bruised, scarred, thousands of dollars later, my license affected for over 12 months, my business travel severely affected, the pure trauma of the experience, false bail conditions tarnished my records and intimidation from officers involved but I was SUCCESSFUL, JUSTICE prevailed.

This is now an Assault against myself by Officer Lock, I contacted SAPOL and the Independent Integrity Commission for resolution as they were aware of the incident and dismissed the report of false arrest with no action. The courts now finding the arrest unlawful the matter escalates to assault. Protect corruption at Any cost - seriously miss used tax dollars.

During 2014 - 2019 I experienced 7 ignored calls to the police station, unanswered calls numerous times - calling from work phones and other people’s mobiles to have my communication validated. 2019 was the worst 40+ mins unanswered to the CIB/Domestic Violence unit in Mount Gambier. Unsurprisingly to me that this type of compromise occurs but on this day (Monday 14th January 2019) the fact that I emailed an on duty officer and this unanswered call was not validated 25 mins after Sandra Stokes was notified of the call shows the harassment is institutional. I had been emailing Sandra earlier regarding the Domestic Violence incidents committed by Damian in my brothers property where I had been residing. I start to wonder how lacking in ethics Sandra was. She was part of protecting Andy Stott’s numerous false breathalyser readings and targeted traffic stop of myself. She was the Domestic Violence Officer for my report against Luke Scheidl where he confessed to on duty Paul Griffiths the day of the assault what he did. No consequence for Luke still. When I later wanted intervention placed on Luke this did not occur, just task numbers allocated at my calls to state police number. Sandra was also guilty of protecting David Bradley to obtain minimal outcomes for his DV breaches. Commentary which was lyrical in reflection of David Kyriacou’s behavior had also been displayed by Sandra at this time, forms of obstructing justice.

The police when targeting you breach your devices - in an investigation permissions required to do this are at the highest level and require Solid evidence. It’s Easy to set someone up with constructive conversations initiated by informants whom are in with corrupt cops and on the books to do so. The police proceed to take photos following you and in turn place a criminal in your walking path, get them to ask for a smoke and snap you in conversation.

The key factor when investigating a criminal officer is time. The mud throwing starts immediately, discrediting and rumour spreading - the reliance on basic human insecurities and feelings to spread an agenda and hopefully deflate the report. Gossip - technically legally it’s also neglect by police personnel. When a police officer discloses in investigation they are bound by privacy laws and subject to neglect charges if they breach them.

It’s now the 22nd of January, less than a month before I facing 3 offenders in court. Darryl Wright and Andrew Lock at this stage still holding 2 illegal fines in the system not allowing me to renew my license. I have been told many things about Darryl Wright - Noddy. To me he has come across as assertive and genuinely good, wanting justice outcomes in his police interactions on most part. I’m baffled at the time as to why he of all people is involved in picking on me, especially when Darryl and I conversed in 2015/2016 about exactly this behaviour.

Damian Ferrari my ex partner (keeping in mind 33 years a police officer) told me he knew Darryl Wright was part of the discrediting and targeting of myself. I experienced truth to this on the 21st of January 2019 where I spoke to an officer regarding the fines outstanding against my name. The officer stated Darryl Wright could not remove his own fine and a fine issued out of misconduct.

David Kyriacou has had the integrity enough to have officers remove fines of harassment in the past, I know it can be done.

Facts are that even if Darryl Wright ranked below Lock he could report the incident to the appropriate authorities, which would back my complaints. Grant Moyle clearly part of the harassment I understand is no option and Darryl Wrights boss, as with the commissioner Grant Stevens who is aware of Locks false arrest and allowing the conduct to be accepted.

Two years in the position running the Mount Gambier police station and now Grant Moyle has earned retirement from SAPOL harassing the girl who spoke up against a rapist and ICE Dealing police officer, assisted police in a successful homicide outcome and starring me down in an incident that since being though court should Never have occurred. It’s screwed how SAPOL choose to retire him over dismissal, using our tax dollars to pay for a man that protected ICE Dealers on our streets. It was stated as institutional harassment towards myself. Damian believed that Grant Moyle was posted in Mount Gambier with myself in mind.

Touched on but hearing Damian’s honesty regarding police misconduct and the experiences I had was uplifting and disheartening. This behaviour is a practice in policing, that culture - compromising intel and personnel. It’s only Ego that’s stops you from saying your sorry or wrong.

On the 23rd of January 2019 I met another ignorant officer, Tim Lawson whom is stationed in Mount Gambier in the Domestic Violence section. Reminding me of the dismissive officer of Christie’s beach. Unable to make his own decisions, which to me says he should not be in this position Tim refused to protect myself against Damian’s intimidation. I was forced to call Adelaide and seek resolution, I was advised to contact the station and report to a Senior Sargent. I immediately contacted the Mount Gambier station, after seeking a Senior Sergeant I was advised by Lisa who answered the phone that even if I was to speak to a Senior Sergeant they were not going to do their job and readdress the issue after it was seen as unconcerning to the DV sector. I reported Tim for his misconduct protecting an officer and not the victim where a serious assault and Domestic Violence incidents were concerned. Again Special Task and Rescue who Damian stressed he wanted shut down - clearly because they protect people like me from people like him, will have to issue Task numbers until Damian is charged.

It frustrates me a lot, a procedure less process which evident. I have been called an informant by persons associated with Graham Young more times in the last 4 years than I can count. Something that if I was Shouldn’t be known and I also would not have been broke at this point in time.

An informant (also called an informer) is a person who provides privileged information about a person or organization to an agency. The term is usually used within the law enforcement world, where they are officially known as confidential or criminal informants (CI), and can often refer pejoratively to the supply of information without the consent of the other parties with the intent of malicious, personal or financial gain.

James Joseph Bulger Jr., known as Whitey Bulger a famous FBI informant and responsible for gang activity of the ages in America is a perfect example of police association and crimes informant lines blurring and this was a lesson learned in 1980’s after his recruitment in 1975. Cops be cops, Gangsters be gangsters - like a broken record.

Undercover officers need the Highest of integrity, facing every temptation possible to sell out, survive and thrive. Informants are persons who lack ethics and integrity yet provide information in exchange for exemptions regarding their activities. Both are unpredictable, dangerous roles to which can’t Really be managed. You enter this deal like your a front line soldior or signing a waiver to Rock Climb - we’re doing everything to apparently keep you safe but if we don’t and you die or get injured you’d want to hope your family sue and knew your were in with the cops. Plus you also need that extra knowledge that the police compromised your life, and the police just like any good criminal don’t admit guilt easily.

2019 marked year 5 of my fight for resolution after assisting with the Gordon Hamm case and Reporting Paul Griffiths and Kurt Slaven, the last year.

The many events including this book tick over in my mind knowing they would never have occurred if I wasn’t exploited by a system that created a culture of acceptable misconduct.

It was SO evident SAPOL were going to continue to break federal law and withhold my Freedom of Information and Right to Resolution. Ugly Heros entered the publishing progress before Resolution was finalised.

$4,000.00 would have saved the acquisition required to gain my property back, an operation my Uncle and cousin Sean with the commissioner of SAPOL cleared and then covered over to focus on VICPOL’s flawed investigation - Flawed by false information provided by police to cover the ICE industry and an abuse of my life.

Others have been disregarded, disrespected, dehumanised, compromised, set up, used or abused by police officers just the same without just outcomes.

2 fines from Andrew Lock and Darryl Wright had not been processed within the system stopping my license renewal. I contacted Darryl Wright on the 23rd of January 2019 around 11 pm as he was on night shift. As directed by 2 government departments prior to filing further complaint against Darryl Wright for this misconduct, abuse of process and the already reported not breathalysering David Bradley. A reminder Darryl appeared in 2014/2015, after I told my father about Gary Sporter trying to recruit me as an informant. It was after I spoke out against my family’s meeting with the commissioner. Darryl Wright, a Detective at the time had clearly been investigating the damage to Luke Scheidl’s car in self defence and used my parents as a source. The courts having already dealt with the issue in Victoria.

A refreshment to Christmas 2014 when I brought up the acquisition of Luke’s car by a know drug dealer, Ben Senior (deported - a result gained after Gordon Hamms death) with my STARForce cousin. Sean happily said the police cannot do anything about a person taking a car for a drug debt, apparently Luke had a debt. Odd because Luke never had a drug habit, my parents had accused him numerous times falsely, information sourced from their friends Bec and Phil. Phil has been to jail and was a runner for the Gypsy Jokers Luke told me. Not my police family or my family who introduced me to an ex felon, Luke Scheidl told me that the source of my parents false information was a criminal associated with the Gypsy Jokers. Luke’s little brother was a dealer whom the police were aware of and I had nothing to do with outside of rehabilitation interactions.

Remembering I have reported Luke for illegal activity and theft of the car in Sydney that Darryl was looking into the damage of to Paul Griffiths showing him the paperwork I had copied of the forging of a license and obtaining a car and credit card after we broke up. Paul Griffiths being the uniformed officer Luke Scheidl confessed to strangling and threatening my life to just after the incident.

I found it interesting that Darryl was using persons whom exploited my life and used me as bait, confirmed by both Damian Ferrari (Police Officer) and Luke Scheidl (person who strangled and threatened my life in what was apparently a STARForce investigation where I had my life compromised and was entered in computers at the doctors as a Police Officer without my knowledge - without charge) as resources.

The incident on my was self defence. David Kyriacou was correct with his investigation. Luke Scheidl should be charged with threatening my life, strangulation and either Domestic Violence or Gang associative behaviour. The only reason he isn’t is because of the Gypsy Joker hold on the SA police.

I told my father about Gary Sporter trying to recruit me as an informant, Darryl Wright appearing then. Darryl Wright is friends with my cousin, whilst I’ve been harassed and Darryl has always around. He’s either the problem or the solution, this is evident. Knowing the Gypsy Jokers own the police station and it seems someone whom is using the wrong people as informants is compromising the town with their investigation it seems evident Darryl Wright didn’t breathalyser David Bradley because of his association with the Jokers not because of incompetence. Was Darryl Wright really responsible for the compromise of the Gordon Hamm homicide by way of leading an investigation for a gang agenda. This had been said to me by very experienced officer but I chose not to believe it. Had I made an error in judgement?

A Royal Commission into SAPOL was needed. A liberal government at this stage after much misconduct under labor also rife the saga and ongoing compromise must stop.

Done correctly you will find informant drug dealers to politicians who are Gypsy Joker (Nazi) associations running agendas to profit out of the detrimental ICE and Cocaine as authorities of law. Murders by informants, serious assaults protected as offenders were informants, trespass and arson from offenders on police books, misconduct through the roof and much of which can’t be proven unless people speak out. The investigation discrepancies will be found but you’ll never jail the informant of the past for the murder the police approved. This is reality.

In a Royal Commission many compromises by Kurt Slaven would be found. Leads me to question the worth of covering up Sexual Assault and personnel misconduct - the lies, the black market money or the cheating on loved ones aired out to dry knowing the truth is defence and that is this.

The date the 11th of February 2019 is what goes down in history as SAPOL try to charge the victim with sharing information with the public to seek resolution for a criminal offences conduct by officers. What a legacy.

The current member of Barker is Tony Pasin, I watch political sh*t slinging often - watching liberals calling labor in with the Hells Angels while they have a representative who worked closely with a Gypsy Joker lawyer and gets his drugs and sources gossip from the Gypsy Jokers directly.

Yet, the left and right wing belong to the same bird. One of the first things I learnt as a Freemason and not from Freemasonry but from the freedom of true knowledge freemasonry allowed - the left and the right wing belong to the same bird.

I *Love* politics, to the point where it’s sickening. Trying to get me to sit and watch a movie has many challenges, yet I can sink into a couch and watch parliament time at a heartbeat. Insiders is my Muse, the Q & A host is a gray Uncle Greg and I live on ABC News. Literally the most boring wild child out. If it wasn’t for my outspoken ways and recreational green I’d be an old sock in my 30’s and happy with that. Studying, my label, volunteering, my German Shepherd and pageantry make me happy - obtaining my Graduate Certificate in Management January 2019 at the Australian Institute of Business on my way to my Masters Degree in Business Administration.


Chapter 12 clearly marks the end of the biography with Chapter 13 a somewhat unexpected Chapter over this conclusion.

John Kyrimis my legal representation told me in the court foyer mid beginning of 2018 it was highly unlikely Kurt Slaven would take his lies to court. Damian Ferrari stating he knew Kurt Slaven had offended against myself - both men sourced their information from police and police intelligence yet on the 24th of January 2019, just over two weeks out of a Pre Trial Conference SAPOL are still trying to pursue their defamation discredit agenda to cover up the exposure of ICE associated police officers and officers which are sex offenders.

Clearly the relationship with Damian Ferrari an unpredictable twist - an extra Ugly Hero. Lucky for me to have some Amazing friends and support networks to house myself and babysit me through the period of Damian’s broken promises and bitterness in myself leaving him. I’ll never understand a Domestic Violence police officer. I don’t understand the sex offenders either by I see drive of sexual gratification. Drive to just hurt somebody, someone you say you love is a Special kind of weird.

Damian asked for intervention on the 25th of January, applying corruptly in his own station. An action that was to be implemented on the 29th of January. I was handed this order by an older man and the attendance of an Officer I know as Laurie. I rang the station as Tim Lawson of SAPOL Domestic Violence stated he needed more contact from Damian to act. Knowing my phone is off and it was highly likely he was going to further fail at his job which he could do to others I give Tim Lawson one last opportunity to act before I move forward to ensure he does not maintain a position within Domestic Violence. These incidents should also brand an neglectful Officer with inability to climb the ranks. That’s how you’ll avoid police offending and hefty lawsuits - like mine.

I was distraught, mid pageant photo shoot the shoot was officially over. I broke down crying, I was shaking and instant anxiety set in while talking to the officer about the order - Damian’s apparent stress from being found out as a Domestic Violence and Sex Offender.

Immediately overwhelmed with emotion, as I had expressed to Alyx - I didn’t want to do this again. Another offender being protected. This evident as resolution to this VICPOL investigation was clearly focused on discrediting the victim as with my report against Kurt Slaven. I’m not surprised, I told Alyx that all this would happen. The Deputy Commissioner tipping Damian off about a station audit at beginning of 2018 should have been enough for Alyx to act with concern. Instead her investigation will now be flagged as a neglect case and I want to be seriously compensated for the anguish I have endured.

SAPOL was made aware of the corruption with the Deputy Commissioner and Damian mid 2018.

Damian was receiving spam emails at his email address and prior to our relationship had his details for a card misused. During the last four years and Only the last 4 years I have received various outside of ordinary spam messages. After breaking up with Damian I reported a problem with my emails to the provider which was the most extensive over the period. My devices accessed by the police evidently as letters to the ombudsman and intergrity Commission, especially during the period of 2017 regarding Jennings and mentioning Darryl Wright’s breathalyser misconduct were deleted. I have been made aware of emails sent from my email address also which were not of my authoring.

At the STARForce involved Clipsal 500 promotion in 2015 a photo I took was deleted. The girl watching my password entry to gain the ability to do nothing other than delete the photo I took of her undercover persons. She was a cool chick, I let it slide but I noticed. She was there to look out for me, this was evident early and she did well.

At approximately half past 1 pm on the 28th of January and male and female officer visit my new premises making accusations of noise complaints. This happening in 2015/2016 with the appearance of Darryl Wright - my reply “I’ll turn in down for you” going down as the most obvious I like you response of all time. I might as well have grabbed the bloke, clearly grasping his vocal cord before his response in that moment.

The male described fits the description of Darryl Wright though I can’t be sure as I did not see them. My friend was bombarded with the accusations and confused as there was no music playing and hadn’t been for at least a good half hour. The male officer proceeded to state that the complaint was made about loud music at 9:30am - responding at 1:30pm, this is odd also. No music playing when the police arrived, no music playing at the time of the accusation!? The Only reason the police had to visit this day was due to my police complaints, Pure Harassment. Abuse of Power.

On the 29 th day of January 2019 I started the process to sue Damian, my ex partner, a person I shared love with - also a Domestic Violence Offender for defamation. His application to courts being a manipulative angle to being investigated for misconduct and Domestic Violence.

I was told by SA police authorities that after Gordon Hamm died the Victorian police illegally entered my home. I know this was true as I had the recording of the police entering my premises when I went to a Doctors appointment in 2014. My source informed me that it was Victorian police conducting the harassment. Knowing a team which included VICPOL Officer Jarred Anderson had entered the property to which Luke Scheidl resided in Victoria, Portland. The police removing those registration plates from Luke’s car.

At the time in 2014 it was said that this was the source of the prostitution rumour. I know that this rumour was circulating in 2011 prior to the VICPOL investigation and my father being assaulted. Numerous friends had told me of rumours that had circulated for years regarding stripping stemming back to early 2000’s. knowing what I know now I wonder if this was Kurt Slavens rumour after he raped me - is this why SAPOL would not release my Freedom of Information for this period? The gossip has never been of no concern, no one believed it just laughed - until the police stated it was investigated.

Andy Stott, SAPOL Officer was involved with the rumour in 2011 at the BMX track. The persons who took over his presidency at the BMX the same persons whom came to the stand I had at Country Championships and made defamatory commentary in front of my mother.

The police using pliable or weak individuals to run there agendas is no surprise, but ruining lives to protect ICE, Rape and Murder!? Numerous times individuals whom have also been the subject of police harassment told me their stories as I wrote the manuscript to this book.

David Kyriacou whom was only stationed in Mount Gambier from 2012 until 2016 name been being brought up numerous times as a police officer associated with damage to vehicles and targeted harassment. There needs to be no tolerance conduct policy in policing - instant dismissals, not just to protect the public but to protect the police also. This vendetta run by corrupt officers is costly for both the community in its development, cost associations, damages and clearly reputations.

Damian said that as the police get outed for their targeting and harassment they are transferred out to preserve their job and the agenda. He told me unless I move that the commissioner was going to keep transferring individuals down to harass and make false claims against myself hindering my life and development for reporting them. This had evidently been going on for years with A lot of evidence against the police and this biography outlines.

This was SO wrong to hear, this behaviour had to be stopped. Everyday I woke up writing this biography hoping that we can end these practices and this negative grasp on society.

As a Freemason since 2015 bombarded with questions and negative commentary has been occasional. Admittedly I know a few Freemasons in Mount Gambier and the commentary is true regarding them so I have understood opinions. Knowing Kurt Slaven and other CIB detectives were validating gang behaviour in the late 1990, early 2000’s rumours surfacing of Police, Freemasons and HA’s gave a new light to what I had already seen as a teen and within this town. The detectives gang was being associated with Freemasons in commentary I was hearing.

Graham Young is a bully and an Indigenous man, many people in town are circulating like nazis that Graham Young could never have really been a Hells Angel yet clearly wearing a patch for years, residing in Bordertown and from conclusive sources he was a HA.

After starting to share my manuscript in drafting form I heard from numerous local people in town being threatened by police officers that were in association with Freemasonry. They told me of Freemasons threatening them and engaging in much inhumane behaviour. When I joined the Freemasons my Father stated that I didn’t need to be a Freemason to do good. I agree with him, my father is a Very Smart man with a very high IQ which he does not hide. Nor should he, he is worldly and when I told him I had had my initiation and I was an Entered Apprentice he accepted this.

My father’s Rock Climbing gym was a rental property owned by a Freemason. A greed man who owned a security business. Working as a Swim Teacher in the same complex and being a member of the gym upstairs - all owned by David Hill, the view of greed and lack in humanity was a blanket feeling. I seen Mr Hill as a grumpy old man as a teen that would stare unnecessarily.

When I joined as a Freemason I was not aware of David’s position and I never endeavoured to seek it. He publicly displays his membership and once I correlated the two - David Hill and Freemasons I understood what my Father was saying.

I joined Freemasonry after reading of Thomas Hobbes, the male version of me from the 17th century. Having been involved in much religion I had not chosen to join anything as I don’t believe one religion is right and I believe religion is a tool which should be creating and stabilising society in humanity not controlling or censoring it. I told my Father I liked it as they were like minded people, that said I am nothing like David and that’s clearly the point my Father was making.

A member for 4 years when writing this book I truly believe I am surrounded by like minded people that do good. I would also advise Anyone wanting to become a mason to heed my Fathers commentary that you Do Not need to be a Freemason to be a good person. You Can just be good as I was.

A group of people doing good can do more good, unless power corrupts that. In 2016 I called out members of my lodge who were playing mind games from leaked information from police officers Freemason members. This behaviour is not Liberty, Humanity, Charity, Fraternity its Power and corrupt power at that and I told my Grand Master that. I Only want to be a Freemason if they are what I read of Thomas Hobbes founding Co Freemasonry with French Co Freemason, I want nothing to do with power that pollutes men’s humanity, steals their liberties and freedoms and that continues a war that is over. Adversity will Always exist but you create it when you manipulate people not allowing them to be their best to run your own objective. This is exactly what I was seeing.

My first years membership was paid for me, a generous gesture I have validated my own membership proudly since.

In 2019 February it was announced that SAPOL we’re tasking a force to tackle the ICE epidemic created within their own ranks. This a Major step towards change and a Positive one though I was sceptical of the outcomes. Every person whom I came into contact with in this period was met with rumours, threats or petty harassment. The statement that ‘everyone has a price’ true for most, if it wasn’t a price it was something to hide. I met very few people who would Not compromise the truth. Much support but little contribution.

A few people told me I would be implicated in the wrong doing. I’ve Never had Anything to do with Anything, just the Wrong Place Right Time for me. Especially here, NOT MY SCENE.

The facts of the case discrepancies and petty details outlined Tim Stringer was not the only one responsible for the debt Gordon obtained. Two other business men in Mount Gambier we’re also part of profiting out of misery.

Gordon Hamm was no longer able to obtain drugs from Graham Young - his debt was to high. Tim Stringer, introduced to Graham by David Bradley knew of Gordon’s debt with Graham. Tim Stringer became Gordon's new supplier obtaining his ICE from Graham. Graham was aware the ICE was going to persons whom already owed him money. Graham Young let this happen as Tim Stringer, Shaun McDonnell and Harry Peacock are established business men in Mount Gambier - they have money. Graham was guaranteed to make money from these men. It’s not rocket science. When I advised Tim to go to the police when Graham Young was threatening him over the $120k Gordon now owed Tim, Tim expressed he was scared of the Graham. Harry Peacock the employer of Tim Stringer and the man with the smallest monetary contribution to the drug dealing enterprise lived across the road from a STARForce Officer Quinn. At the time I was told that Quinn was aware of the threats made to Tim by Graham via Harry Peacock. Yet Gordon Hamm died with Special Task and RESCUE in the know regarding threats to his life!? This is where SAPOL flounder their responsibilities over Gordon Hamm. This is also where you see the greed for profit over the service of Humanity. When policing is no longer policing - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement.

The gang did not want to be linked to the murder as it puts a never ending legal link on all involved. This is where rumours of other gang involvement took place. Sean Irvine is associated with numerous persons known in the drug trade. He also supplied Tim Stringer with the product Tim was dealing. This product again had links to Graham Young. Tim Stringer after offenders were charged had negotiated that he could Never be charged with drug dealing, even though he dealt the ICE to Gordon Hamm that had his life devalued and in turn cost him his life also. Aaron Roche - according to my ex Damian (police officer VICPOL) just a lower level detective, leaving the charge of accessory to murder on the cards from what I see. Smart lower level operating from the Humane Detective.

Concluding we must keep in mind the investigation into the Gordon Hamm murder had Federal approval. Luke Scheidl my ex knowing a Federal Police Officer of New Zealand decent in the Federal Police service, he stated this man was utilised in the investigation in 2014. By this stage my communication with VICPOL Detective regarding the homicide had ceased so I am unsure of the claims merit. Luke at this time was still in communication with the Mount Gambier CIB. The federal officer he spoke of being a relation through marriage and family to Luke Scheidl, Luke shared mainly general information about this Federal police officer with myself.

A little history in SA politics, keeping in mind during this period of government rebranding (2014 - 2016) the Labor government has been blame for that which the Liberals also are guilty of - Neglect. Especially in regards to myself.

Before the political bashing thoughts take over - its the minority misleading the majority and inaction or the ‘do what is easy option’ (avoid conflict even if its resolution) which society conditions us to do - I love a Dishwasher by the way - Making life like that I Fully dig them, cars, shoes, sticky tape. Life made easy.

It’s complacency in authorities, the compromises and procedures that allow political agendas to flourish which has lead to SO many mistakes over the Gordon Hamm homicide, charging Kurt Slaven and life being a No Human Rights nightmare. The ICE industry and use of gang violence to silence witnesses under police authorities knowledge or authorisations for money Must Stop. SAPOL’s new task force a great step, but these are the same men and women whom have nurtured a problem for years, even with a cultural change, New taskforce and New ideas they need a New approach, New Management. I see a patch over like the rebranding of the police commission- the same investigators tasked to investigate police crimes under a new banner. It changed nothing, 2 years into a new government and new integrity department the government still tried to milk the ICE industry linked to Kurt Slaven by not charging him and harassing me. Court records to prove it.

A Liberal government oversees a Labor government investigation and turf war complications occur?! Resembles the Hells Angels associated sh*t slinging in parliament while housing a Gypsy Joker association in the Liberals own bench in 2016. Petty power plays running a political agenda with police and policies at the expense of the community. Time and time again.

Looking at history in politics during my residence in Mount Gambier in 1993 the Liberal government won a landslide victory in South Australia. My family moving to Mount Gambier early 90’s. STARForce was not absent from SAPOL during this period, established in the 90’s I believe. Liberal serving SA until the win of Labor and a Mike Rann government in 2002. The government to which Jay Weatherill was Disability Minister. The government that rebranded after my movement against neglect and sexual misconduct by staff to clients under IDSC care. The same choice made by Liberal government after an investigation was carried out into my claims against Slaven. Minor disciplinary action and previously offending staff members retaining their job under the new government.

I proud to say I emailed all Jay Weatherill’s political opponents about his conduct prior to his election as our state minister. Nick Xenophon was the only political member interested in Jay Weatherill poor decisions as Disability Minister. Yet as an outspoken Independent Nick never spoke out once regarding this knowledge to the public prior to Jays election, he instead went into Federal politics before thinking he owned South Australia to run for power here. Losing to Liberals.

My point, no matter who the political representative is STARForce in South Australia is tasked the hard tasks, knowing this and knowing Kurt Slaven is associated with STARForce intel and ICE dealers - counting each new day that passes without his charge since late 2014, being barraging with false claims, charges and defamation. STARForce being evidently revealed twats whom have let people died and be bullied, people they are supposed to protect for profit or an agenda they were happy to overlook for petty benefits. When you have followed gang behaviour for years with no arrests taking liberties over the community, over Human Rights, over Freedoms and over Peace - you are not policing anymore, your terrorising people. It’s not justified, It’s not okay, it’s not Right and it’s in breach of Constitutional and United Nations Human Rights.

The right to resolution and privacy are our liberties, our entitlements in Western Society. A biography defining that and a piece of my soul.

It came to a week from the court date set with malicious charges, it had been a rough and a cruisy last week prior to this. I had to collect extra paperwork from the station. Prosecution informed myself SAPOL had not mocked up further charges and that I had all documents. I requested an extra copy be left for myself to collected. This was promptly produced and left for my collection. I had again requested my FOI from Victoria Police, this time with no exclusions. I now wanted the statement Aaron Roche had drafted to hold in his Melbourne Station against David Bradley. Damian had mentioned the statement and investigation during our relationship. Unknown to Damian was the contact I made with Aaron as I was concerned when he mentioned this. I had been Very Specific to Mr Roche that I would Only be assisting him with this matter and that I Only Trusted him. I even asked if Aaron Roche could be the officer I reported Damian Ferrari as I’m comfortable with him. He’s Real, I like that.

I was directed by Victorian FOI to seek the statement via the Mount Gambier Station, knowing it would not be there I went through the motions (as I do) before I made a big deal about the runaround. Sandra Stokes whom has not had glowing reviews on her police conduct regarding her interactions with myself prior to this sought the statement, and proved that she like Kyriacou was a part time Ugly Hero. Rather impressed by Sandra’s professionalism with the request, I patiently awaited the statement to review for my signature.

Adding to the political waters which stems from the use of prostitution within parliament which clearly the police investigate or cooperate with - global issue nothing new to the 20th century. And honestly should be the communities problem, if they weren’t cheating it wouldn’t be. After all prostitution in some shape or form is legal in Australia according to Alyx of VICPOL. Knowing an ex male prostitute from Victoria and Alyx a police officer of 9 years this point frustrates me - A lot. As if you think it’s okay to run junk like this for 20 years ruining communities for a few petty cheats, Paul Griffiths a prime example of a petty cheat and community expense.

In 2017 a Nick Xenophon candidate asked me to put in for Nicks political team, two years into the game I had seen played on past undercover police, ex army personnel and myself I took interest in what the professional within the construction industry who I interacted with whilst working at Studform had to say. Political aspirations but with no ability to take up the role nor desire at this time, my main goal resolution to my police complaints I indulge the idea of candidacy.

It was at this time that I learned of false accusations/information - defamation within my FOI. I was again accused of behaviour I had Never engaged in - Prostitution. At the time the Integrity Commission was investigating Darryl Wright and Matthew Jennings misconduct in regards to David Bradley. I was also making a big deal of dodgy fire doors being made for the New Hospital in Adelaide. Reliably source I am aware that my FOI even though is yet to be released to me was obtained by the Xenophon Team. This then was viewed by the construction industry employee and shared with Studform. SAPOL at this time aware of their own malicious intentions of defamation to cover up their ICE associations let this FOI be view with defamation and discrediting their agenda.

There has been too many actions to cover up this institutional and whistle blowing vendetta. The government doing so encourages such a negative culture and society as well. The paperwork, persons, institutions, recorded interactions, companies, suffering and years of neglectful malicious investigations can not be covered up from here. Legal advisers have told me to seek avenues of negligence with Adam Browns investigation. Adam Brown sent by the commissioner Grant Stevens. His charges that were dismissed in court causing much suffering and losses further to myself since late 2017. Deliberately executed serving police officers have commented to myself, Michelle the insecure personality getting a good taste of the truth’s Power, True Power stating Adam Brown was her partner in crime at the Mount Gambier police station where I was interviewed regarding posting the truth on social media. That pathetic moment where you think the police can’t stoop any lower than to protect a rapist and they do.

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