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A Biography of personal accounts regarding police corruption stemming from murder, bikies and what is concluded as Sexual Assault isn’t what I expected my first publication would be.

Ugly Heros - The Price of Unlawful Enforcement, Manuscript.


‘A world untold’

It starts at Margaret Street Mount Gambier after the pines assault - 2 rabbits, and an attempt by 4 boys to force myself to perform oral sex. They were unsuccessful, dropped in the middle of Margaret Street my boyfriend frantic this night, as with my friends looking for me. I made it home I was okay. We moved to Doughty Street that's when the 2 rabbits died.

Margaret Street was our first home away from home, a relative of my at the time boyfriend’s, the home adjoined to the relatives office - as fresh out of home teens we were only alone at night. Young and in love, we moved out of home together planning our future. Tim and I shared a love for motorsports and a passion for driving.

I didn’t realise but it changed me. What he did, his threats, all that was orchestrated to follow.

At Doughty Street Tim was quick to get me a new floppy eared bunny. A successful carpenter at trade level Tim was developing into the successful builder he is now, evident at this age. It was here where the reattempt at a second incident of rape was to occur. His disgusting naked body, podgy belly, elbow out holding his head in his hand is something I can not erase from my mind even after all this time.

In 2002 I had been told a man was targeting my relative as a perspective drug addict - they failed. After intervening in the relationship I was able to shed light on the fake friend. I later learned of a correlation between my attacker and this man.

A new boyfriend (Tim and I in love but young broke up) was the first person I confided in being warned and scared not to talk. It was after speaking out that I never forgot his name. I was alerted of whom he spoke to and knew this man was a very bad person. I was ready to tell someone but now what? How do you report a police officer, where do you go - to his friends!!? A teenager with no one, at a time in the year where I had been living with a friend as my parents would not let me move home - I gave up hope of justice then. Other than the police check that I had to teach, I kept as far as possible from police. Until Gordon died.

Eventually I trusted one officer in my small hometown. Not trusting enough to report my rapist - I knew he would know him. It was when Gordon was murdered that I meet a Victorian Homicide officer whom displayed humanity confiding in him regarding some of my concerns.

Before jumping to far ahead, let me outline Mount Gambier is in regional South Australia. My family resided 38 km from the city towards the beach. I went to a regional area high school outside Mount Gambier in a place called Allendale. My family are private and for majority of my upbringing they were the Restaurant Manager and Manager of Hungry Jacks. I recall my parents knowing a man on the highway before Mount Gambier if you were heading in from Melbourne. This man had a mechanic. This mechanic is the man I later hear is linked to my rapist.

During this period of reporting within the last 6 mths (today's date October 14th 2018) this man (the mechanic) approached me confirming my rapist - this police officer was corrupt and did compromise the SAPOL investigation I was told of initially after the offences Against myself. A clearly ballsy man he continued to state this police officer was a nasty man who would try and get me. At this point I am four years in from my initial report in 2014, police harassment escalating to legal proceedings and each addition to the statement concluding in ‘I am prepared to go to court’, these words are no deterrent. That said I can’t believe that when I finally get to report this that it’s a cover up campaign as opposed to conclusion. The rumours would revolt you - we will get there, hence SAPOL withholding my Freedom Of Information (FOI) request, 9 months of a breach of my Human Rights - The amount of fabricated contents is supposed to be flatteringly attentive.

I lived with my new partner at Lake Terrace West, a good area. 2 bedroom flats of 3. My brother also occupied this property, the property where I first talked about the ordeal. There’s a small room under this flat, it’s dirty and dingy with a mattress. I often wonder if a homeless person sleeps here.

I am at the conclusion I can not report the rape and attempted sexual assault that followed. I volunteer out at an Aged Care facility called The Oaks this leading to a full time position in Disabled Care for government facilities provider then IDSC.

I move twice in a 12 month period with this boyfriend, he continually smashed his driver side window with his fist. Odd behaviour, his demeanour ending our relationship regardless of the bond made when confiding in him regarding the policeman’s offence and reattempt.

I continued to work in Disability and to Swim Teach into years to follow. Swim teaching since I was 15 yrs old I have always kept in the field, awarded 10 years certification from AUSTSWIM.

In 2004 - 2005 I report incidents of neglect and assault at the high dependency house to which I assist clients. Most of these clients could not speak nor had the cognitive ability to report not being fed, medicated, rolled, washed, etc themselves. I spent a year fighting for the voiceless, eventually getting put on 6 months paid leave and promised they would be spending that time to change things with thanks and lots of promise for my work return. I spent this time studying childcare.

Coming to my second report encounter with SAPOL police occurring surrounding this leave period from my government position. I was assaulted by two girls I did not know and a ex girlfriend of my brother who’s mother is a known prostitute in Mount Gambier. They were charged. It took 3 years but I Was compensated, they Were charged with 2 lifetime intervention orders also issued.

The name Kylie was given to me as the 3 offender, the daughters of the prostitute wouldn’t name her. Yet I was informed from police sourcing that was the girls name and she had a Gypsy Joker Uncle - was this why it took 3 years? I used to go to school with the Sargent of arms son, he runs around town saying the Gypsy Jokers own the Mount Gambier Police Station. Knowing the mechanic is linked to the Gypsy Jokers and the rapist police officer is linked to him the possibility of a correlation between the two occurs to me to be the reason for the delay in charging, happy they were convicted life goes on. I buy a house.

Begin of April 2006 the house contract states, I had been renting the property through Malseed Real Estate prior to purchase.

I had a kelpie cross puppy called Kuta, once settled I got a German Shepherd also. Immediately fencing for dogs the exterior was the first facelift.

In 2009 my house made the newspaper. My neighbor was jolted in the rear by another car and was pushed through the front window, the entire front of the car in my lounge. Everyone okay, besides my endless water works. The incident resulting in a year plus of renovations and replacements. My first insurance claim, 25 years and single. New for old was great until it was an air loom, things you don’t remember but think got thrown out you were told to make up like they don’t care about your belongings at all. An emotional person, my once antique furnishings acquired at Estate clearances and antique shops were replaced with imported substitutes.

I then went on to work in the Real Estate industry new and existing home with my only real joy within the field coming for working in new home sales.

My new boyfriend ran his Dads mill out of town and trained. 3 years older than me his Dad had a good business and was heavily involved in a successful sporting club, the house he resided in, in a familiar area to the house my family visited when moving to Mount Gambier. I started to wonder of the facts of this man. He came across as rough but professional and was always respectful to my face. I was brought up to not judge others. Especially not by what they look like. 3 months into this relationship I broke up with this boy, driving to my parents crying I recall my father saying I’m looking for a prince that doesn’t exist. The relationship wasn’t discouraged, reconciliation was - I should have known better.

In the years ahead this boyfriends Dad would threaten to cut off an employees hand and not pay his own son plus other employees for their hard labour.

In 2011, I was given a bank card to keep for my mum in safe keeping. I have a doctors appointment, the nurses area - people waiting, small town regular locals doing a Super important job. As usually I check in for my appointment, this time to be congratulated by the nurse and asked when I became a police officer? My cousin at this time a police officer and my Uncle ex Starforce I brush it off as family related and carry on. Proceeding home to tell my then partner of my day, including the police revolation at my appointment.

2012 was dramatic, I believe it was at the start of the year my human services account was accessed by a third party. The Queensland call centre receiving this call. I also confronted an offender of an serious assault, three others involved I broke up with this boyfriend not feeling I had his support in the situation. My tyre slashed the night of the assault.

The boyfriend having apparently nowhere to go, the break up was drawn out. He to, like his father also started to reveal his true colours. After an aggravated car chase and ramming a friends car he strangled and threatened my life. Driving to the Penola Road service station after this and telling a uniformed cop and his mother of his behaviour. SAPOL have still failed to act on this issue, 2018 with further request for intervention order in 2016/2017.

In 2015 this boyfriend stopped me from being hurt as a result of helping the police with the Gordon Hamm Homicide. It was at this point in time I was told that SAPOL used me as bait in an investigation and that I had had my life compromised by decisions made by my family and the commissioner a number of times. Hence the encouragement of the relationship mentioned earlier. The Police commissioner had been socially present at my Uncle's farm Boxing Day after Christmas 2008 or 2009 I think it was. There was nothing odd about this social celebration between friends with no time to collude. Either way I do not understand how any of these people can conduct such operations and encourage such risk to a life without myself personally volunteering. To be a cop or an undercover cop I need to agree, to be an informant like I was told I had previously been by a convicted criminal mentioning a police officer at this time again, I need to agree. With no contract to SAPOL it’s evident there’s much more to this. At the begin of 2018 I request my FOI from 2001 - 2005 and 2010 - 2017.

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