Born Adelaide, South Australia - Marcia Anita Hobbs

Pieces Of Me

Founder/ Lead Design Barbwire Noose® Clothing (2005-2020_), Author, Ambassador of World Kindness Australia, International Pageant Queen, Former Australian Beauty Queen, Model/Actor, Volunteer, Government Employee, Aquatics Teacher and Passionate Human Rights Defender.
An Academic with Master's in Business Administration* Founder of Barbwire Noose, Australian Fashion Label, available Worldwide (except China).

Princess, of an India Monarchy, the British Indian Royalty migration from India to Australia settled in the late 50's, host of the World Famous "Curry Queen" Restaurant in Adelaide, South Australia.

Marcia infamous for her background in Government employment and whistleblowing. 

The family history (British) of HOBBS is extensive in Military achievements. Marcia's Father opened the Australian arm of Burger King Fast-food Family restaurants - Hungry Jacks, across the state of South Australia. Marcia's Mother also a successful Manager. and Restaurant Manager at Hungry Jack's.

Marcia has held a National Police Clearance since 16 years of age and was accepted into Flinder's University to study Justice and Society upon finishing year 12 in the year 2000.

Signed talent with Australian Real People Agency, holding International and Australian pageantry titles Marcia is a Model including Promotional Modelling. Advocating for numerous like-minded organisations including The Reily Foundation, Australia. Marcia, a Volunteer as much as possible towards causes contributing to the objectives of the A Better World initiative of Barbwire Noose.  Brand Barbwire Noose was Founded by Marcia in 2005 with Marcia personally designing the logo and Trademarking it with Intellectual Property Australia. Marcia is the Lead Designer, Signatory Designer for Empowerment Collection 'Signature Puss' and hand-crafter of the BN Couture ACCESSORIZE collection. 

A publicly active Human Rights activist with Political Aspirations and a dominate political presence. Marcia's hobbies are broad loving Music, Festivals, Singing, Dance, Literature, and outdoor sports.

Marcia attended Allendale East Area School. A small Rural School with Primary and High School facilities. 

Teaching Education Department for the Government as a teenage, an AUSTSWIM, Nationally Police Cleared employee Marcia can teach All swim levels. Also employed in the Government Disabilities Sector as a Disabled Care Officer, IDSC was the first government department organisation Marcia whistleblew regarding criminal offending.

Marcia has featured in Television Commercials (TVC) with Agents in Australia including AAA Australia who cast the South Australian Government Tourism advertisement for Mount Gambier, Marcia's hometown in 2019. Real People Victoria casting Agents to Australian Soap casts of Neighbours, Home and Away. Marcia has indulged the Extra's opportunities with SA Tourism, V8 Supercar and also Hungry Jacks as a child star.

International Title Holder of the Prestigious Ms World Pageants Ms Southern Hemisphere World 2019. Miss Australia La Femme Worldwide 2020, Miss and Ms Beauty Queen titles and crowns a plenty, Marcia debuted into pageantry was though a STARNOW application where she went on to Win the Ms Australasia United Nations Charity 2015 Title. Winning her second Charity Title in 2017, Ms Earth Charity Queen - Ms/Mrs Earth Australia Pageants, Representing Miss United Nations Australia 2017/2018 - International Titles with finals in Jamaica - USA Marcia debuted into pageantry as a 30 year old after Modelling her label Barbwire Noose, the entry into pageantry highlighted Marcia's substantial societal contributions not just her beauty in modelling. A Finalist for Ms Galaxy, Globe and MAQuest Australian pageant Finals also in 2016.

Authoring UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement for resolution in a legal and Human Rights Battle.
Marcia has also working in the field of Real Estate and Hospitality at Hungry Jacks in Mount Gambier, South Australia. At Hungry Jack's Marcia working her way up to Gold Star quickly heading to follow the foot steps of her parents Management before her career change into a Government position in the Disabilities Sector.
Since 15 years of age Marcia has volunteered. At 18 years of age Marcia volunteered in the field of Aged Care. A distraction in healing from the trauma of rape the volunteering role after hospitality was what lead Marcia to want to contribute to the public services sector.  An expert in the field of special needs communication also engaging with cognitive and physical disabilities issues within the aquatics teaching field. 

Future prospects in politics and a strong standing for Human Rights and a Bill of Rights for Australia, Marcia is a Charitable Public Figure promoting Human Rights, Environmental and Humanity concerns as well as her beloved label, literature, and A Better World.

The Company and charitable arm 'A Better World' founded by Marcia with a mission and vision that solely revolves around ‘A Better World’ initiatives. Strongly supporting organisations with the same objective. Barbwire Noose® and Marcia can be associated with organisations such as Animals Australia, World Kindness Australia, World Wildlife Fund Australia - police initiatives, Human Rights activism. Many newspaper articles, Triple j Magazine and World Class Beauty Queens Magazine’s. Marcia's Designs featuring on the Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017/2018 - sustainable designers showcasing National and International designer’s, the first Global Eco Fashion Event beginning in Canada, USA.
Under Marcia’s stewardship Barbwire Noose® was Incorporated in 2013. Barbwire Noose® established whilst Marcia worked as a Real Estate Sales. Roles at G.J.Gardner homes under professional Geoff Thompson. Marcia forged sponsorship's in extreme sports and Music Industries immediately launching the label. The brand aligned with Marcia’s personality and passion, Life-Music-Freedom©. The empowering slogan Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® a piece of passionate literature artistically drawing on a yellow curtain blind in 2002. Barbwire Noose promoting Australia's Metal scene with 'BRUTAL' features online, Marcia backed hometown, Mount Gambier locals Neck Deep and Victorian band Dawn Heist with sponsorship's before incorporation. Dawn Heist touring overseas representing the Australian label.

Marcia's personal style further taking form in the collection for Women called 'Signature Puss', An Empowerment Collection which Inspires girls to be fearless and promote Strength, Beauty and Wisdom within the wear.
Marcia's label and modelling prowess features on runways across Australia. Barbwire Noose® in events such as Red Cross Fundraiser featuring Model Marcia in her 'French Affair' Couture designs, Melbourne and Adelaide extreme sports events, BMX Championship’s, Motorcycle Racing, Off-road Racing, Go-kart Racing, Barbwire Noose® was also The official garment producer of the Prestigious Ms/Mrs Earth Australia 2017.
Marcia championed a stand for Victims/Human rights 2019 and 2020, with True accounts of neglect and sexual abuse shared in governing National Commission hearings. Marcia's name is known to all in National Political Address for her ruthless and relentless whistleblowing pursuits. 

Other social and public movement Marcia and Barbwire Noose® have been involved in includes signing to the World Kindness Movement. Challenging Freemasonry of Australia to a higher level than the successors before her and endless political grandstanding. Marcia continues to deliver passionate devotion to kindness, volunteering spare time and Standing Against Bullying. Bullying - a key concern amongst youth today. Inspiring and influence our youth towards ‘A Better World’ with sponsorship to the police StreetSmart Handbook, Neighborhood Watch Incentives and many more Youth orientated initiatives.

Masters Business Admin* (MBA) Australian Institute of Business.

Graduate Certificate in Management
Accounting (Financial Services) Certification.

Police Officer Certification.

Government Investigation Certification.
Certificate IV Business Management.
Certificate IV Crisis Support Counselling.
Applied Suicide Intervention Background.
AUSTSWIM and Government Qualified Swimming Teacher (All Levels plus Specialty).
National Police Clearance.
Community Services, Hospitality and Real Estate.

"My Mum Always said make up should enhance your features not cover your face, I believe clothing too to be like this" - Princess Marcia Anita Hobbs (India/Australia)

©2018 - 2020 by Princess Marcia - Human Rights Activist, Designer, Author, Freemason, Volunteer. AUSTRALIA.