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Princess, Human Rights Activist and Founder of Australian Brand Barbwire Noose® Clothing - American and Australian Made, Handcrafted and Global products excluding China; My brand - Barbwire Noose® does not authorize nor seek to sell in countries floundering trademark law respect. Known infamously for Government Sector whistle-blowing and Outspoken Human Rights Activism - Strong Advocate for a Bill of Rights Australia. Author of Autobiography 'Ugly Heros - The Price of Unlawful Enforcement' and The Story Behind The Brand - Barbwire Noose®. Charitable and Voluntary effort with many organisations including: Animals Australia - WWF - Lifeline - Kiss Goodbye MS - Conservation Volunteers and The Greens Political Party to name a few.  

GLOBAL PAGEANT QUEEN (2015 - 2020) - "Rock Princess"

International Australian Title Holder: La Femme Worldwide - Miss Australia La Femme Worldwide 2020. 

Ms Southern Hemisphere World  2019 World Pageants (INT) supporting N.O.W.S.A (National Organisation for Women's Safety Awareness), Miss Australia United Nations 2017/2018.

Former Australian Beauty Queen -

Title Holder: Winner - Ms/Mrs Earth Australia Charity Queen 2017, Ms/Mrs Globe 2016, Ms/Mrs MAQUEST 2016, Ms Galaxy finalist, Winner - Ms Charity Queen United Nations Australasia and Pacific Islands 2015.



Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®

Life - Music - Freedom

"My Mum Always said make up should enhance your features not cover your face, I believe clothing too to be like this" - Princess Marcia Anita Hobbs (India/Australia)

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