13:37 The 27/12/18.

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

It being the Most horrific outcome, a charge laid against the victim as opposed to the rapist old police officer whom has lied in his statement and had a date changed in the SAPOL system who should be charged with Sexual Assault by now.

Today, another Appalling call received regarding Kurt Slaven. My Human Rights to resolution now non existent, preaching for my obedience - my silence. It's been 4 years since reporting this disgraceful police officer and traumatic to say the least, reliving an incident I had put out of my mind. We are 2 months away from SAPOL withholding basically a ten year period - a third of my life, without release for a year. In breach of Federal Laws, I requested my Freedom of Information February 2018, Victoria released there non existent documents mid last year, Clear with exclusions regarding Gordon Hamm and my statement against David Bradley of no relevance at my request.

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