Manuscript - Chapter 13

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‘Dancing with the Devil - Never let me Go’

Concluded the end must be defined indefinitely. The living biography endless in petty details. Yet we all want to know what come of Slaven and did your hero save you from the Ugly Heros.

Easily summed up, Many a Hero among the Ugly Hero’s saved me from the mistreatment of their peers but I only saved my life.

Being placed in a cell for speaking out - Remembering my help was what lead to 5 criminals in jail from 2014 and the resolution of a homicide is mind blowing.

On the 24th of November 2018 for the second time since reporting a rapist cop and assisting in a homicide I was.

Grant Moyle visited to stare me down whilst I sat reading James Comey's Biography - A Higher Loyalty. Darryl Wright and a love heart I wrote on the cover.

It was when I looked up to see Moyle that I knew that this was going to require more than myself and a lawyer to resolve this harassment. Moyle keeping beastiality like a pet in a cabin with 8 others out at the jail. I look Moyle straight in the eyes when I looked up - can you feel me Grant I thought. Anger poring uncontrollably from my eyes. I call Kent whom had got me a tea and pasty. Fox gave me a microwave meal at the last abuse of power which lead to no more Twilley occurred. I demanded Kent confirm it was Moyle who had just been standing at the door staring at me, hesitating Kent did not lie and confirmed my request. Grant Moyle you are no good for this town or station targeting a witness that’s spoke up against gangs and an offender who Grant Moyle shook hands and had a beer with David Bradley. It was evident here these bastards were trying to stop me from being able to pay a lawyer, get to one and now even to access one. I messaged my parents - Nothing.

It took 4 hours and at the end I was more worried about my welfare than the falsified charges. I needed to know I was safe, whatever it takes.

I was released with the help of a friend, ex lover and that day Hero. Surrounded by cops and my ex’s every time saving me from harm from the police. Another mind blowing moment in life on Mars.

I make a doctors appointment, I need to spend the weekend either isolated and pampering myself or chilling with mates, after one mission. I must make sure I’m not the only one with these false statements. That can never happen again. Much too close for comfort.

After court proceedings for the fine that is with the Integrity Commission under investigation which nearly resulted in my arm broken. I provide my lawyer with 5 phone numbers and indicate where he will get the support statement he will need against Slaven if this goes sour. I wait.

Officer Kent scratched me as he snatched my phone from my hands. Your texting he accused - correct. The officer behind me, a female defending the bullish behaviour with the comment to me that I’ll be okay. Moments later I’m sure she regretted that attitude with myself providing her with the same respect.

I had sent 3 text by this stage and made certain that if they were going to abuse processes and their power that people knew. The people that knew Slaven is an Offender.

I got it now, Slaven is a nasty man. Moyle is a low quality one like Griffiths. That said if I was to end up where I don’t belong I’m making damn sure Slaven is still charged.

Accumulating Many stories about Slaven by this stage one of the many of interest revolves around the football club to which he was president and extremely large gambling sums that passed through the club under his presidency. The TAB at the bar was passing that much money under Slavens presidency it was looked at within the gambling industry apparently leading to a patron being looked into at the club by authorities. Slaven conveniently leaving his presidency role when this was outed and Slaven apparently not associated with the gambling concerns despite Slaven allowing all this to occur as club president - and detective.

Like ICE trafficking reported to Griffiths also going on deaf ears with the local truck driver one day reporting directly to Griffiths I’m informed via truck wheel arches with no conviction from the information.

This doesn’t just occur at SAPOL, I had reported ICE dealers in 2018 directly to a Victorian police officer. They requested no statement, never tried to obtain one either despite this being a significant dealer.

The proceedings on the date of the 24th November 2018 are as follows. A male, Officer Leigh tried to refuse me my freedom, that wasn’t the best career choice he could have made. I made it clear to the officer if I was not released the consequences of false imprisonment would be Astronomical. I Will be making a Big Deal of this moment. I don’t think Officer Leigh understood the enormity of the harassment I had endured since my report against Slaven. Leigh did most of the processing without fault.

Lock stuck his head in the processing area. I had seen him earlier when passing a bike accident at the roundabout. I asked to stop to check that the motorcycle rider - a patched Gypsy Joker, was okay. He was standing as we passed and a bigger bloke, seeming fine I was the passenger and the driver didn’t want to stop to proceeded to the station as directed by the judge. I am first aid qualified and would have assisted the accident if need be. The judge had told Police Prosecution to notify my lawyer immediately when I arrived at the station. This did not happen.

Lock the officer responsible for the harassment I endured prior to Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017 had no reason to make himself present when I was at the station. As with Moyle whom the police have on recorded being called a Maggot for his conduct of keeping a ICE associated employee whom compromised my life and threatening myself personally. Moyles special visit to myself harassment, bullying and intimidation - Standardless and Unethical conduct, my mind boggles with thoughts that I can’t describe without profanity and much cursing regarding these poor excuses for human beings. It’s not tough, it’s disgusting and frankly beyond comprehension to see humans evolve into such shadows of deceit and that special trait of dehumanisation. Get a new job freaks, I’ll strip to take it from you - Seriously.

Human Right to resolution taken from myself as outlined with our constitutional rights in previous chapters. Having even spoken to the Police Minister in SA Government whom said it wasn’t in my best interest to stand up for our community.

4 years without resolution. I have false statements from police in my possession. I decided to sue SAPOL.

What seems to be a more normal of the longer term officers serving in Mount Gambier returns my zucchini muffin, no refined sugar from the organic cafe. Refreshing after the afternoons experience to have a normal respectful interaction yet too little to late now.

I trust zero police officers now, I trust basically no one at this stage too. Greed and power has clouded most judgements from what I can see and most who want to get close to me have an agenda. Even the Hero’s.

It’s evident Everyone wants to be a Hero until they REALLY have to be a Hero - I wish I was like that.

Damian claimed to be a Hero. A Victorian Officer of 33 years his policing resume was sexy as it read that he was a Good Officer.

I first met Damian working at the races as a Promotional Model for Classic Bet Australia, i had applied for the Promotional role at Classic Bet online through a website called StarNow. Damian came to our stand, I paid no attention being introduced to what I considered to be an old cop and walked off to work.

I had worked a few shifts for Classic Bet by this shift and always drove over as I felt uncomfortable with someone I didn’t know well though my boss was friendly and came across as really nice - good personal traits but I’m kind of freaked out by that. Travel had been spoken of previously with Classic Bet as a lot of the tracks we were promoting at were regional. I went with a friend to the tracks for half of these shifts feeling much better about trips to do Promotional Modelling not alone.

My friend drove me to the Ararat track, at the end of my shift we were insisted, myself and the other promotional model to meet Damian. Promotional models were mainly from Melbourne, this girl talked along the same line of origin. I copied the girl releasing my hair after she did acknowledging the shifts end and talking friendly with Damian also - my friend also an ex partner sitting next to me I was not being too friendly or untoward. The other girl trying harder to engage conversation. I was paid for my shift and myself plus friend left.

A girl had complained about Damian one night apparently as she felt uncomfortable and felt they were getting her drunk to take advantage of her. Apparently she vocalised this to the men, including Damian. This story Damian’s own admission.

Following this race meet at Ararat the Classic Bet boss asked me if he could give Damian my number. I said no saying he is too old and he’s a cop, I don’t feel comfortable with that. I was assured he was a good one. I still refuse.

I was to work for Classic Bet at a following promotion and for this promotion had no transportation. I could not get a ride over to Regional Victoria myself. Damian’s name was Volunteered by my boss at Classic Bet to provide transportation - again it being stressed that he was a good cop. At this stage I did not know about the other girl who he made uncomfortable - Damian telling me this story later on, his version saying he wasn’t trying to do that but that’s what he did to me so I don’t believe him.

Damian had also remarked, when I have called him out on his first sexual engagement with myself to which I felt I was to drunk and taken advantage of in a situation. I could not leave at the time with no transportation in the middle of somewhere I didn’t know on an isolated farm. Damian stated that I can not prove it - that I was too intoxicated for comprehensive consent. Not no I didn’t or sorry. He’s replied I can not prove it.

Prior to our initial engagement the promotion to which Damian was providing transportation was cancelled and Damian insisted I date him, hearing he is a well recognised police officer and the insistence he’s great I go on a date with Damian to the race meet to which I was supposed to be a Promotional Model.

I put in great efforts to not have previous experiences with the police tarnish the potential of a happy relationship. I’m an upbeat, energetic and positive person, nonjudgmental - if Damian was what his resume portrayed the police factor shouldn’t matter. Slaven being plain clothed the association between the uniform and the rape is not visual but subconscious and triggered by invasion of my personal space.

It is on our trips across 3 hours that the most discussion is had. Damian quickly reveals he followed the Gordon Hamm Homicide and that he knew SAPOL used me inappropriately, Damian showing concern for how I was treated and targeted. I was concerned he knew so much about the Homicide but comforted he was on my side.

We went to the races and back to his home later that night. My bags already in the spare room where it was discussed I would be staying. Not in Damian’s room.

Damian continued with the wine, pouring for both of us. I had drank moderately at the races, a little more after this and then finishing at home with some beverages I was quite drunk. Too drunk. Damian got up to get us another glass of wine, when he returned I was slumped almost asleep on the couch, Damian proceeding with his advance. I did like Damian and was enjoying his company, the maturity was refreshing as was the ability to speak to someone whom knew of my experiences as he had witnessed and stood against misconduct himself. I found his upstanding police reputation attractive.

The next day Damian claiming he loved me. I would not usually go out with a man after this type of hook up. He seemed oddly genuine and sincere claiming it had been a while and to excuse the enthusiasm as care. I was stuck there with him, I went along with this. He continued to introducing me to more of his friends. A lot of pressure, I was being introduced as his partner.

The relationship was very quick to develop from here even though we were only seeing each other on weekends.

Damian was quick to support myself against the Lock harassment and though he did try to encourage myself to plea - as was the lawyer he respected my choice not to as I committed no offence. Damian even paid for my legal representation and conversed with my solicitors.

He was showing small signs of being controlling from the start. Boss of a police station I could handle and didn’t mind him being assertive. He to begin with wasn’t being rude mannered.

Refused service from a local restaurant as he was too drunk and also asked if he wanted a taxi arranged, Damian replied saying he would call one. This night Damian revealed a few reasons why he was a successful police officer but single. He pushed me in the kitchen while yelling. He wanted his keys which were in a draw in my bedroom, I had hidden them from him as he was too drunk to drive and needed to rest. Up and down yelling for hours he finally slept on the couch. Apologising for his behaviour in the morning and appreciating my care to not let him drive. We broke up a couple of times, I believe once around this time myself saying I can’t have a relationship with a police officer. I was mentally struggling with this too despite my efforts to not paint all with the same brush. Being serious I’d have to agree to and use the stupid police certification SAPOL issued and partner my partner to be with a cop. My only interest would be busting gangs too - Taskforce policing.

Damian drove over at one of these break ups to tell me he had prostate cancer and asked me if I would get back together with him knowing he’s dying. This is emotional abuse and I said no.

We did end up resolving this break up, my lease cut short at my residence in Regional South Australia I moved to Victoria with Damian. Damian had been putting in lots of effort to make me feel he had my best interests at heart.

I flew to Jamaica for my Pageant Finals and had a great experience cooking for the National Jamaican Children’s Home and painting there. We also climbed Dunn River Falls and I roomed with the most Amazing women achievers. Priceless experience thanks to Damian, except for the bickering.

It started fine then conversation escalated and was provocative negatively from both of us. Upon my return to Australia Damian grabbed my arm unacceptably and demanded I kiss him despite the disrespect shown by both of us to each other while I was gone, I asked to go back to Mount Gambier, he did not let me move straight away - I got a quote from GRACE removals. Our relationship now completely dissolved.

Concerned by things said and done I reported the Domestic Violence to crime stoppers and formalised in a statement to VICPOL. I have no doubt Damian is aware I have report his conduct, with VICPOL recently allowing him to represent Domestic Violence at a White Ribbon appearance. I’ve seen this type of perception cover up with the White Ribbon representation in SAPOL, the boss of Mount Gambier Police Station prior to Grant Moyle, Twilley being a White Ribbon representative whilst allowing hundreds and hundreds of Domestic Violence Intervention Breaches to pass his table without action. I immediately confront Alyx whom I reported Damian to after seeing him standing with the White Ribbon banner. I sent her the picture and told her I no longer trust her. She assured me she would properly investigate, I assured her SAPOL whom were already monitoring me can charge him if they don’t and provided Alyx with one officers name. I expect Darryl Wright Not to lie - not for Griffiths, for Lock, for Slaven, Jennings or Anyone I know he knows has engaged in misconduct against me.

Experiencing this before it was no surprise to me to hear police trying to censor the truth with my victim statement to protect the offender.

I politely reminded the officer that their investigation would be resolved if SAPOL and VICPOL worked together with their resources in relation to what is clearly a hard task - dismissing or charging an offending officer. I advise Alyx, Adam Brown had been investigating what were dismissed and undetermined in court allegations and she has all the resources she needs without further questioning me. Damian told me my phone was off as they refer, I know they don’t need my phone. It’s SO suss at this point. Alyx wanted me to remove these posts informing the public of an offending officer after a pubic picture was shared of him representing VICPOL regarding domestic violence. She tried to explain to me it’s for my protection I only communicate with family

and my significant other - I know this type of censorship regarding offending officers endangers me more than speaking out in my position. This is not for my protection when there is enough to charge Damian and I know he knows I reported him because the man that introduced us originally knows. This is Public interest, the truth and a concern especially when VICPOL has him in uniform standing as a White Ribbon representative, this is definitely something the public has the rights to know. Legally I’m entitled to a copy of my statement, we all areas victims. Oddly after asking 3 times I have not been provided this - keep it Alyx, SAPOL can pull it and enforce intervention at least.

I love the to letting my family know is okay - hard to communicate right now and spouse, I’m single and free to date who I choose - my last partner was the cop I’ve just reported, amazing you know this. SO Are we including potential spouse here!? Knowing how it goes this legislation was being applied to silence me like SAPOL tried.

I’m currently breaking an unenforceable condition currently held against me which I can never serve imprisonment for, any penalties endured must not exceed the maximum of the offence. Day 5 of expressing this I’m impressed by the amount Gambier station not harassing me. Reality is unless they want to press ahead and break federal law and abuse state law there’s not much that can be done except dismissal of misconduct and charges against offending officers. Though they’ve changed dates and throw mud for years, it’s an interesting chess game. To be king and pawn and a board of knights and queens. Riddle for you. x

It surprises me that the police hierarchy are compromising so many lives with their illegal dealings let alone compromising good officers to target me to cover up a sex offender and compromised long term officer as it started. Theses men, women and their children deserve more respect than this. As stipulated in earlier chapters I truly believe they go in wanting to be Heros - most of them. Where this is lost is the culture, it’s in the job and it shouldn’t be like that. They should all be able to be Heros big and small, there should be a moment for every cop where they felt like a real hero and that should not be compromised to the point where they are nothing but Ugly Hero’s.

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