Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt. –Mahatma Gandhi

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Clear to date is it that there has been a Great deal of effort to hide the truth and hinder the print of this biography once it was released on social media in first manuscript form. Trial dates conveniently set by the magistrate to reflect its release date and in turn an Institutional plot to silence the truth. With court time over a year wasted on continuous Pre Trial Conference Dates.

Today 10/08/2019 after little consideration (this biography was not written for profit) I have decided to release the manuscript proofed for publication edits to Chapter 11.

This link, unlike your last taste is a PUBLIC copy which can be found on google without the direct link.

To maintain it's truth and integrity, UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement is personally published. Unlike my second publication to an International Publication House. It is with Great Pride I uphold the Human Rights of myself and others to Resolution, and with Much Sacrifice. Justice For ALL.


‘Tick Tock’

It’s here I’d like to express the hard work put into tolerance of this situation. It gives me no

pleasure to paint these officers up as bluntly as they have behaved being mindful not to

exaggerate their behavior nor my own. I make no apology for exposing these activities. I’m

a passionate person with the ability to make change here with many good men and women

whom are making the right decisions for the community to not be bullied by these individuals

or behaviors. The community deserves a voice against these activities without fear. Great

thanks to independent thinkers. The impacts on a women’s safety from offenders in

domestic violence, sexual assault and within chauvinistic environment is real.

The impact on the community from weak criminal alliance by police whom profit from criminal

activity is also real.


‘The Plot’

The background behind Ugly Hero’s is the Ugly alliance SAPOL has with the prostitution

industry, which involves sex drive heightening drugs such as ICE. Sex or Warfare meth

originating from the Nazi war times. And This is the plot. Slaven was involved with

prostitution through Mount Gambier underworld, the Gypsy Jokers. Hanns Scheidl Importing

germans to train people in Australia to cook Meth and ICE. A Ralph I had met in 2005 on a

night broken up with Jason. Ralph and I shared the same interests in music and walking

home together from the pubs and clubs I again encountered in 2006. This one of the men

brought to Mount Gambier residing and cooking on a property linked to Hanns. Hanns had

resided at this property during earlier years in Mount Gambier.

Paul Griffiths through Sean Irvine involved in the ICE/Meth trade in Mount Gambier

underworld also. Gordon was tragically taken over a drug debt and these known to be

associated policemen have been allowed to be part of investigations. This is when the

offenders - felons make ground. Compromises that can be contained and avoided if people

are made accountable immediately. My life and many others have been compromised by

Slaven, the theft of a car years ago and the flow on effect hindering the community of Mount

Gambier’s growth from this debacle.


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